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  1. Version: 41.73 Singleplayer/Multiplayer: Both Mods: No Old or new save: New Reproduction steps: Fishing with a translated game (Brazilian-Portuguese in that case), cause the recipe menu to don't identify some fishes to be sliced as a fillet. Catch a fish with a translated game (PT-BR) Try to slice it in menu or context (probably none will work) Go back to English version, some previous translated words remains and maybe one or another fish will work (none was working before the screenshot, but one was recognized for no reason)
  2. • Version - 41.73 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer - Singleplayer (probably MP as well) • Host or dedicated - N/A • Mods - No • Reproduction steps: 1. Start game in Sandbox mode (probably other mode is the same). 2. If you create a wall frame or fence in the same position as picture 01 or 02, it will work. 3. if you try to finish the wall frame or disassembly a fence from the picture 01 position, nothing happens - bug (tested with right mouse click and button disassemble, same result) 4. if you try to finish the wall frame or disassembly a fence from the picture 02 position, it will work • Why its important: First and obvious , because its not real, you can build or destroy any of those things in real world from any side of the object.... and 2nd, because it screws the player who is trying to build a safe house (in that screenshots i had to waste time and resources to create a floor to work), very annoying.
  3. since there is no "load savegame" function, some of us, for sure, uses a wireless keyboard or wireless mouse, if any of them stops working for any reason, it would be nice if the game autopauses to avoid an unfair death. if you like it, please comment and like to create visibility for DEVs. if you think my other topic makes sense, please do the same there (https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/54165-finish-all-what-devs-already-started/) thanks
  4. Hi @TrailerParkThor thanks for your point of view about instruments, you are right, and you showed me that it will be too much effort for a low gain. about the silo, Ive tought that: since you are builder of the silo, if its clean or not, is up to the survivor, and theoretically a level 9 on metalworking can handle holes and things like that to store gas/water (you cant store gas, and after that fill it with water, different silos for different proposes). Again, in my toughts, in a survivalist situation, you have to use what you have and improvise... exactly like sheets, its made to cover your bed, but you can use it as a rope... but if the survivor is trying to use another silo (already used before), found somewhere in the map, then i totally agree with you.
  5. OK, my suggestion is to finish what is already started... https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Tiles/Miscellaneous and https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Items Dr. Oids Arcade Machine // Kaboom! Arcade Machine // PAWS Pinball Machine - time to use that to relieve unhappiness, stress and boredom Oldies Jukebox - let the player choose and listen any of the game soundtrack (maybe extend it to the portable CD player?) + relieve boredom Slurp Burp Soda Machine // Tabletop Soda Machine - charge it with orange soda (like fuel in a camp fire), maintain beverage cold with electricity (bonus happiness) Beer // Juice // Soda // etc - if its cold = bonus happiness Pool Table - relieve unhappiness, stress (and boredom if there is another player playing too.. to this, the best way is a non controlled game... like The Sims, you send the character to play and wait until the end for a random result). Empty Pallet - Can be crafted by the player and is used to store wood, logs, fertilizer, dirt/sand/gravel bags / bag of concrete / Bag of Plaster Powder (construction stuff) Blue Hospital Curtain - can be taken and used as a regular curtain in regular windows (but its tinted in blue) Weighing Scale - if you step over it, your weight will show above the scale (like the "bzzz" of any radio and disappears next) Western Piano // Guitars // any other musical instrument - if played regularly (like exercises), you will have temporarily added the traits "Keen Hearing" and "Dextrous" (while 95% or more of the regularity bar... it decreases over time, like exercises) + give tired status and relieve unhappiness, stress and boredom (starting at +50% regularity bar) Silo (tall) - can be crafted with metalworking level 9 to store a lot of fuel or water when its for water - can be the "middle piece" between the Rain Collector Barrel for plumbing a sink... the schematic could be: rain collector above the Silo, to fill it automatically... then sinks can be plumbed to silo in the same floor or below with a range of 10) . If its for fuel, acts like a gas pump - you park the car near and use it, no electricity needed, manual pump) Money - As any other paper, can be used to start camp fire, barbecue, etc Bell - same as shouting, but with higher radius (but less than a car's honk) Corkscrew - needed to open exclusively wine bottles (like can opener for food cans) Crayons - can be used to mark things in map, drainable and can not be used as weapon Cube - same ideia of musical instruments, but only add Dextrous (temporarily) Perfumes - Can be used as fuel for camp fire Playing Cards // Dices - same as Pool Table, but in this case, impossible to play it solo - works only in MP Paperclip + HolePuncher - the ideia is the same of Notched Wooden Plank and stick, but to open house doors with moderate success rate, car doors with lower rates (but its possible). Notched Wooden Plank and stick - higher level in foraging, make it easier to start fire (if success to start fire +little XP on foraging) Stone - equipped in primary hand to be your first option of weapon when you have your bare hands, good to smash heads if you dont have decent boots Rubber + Wood Stick - craft a slingshot, very low damage, but can be used to train (XP at aiming) Video Game - it should be used to reduce boredom Onion - recipe to slice it and have onion rings (raw) Gravy - add as ingredient to pasta and etc
  6. Thiago


    My idea is simple, add bicycles... like cars, you have to repair/change parts (but can be done for low level mechanics) why? as@Rathlordsaid in this post... yes, it's realistic yes, fits the spirit of PZ - you have to go to new places to survive no, the game stays hard - there is no trunk to transport things; if you hit something (Zs included), you will fall and injure; you need good muscles and lungs to use it) no, no need to remake the game yes, it worth taking the time to add - a way to move more silently and add more exercise points yes, t can be found anywhere in the world, including Muldraugh if you are unlucky like me, who find 10 generators and ZERO manuals to operate it (and have no way to pump gas) this is a (very risk) way to improvise, like a real survivor
  7. Map Coordinates: 8285x10050x1 (level 1 and level 2 actually) • Version - 41.68 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer - Singleplayer (probably MP as well) • Host or dedicated - N/A • Mods - No • Reproduction steps: 1. Start game in Apocalypse mode. 2. use carpentry to build stairs inside the werehouse at level 0. 3. visit the level 1 using the new stairs (only happens if you use the stairs) • Why its important: Because of that, at level 1, the game thinks you are outside (Screenshot 02), temperature and rain goes inside and destroys the idea of using the two floors of that building (probably it happens for all buildings, rooftops isn't much "solid" in PZ).
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