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  1. I hope this server gets updated with Hydrocraft 5.1. I can't find a DL to 5.0 anywhere
  2. Are the mall doors indestructible like the mall windows?
  3. Hey guys, Pretty excited to get started. Been waiting a long time to find an AU server. My name will be Ghillie the Kidd.
  4. This will all be obsolete once NPC's come in. Brooding and Short tempered will actually take effect.
  5. What I do with my safehouses is just get a sledgehammer to destroy stairs to a 2nd story and use sheetropes. I've never tried shooting but I wouldn't want to attract the sound.
  6. I think there should be a way to attack zombies directly below you while they are trying to attack your barricades or trying to reach up and grab you. Some sort of long weapon you could craft like a pointy spear you could make out of logs. Seems strange you just have to watch them trash your barricades without doing anything.
  7. I think a good suggestion for a trait or profession would be for a parkour ability where you would climb through windows much quicker, and be able to fall from greater heights without damage (or roll a dice for a chance to take no damage). Ideally people should be able to fall from 1 story with no problems at all if they're fit and healthy.
  8. Bug in cell 45,27 Top corner of pool hall next to diner near K&B house. Can walk through walls.
  9. Jakko would you know if the server is coming back on tonight/tomorrow?
  10. Hnnnng, so happy. But i just died from descending a sheetrope.
  11. Its hard to judge weather in this game coming from Australia where winter is also summer.
  12. Well i'll gladly play again when its back up. We were having lots of fun with you guys.
  13. Vote for indiestone to give new spawns wings.
  14. When do you think it will be back up jakko?
  15. Waffle, do you wanna play together again?
  16. I'd definitely join if there was no hamachi.
  17. leviafern


    Steam Name: Ghillie The Kidd http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964209234/ Roleplaying an Australian in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  18. Someone is spawncamping your server with a shotgun.
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