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  1. I am using native display. Perhaps this is the problem that the integrated graphics are tied to the native display. Although the problem may be in the drivers, I tried to download the drivers from the official AMD website, but they did not work. From the website of the laptop manufacturer, the drivers worked
  2. Drivers are the latest. Without mods the same problem and fullscreen is off
  3. console.txt hs_err_pid7740.log
  4. I tried this many times, it didn't help. As I understand the problem in opengl, it is not able to switch graphics
  5. I play on an old laptop with integrated intel graphics (hd graphics 4600), but I have an egpu (r7 m265). The game does not want to use the full power of the external video card, I don’t know why. But if I disable the external graphics card in the device manager, then the integrated graphics work at full capacity, but if I disable the integrated graphics, the game does not start at all.
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