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  1. I personally have no idea, kinda wondering what happened at the same time too, it was quite same time ago, what I do know he was a major troll, but one thing I am certain about is that I stayed out of it I did warn him but ofc he don't listen, if there is a chance of me being unbanned I would love to know :c
  2. Grimoire of Dirty Secrets#8209 the discord name
  3. GrimoireODS

    Ban appeal

    Ages ago my friend that was a huge massive troll got banned from the PZ discord (for good reasons) I saw it all happening and gruelled him for it, I stayed out of it as it had nothing to do with me, then ages later I discovered I wasn't able to get on the discord myself.... I asked him wtf happened he told me he got me banned to, I am like wtf how is this even possible :/
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