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  1. Thanks to whoever gave me Crusader Kings 2. Its a really good game, but I suck at it.
  2. Hey, sorry for asking this again but will this affect the secret santa? http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/12/18/steam-region-locking-gifts/#more-258867 It looks like it is no longer possible to gift games bought in Russia/CIS, Southeast Asia, South America or Turkey to outside regions.
  3. These are all pretty interesting possible additions, but I'd also add the ability to cauterize wounds (burn the skin or flesh of a wound with a heated instrument or caustic substance, typically to stop bleeding or prevent the wound from becoming infected).
  4. Hey, will this affect the secret Santa? http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tradingcards#announcements/detail/163582965920702191
  5. My table is dancing on the street and i'm thinking to myself "that would make a great david bowie song", but then The beat started And I started singing along I looked to the table as I sang, my feet shuffling closer. But he didn't notice me So i turned away And as soon as i did i heard an explosion come from behind me But I dare not turn around to look because that wouldn't be cool and I have atomosophobia
  6. Lots of good ideas man but some stuff is already a definite no http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/192-commonly-suggested-suggestions-read-before-posting/ (This thread is commonly suggested items and the possibility of them being added) Special zombies are a no, passing out is a yes, fires can be started with Molotov cocktails (which can't be crafted right now for some reason) or by sticking objects in an oven and leaving it on although it would be nice to start a fire just with a lighter and some kindling, skill levels already do affect the quality of some items, and sledgehammers can destroy ANYTHING except floors (You need to equip it and right click on objects you want destroyed and then select destroy). Alot of your ideas are good. The zombie spawns are kind of messed up right now though. The devs plan to make zombies spawn on the edges of the map and then migrate in to represent zombies coming into the map from outside areas (like a real zombie apocalypse). Along with this they will add horde migration where hordes migrate looking for you. I really like the rpg style stat points but I feel the professions are weird. I feel they should not have limits on how much they can level certain skills. Even if I'm a construction worker that doesn't mean I can't learn how to reload a gun or aim one. The negative profession traits are good though. Lastly, I pretty much agree on everything else you suggested and all the suggestions are good.
  7. I have no idea if the devs are ever going to do anything like camouflaging crates but I know how to hide loot. Simply take a bag (preferably a big hiking bag) fill it with loot and drop it on the floor behind a tree or in a shower and no one will see it. The only way for people to find it is if they have the loot screen open. Hopefully you'll remember where you put and grab it when you log back on. I once hid a bag for a whole week using this way. :cool:
  8. "When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade, make life take the lemons back." :cool:
  9. This is a suggestion I thought of. There could be story tools (like the map tools) where you could make custom stories. It could include writing dialogue, scripting events and NPCs (once there added), placing certain items in containers, scripting weather etc. I was thinking that this would be a good thing to do towards the end of development after pretty much everything else is done. I am not requesting this, I'm simply suggesting this as an end of development thing to do. Also, I know that you could probably just code the story and make it a mod but not everyone knows how to code (like me). It would just be tools to make stories like Baldspot and Kate's. P.S. Thank you devs for creating an AMAZING game!!
  10. I have to get this game! It looks AMAZING.
  11. Hi everybody! I'm from good old America and have been here about a month. I actually played the original demo with Kate and Baldspot back a long time ago. Until about a couple of months ago I had occasionally checked the game to see what it was like. After seeing Mathas's Let's play on YouTube I finally decided to buy the game on steam. Since then I've become addicted to PZ and have played it for over 70 hours. I absolutely love this game. Plus the community is awesome. I've never seen a community as cool as this one.
  12. You should be able to run one of the trains on the train tracks and run zombies down with it, or you could build a home on the train and live like a hobo
  13. I think a good idea for armor would be sports padding. You could have a football helmet to protect your head (but it would be really rare) and you could find padding like shin guards, chest pads, elbow pads etc. Maybe you could even find a jockstrap to protect the groin?
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