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  1. Awww too bad. I plan on starting to developing for desktop next. Wanna get into 3d. But right now, I'm going nuts over an issue with the App Store download of this game. Hopefully will be fixed soon.
  2. New member here, thought I'd start off by posting a game I've been working on for the past 3 months using Corona SDK. It's a free tower defense game where you build turrets anywhere on the map to fend off incoming waves of SNES-style fantasy sprites. There are 10 maps and 5 levels of difficulty. The main inspiration was Robo Defense. I really liked how you could place your weapons anywhere on the map and have the enemies react to your decisions, so I wanted to make a td game like this, but with more maps and more enemies. If you've got a few minutes to spare and an iOS device handy, please try it out! It's compatible with all devices. Would really appreciate any feedback. Trailer: Website App Store Link (Edit: There was a major bug with the original release that has now been fixed. If you tried downloading it when it came out and couldn't get it to run, sorry! Please give it another shot.)
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