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  1. Dont always Trust the Wiki myself so i thought id add it in the way that people see what the the Devs themselves have so far put into it.
  2. here's a list of all current and planned proffessions pulled right from the game folders Proffession Lua cript file, meaning already planned by the devs. Professions ={ PoliceOfficer = { rare = 1, }, ParkRanger = { rare = 2, }, ConstructionWorker = { }, MilitarySoldier = { rare = 2, }, MilitaryOfficer = { rare = 3, }, SecurityGuard = { }, FireOfficer = { rare = 1, }, Salesperson = { }, ITWorker = { }, OfficeWorker = { }, Unemployed = { }, TruckDriver = { }, Farmer = { }, Cashier = { }, ShopClerk = { }, FastFoodCook = { }, Cook = { rare = 2, }, Chef = { rare = 3, }, Burglar = { rare = 1, }, Drugdealer = { rare = 1, }, Nurse = { rare = 1, }, Doctor = { rare = 2, }, Waiter = { }, CustomerService = { }, Janitor = { }, Secretary = { }, Bookkeeper = { }, Accountant = { }, Teacher = { }, }
  3. Thought about it too, just to add on the Cons though, it makes more noise as they are hollow, i think, sounds like it in reallife though.
  4. yeah, i was just pointing out, that if there was someone out of that list that would know to some degree it would be them, but yeah the point you made still stands.
  5. I meant like So you can see what you still need to fix it, just like how you can mouse over things in the building menu and see what you are missing.So we dont have to go to the wiki to see what we need in our inventory to fix it everytime. Thanks!
  6. Use the mouse to move across the map? Click-hold and drag to move or just zoom out and back in
  7. http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.8120060096353408,0.14439693547832508,15.36850402064991
  8. One thing though, could you note in the OP or just edit it in the Non Lua script text, To make woodwork to carpentry throws me off and probably confuses new players to trip their balls off when they see that. Or just change the name for carpentry to woodwork in the game so we are all on the same page. if its not to much of a pain that is, Otherwise awesome job so far. Also is it planned for there to be a way to see the ingredients needed to repair an item in the game so people can see what they need?
  9. This would be good, juggling tools is horrible currently. Im amazed for once your not shooting me down on sight Thought you had it out for me at some point.
  10. On a second look in the game files, the profession that seems to be the closest to knowing how this works, of those that are already planned to be added are Military soldier and Military officer. Who themselves probably wouldnt even have the machining skills but that could perhaps be learn though if such a skill would be added, eitherway this topic is waaaaay ahead of its time in my final conclusion. if they do add the machining skills, i would say a soldier could be able to do it, maybe they also add books later that will learn you new recipies or something like that but we cant know that for now.. [books with recipies then i mean books that perhaps contain info on how it works..]
  11. I don't really get what you are trying to say here but, do you understand that the game is currently in alpha? There edited it, had a knack for leaving out words.
  12. It would also be nice to see this same in the way of a carpenters belt, for a hammer, and nails and screws and the screw driver, and possibly the saw too? :3
  13. Id like some sort of option to turn down the music for the entire game maybe more options people think of.
  14. Same, really wanting this in the game!
  15. You are very welcome, should I dare submit another contribution to this community I shall certainly try to avoid your thoughts on how I choose to spend my dev time I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say. I think he considers himself a dev as hes a modder, it seems. But yeah until someone comes up with a really good idea i agree that it isnt worth the devs time. Also I think the Devs dont wanna include it as they also want you to use guns sparingly if you wish to avoid a horde...
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