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  1. I agree. To add to this, it may be worth adding electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles (extremely rare to find though). Do fuel pumps ever run out of fuel? If so, then electric or hybrid vehicles will be a valuable late game asset (if alternate fuel sources are ever added).
  2. Disagree with this part. Agree with everything you said before it.
  3. I disagree with the idea. It's needless. It doesn't really fit without being a bit jarring. Sorry.
  4. It seems rather apparent that you can create and save a preset for your profession, traits, and skills when creating a character, but you cannot create and save a preset for your appearance. Is this intentional so as to encourage players to design different looking characters each time? Would like to be able to quickly load up a preset starter outfit at the very least so as to save time. Looking forward to hearing what others have to say.
  5. It's one thing to have zombies drawn to your area, and quite another to have zombies drawn to you for the sake of "challenge". Want to live out in the middle of nowhere to be safe? Fine, but you won't be around all of the loot. Want loot? Go to a zombie infested city and face the challenges that go with it. Not good enough? Use the excuse that your "human" scent carries on the wind, drawing zombies slowly to your area in the middle of nowhere, but not directly to you. Stealth is useless if it fails to function. It's disappointing when you can't counter these "challenges". If I draw a zombie to my base and hide inside, then my base should be fair game. If I draw a zombie to my base, then away from my base, the zombie shouldn't still beat up my base. If I leave my base alone for a period of time, I shouldn't come back later to find that zombies vandalized it just because it was there. It's not fun to clean up after a zombies version of a good time. Does anyone actually like cleaning up messes they didn't cause? Forcing challenges down my throat isn't as good as incentivizing me to seek out challenges. Wonder how fun it'll be when NPC's are added and also target your base just because you (the player) own it. Is it even viable to create safehouses around a town for emergency use? Or will you find them destroyed when you need them? Just seems dumb that zombies break your walls and not every other wall around them. What makes your wall so special? Sorry for the rant.
  6. It would be nice to have the CD player function in the game when equipped in the secondary slot. One could cycle through a playlist of "happier music" which will play instead of the background music when the CD player is turned on. While the CD player is on, it will consume the battery which powers it. Also, having the CD player equipped will mute or muffle (depending on what the developers prefer (maybe even adding a setting for either option)) sounds in the game. Want to shut out the horrors of the world with pleasant music? Literally do so my clogging up your ears with earbuds. Balanced, right? Maybe?
  7. Given the difficulty they seem to be having with getting vehicles to work (especially regarding physics) in general, I believe that adding further complexity to the system would be too much for them to handle within a reasonable timeframe. I can only imagine the number of physics issues involved with attaching one vehicle to another. And if you circumvented this by simply adding the towed vehicle to the "inventory" of the tow truck, then you're undermining a lot. That said, a tow truck would be highly useful when dealing with destroyed vehicles. Perhaps a forklift would be easier to code (if they combine the object to the forklift so they behave as one object in the eyes of the physics engine). So many possibilities, so little likelihood of any of it passing the "idea" stage.
  8. Does this actually happen? By design? I'd consider this an issue worth resolving (if it exists). Zombies shouldn't be biased against player-made things. I'd understand if a zombie heard something through the wall, or saw the player and felt going through the wall was the most efficient method of pursuit. However, zombies randomly attacking doors or walls should be the result of them seeing or hearing something. From a few years back, I do remember zombies attacking my walls without cause. Hope that this isn't the case anymore.
  9. I'd like to point out that there is no danger (to my knowledge) in deconstructing a house made by a player. Therefore, why is danger associated with taking down preexisting houses? Furthermore, what does it matter if supplies are gained in the process? My concern is more on modification rather than reclamation. Who is honestly content with the fact that expanding a house means working around the existing structure? I'd like to be able to break down an existing house wall to expand a room. Moreover, I'd like to be able to replace the roof tiles with floor tiles. Is it wrong to want creative freedom in an apocalypse?
  10. I did drink bleach. Accidentally AND on purpose. My character died almost instantly. Day 11, all build up nice and slow. Damn Devs got me! +15 Happiness! -40 Thirst! So stupid. I admit I thought about it a few seconds - but hey..total fail. I also drank the bleach intentionally because the stats said nothing negative. Personally, I find this to be deceptive and problematic. If it can kill me, then why doesn't it say so? My only reason for having consumed it in the first place was that there were no negative stats, which I assumed meant that the developers simply hadn't included a negative effect yet. Perhaps it was my own fault for not having done research, though I'd appreciate it if a note of warning were included in the item description.
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