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  1. I was on the unstable beta, yes. The initial issue was that the RB/LB buttons were doing one thing on the tutorial, and another thing when playing the game proper, which makes me think it was an issue with the game? Having said that, after 40 minutes of tinkering all the controller profiles were acting up for me so I just gave up. I'll give it another go in a bit.
  2. I've been trying to play the game on my Steam Deck but I'm having issues with selecting different containers. When playing the tutorial, pressing RB/LB scrolls through the containers/my inventories no problem, but when I play the game proper all those buttons do is switch between the left inventory and the right inventory (the same function as left/right on the d-pad). Even when I set trackpads to mouse, and bind trackpad press to left click, the click only causes the container im clicking in (in the inventory menu) to highlight for a split second but it does not change to that container. Has anybody else had this issue? I've tried downloading other control schemes but they just seem to not work at all (joystick inputs doing nothing even though they are clearly bound to movement). Edit: Well for whatever reason the controls aren't working at all now. Using the default control layout and it just stopped working almost entirely. Can't move my character, can't navigate the main menu with anything other than mouse, although after a certain amount of time the left click input stopped working. Restarted the deck, reinstalled the game, still not working too.
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