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    The Good Life

    Guess the Veterinary / Butcher Job in character creation will be a thing in future!
  2. It would be cool if you had the possibility to actually ask for help about some hard tasks during the everyday life of a survivor Example. Having to carry a solid 40Kg Furnace over a small road without having a vehicle, asking help to a Npc or Player could split the weight of the item based on the strenght of them, also could be useful in the future when this task is given to a npc, asking for help would be a better Output instead of a dead body and a furnace on it, also, carrying big items such as bodies and furnitures should be visible on hands/shoulder and disable the possibility to use for example a shotgun while carrying a Zed to clean your house.
  3. A similiar mechanic of "The Last of Us" to lure zombie hordes away from our path, if there are 20 Zombies that might see or hear you you could just throw a glass bottle on the other side of the road/inside a house/ on a window/ on the head of a zombie dealing damage, same for cans, rocks and maybe bricks(?) Having their own damage and sound area
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