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  1. hello im planning to move to mauldrah but i dont know where to live i want a place with walls or sum that cant be destroy and so i dont have to take 20 days building walls
  2. 1 so im playing on my server but i have some problems im building at a house but the garage is locked how do i break it 2 other questin is i had a bunch of food a like corn etc and i but it in the fridge but not the deep freezer or what its called and the fruit rotted but i thought it was only meat that would rott in that fridge so im curious does every bit of food rotten in the normal fridge so i dont make all my food get rotten because now i frooze all my food 3 is there anyway to read books faster because they take so long to read
  3. hello me and my friend have launched a server its a multiplayer server but we decided to add some gun modes but im not sure if i can add the mod when ive already started the server if so could you try to explain it or anythin because i tried doing edit selected and then mods and then i added all the mods i could see availbe but i dont know if i did something bad or anything help
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