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  1. Welcome back Maska! Can't wait for the update to this! =) One thing I wanted to mention since you might be making tweaks to it. Would it be possible to lower the spawn chance of Rolling Paper Packets? Not that I don't enjoy always having actual rolling papers available but I have yet to even consider using pages torn from a book as improvised rolling papers. Just a thought and certainly won't deter me from using your mod regardless. =P The Dentist's fix for digging and new version loot spawning works great for now but I'd love to see an update where it didn't provide 2 sets of options when
  2. @Pancakez54, hehe we can if you'd like. I'll probably get schooled but I do have a new Playlist I've setup to upload videos of other players challenging me for my channel, I'd be more than happy to face off in a duel to the death! =P New Episodes posted!
  3. Haha yeah, DayZ is pretty rough solo. I've spent probably close to 300+ hours in that game with friends, I'm just waiting for standalone release before I go back again most likely, thanks for the warning though; I do appreciate it.
  4. Mog's Cast - Press Play! Channel Link Kerbal Space Program inspired me to start recording and sharing my experience with the gaming community as a whole. Squad has done a spectacular job making a wondrous universe to blast off into for all of us who've wanted to explore the stars and land on distant worlds. I have a very limited knowledge of space travel and the physics that come into play when dealing with gravity and atmosphere and the black dead void of space... so it can be a little tricky at times. Come watch me try my hardest to keep my Kerbals alive in their harsh world and beyond. Cu
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