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  1. I am creating a mod that adds new vhs, cds and radio/tv channels However, since Radio and TV use XML i can edit with WordZed their duration with ${t:1.00} (1 second) VHS and CDs use LUA to contain their text and they print the whole command if i try to add it. I also messed up with the RadioLine CLASS code wich calcultes the AirTime of a text based on their lenght. I just changed that a 6th variable (text, r,g,b, moodle, new_variable) is checked when the TextCode is loaded and if the variable exists then this SHOULD hava a custom AirTime I didn't test it yet because i don't know where and if is possible to have in a mod folder the class file that needs to be changed (\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\zombie\radio\scripting\RadioLine.CLASS) I just need help if someone's know If and how i can have a custom AirTime for VHS text using LUA Where should i put the new CLASS file that should override the old one when the mod is ON
  2. Hi everyone, i'm currently trying to make a simple mod that adds some Radio and TV channels, however i've searched a bit and dowloaded a script that lets the game play audios on specific moments This is the video i've used to add the audio If you don't want to see the whole video this is how it works: When a certain phrase on a program starts it checks if it has the DRUNKENNESS moodle to link it to a song basically if DRUNK is +31 it plays the audio Number 31. However, since the moodle is active from not so recent versions listening to the song number 80 or so will make the character instantly drunk and will also appear on the head of the player whenever he listens to some music, just magically music makes you drunk. Also i don't know if is a bug but these channels don't play the default talk audio when text shows, maybe i did something wrong but i really don't know. This is actually the first of 3 problems but i will go rapidly to them: Problem 1 - Start a sound without becoming drunk or using moodles Problem 2 - Being able to add ™ to the text (is just for aestetic) Problem 3 - Using ${t:any} will make the text disappear and not go up when the next one comes like when default making some lines fade so fast you can't even read them Any help is appreciated
  3. I was thinking about making a topic about this but luckly there already is! So a little UP
  4. disgusting as it may seem, this mechanic could prove useful for decreasing nausea and other disease states during the game. For example, having a high level of Nausea caused by an infection or an illness could cause the player to vomit, decreasing his level of nausea and increasing those of tension, sadness and hunger. Moreover, the zombies may be able to smell it and approach the affected point if this happens in an uncontrolled manner. Realizing that you have eaten something rotten, contaminated or poisonous may have a second remedy in addition to illness and eventual death, as an option in the toilets, sinks and showers it may be useful to force vomiting to save yourself. It's disgusting but it's a mechanic that would add realism and alternative possibilities to the game
  5. DenisX3_Scg

    The Good Life

    Guess the Veterinary / Butcher Job in character creation will be a thing in future!
  6. It would be cool if you had the possibility to actually ask for help about some hard tasks during the everyday life of a survivor Example. Having to carry a solid 40Kg Furnace over a small road without having a vehicle, asking help to a Npc or Player could split the weight of the item based on the strenght of them, also could be useful in the future when this task is given to a npc, asking for help would be a better Output instead of a dead body and a furnace on it, also, carrying big items such as bodies and furnitures should be visible on hands/shoulder and disable the possibility to use for example a shotgun while carrying a Zed to clean your house.
  7. A similiar mechanic of "The Last of Us" to lure zombie hordes away from our path, if there are 20 Zombies that might see or hear you you could just throw a glass bottle on the other side of the road/inside a house/ on a window/ on the head of a zombie dealing damage, same for cans, rocks and maybe bricks(?) Having their own damage and sound area
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