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  1. a fellow Irish man i presume Irishmen, fall in!
  2. I'm wishing TDL devs all the best of luck and success, as I do for all indie devs, but seeing this makes me want to voice my opinion which I have kept to myself until now. I watched with interest as PZ and TDL developed side by side, since both were zombie survival themed games with the only major difference being isometric vs first person. With both games being in alpha, I was completely prepared to see game-crippling bugs, accompanied by a slow arc of progression. As PZ developed, the devs posted demos, blogs and videos, saying "Here is where we are, we acknowledge the bugs and we know we ha
  3. Something like shadows and fog are such simple additions, yet the notion brings me a disproportionate amount of joy. I watched PZ grow from just an idea, and every time I think the game has hit the ceiling of what it's capable of being, you guys come out with something new that takes it up a notch. Well done, devs!
  4. Wow, that video made me really sad, but the ending was classic!
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