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  1. Taken from Indie Stone doesn't have a problem with you "Hacking" their code as long as it's not used to distribute viruses and/or hosting the files to distribute for free/charge outside of steam/desura. Thanks very much, this clears up everything I need to know. As soon as I have something to show off I'll post a WIP thread.
  2. Hmm then it could be accomplished by using reflection and/or modifying the bytecode of the client. Does the team permit reverse engineering and 'hacking' of the client at runtime? I could replace vital components of the client with my own to implement multiplayer functionality.
  3. Hello, I'm pretty new to Project Zomboid and as I got into the game it started to feel very lonely (not to mention overwhelming whenever I ran into a hoard!). What I was wondering is if the scripting API exposes enough functionality to have it poll a centralized server for updates instead of using an offline simulation. I haven't had the chance to look through the scripts in the Project Zomboid folder yet so I'm not really sure what's possible and what's not. I've had a look at the java docs but there wasn't much helpful info and the mods on the forums are rather simplistic and don't use much of the API. If there is no way to implement this then what about offline survivors? Am I able to use the "character creator" from Lua to generate characters on the fly and am I able to issue commands to them (speak, walk, attack, bandage, loot, etc.)? If so this could make for some very interesting gameplay while the official support is being completed. If anyone has any information on this or has any links to some more "advanced" mods I'd be happy to hear it. Thanks for your help.