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  1. Welcome back Maska! Can't wait for the update to this! =) One thing I wanted to mention since you might be making tweaks to it. Would it be possible to lower the spawn chance of Rolling Paper Packets? Not that I don't enjoy always having actual rolling papers available but I have yet to even consider using pages torn from a book as improvised rolling papers. Just a thought and certainly won't deter me from using your mod regardless. =P The Dentist's fix for digging and new version loot spawning works great for now but I'd love to see an update where it didn't provide 2 sets of options when using farming nodes. As well as the ability to hover inspect plants would be much appreciated to have functional again. In any case, thank you for the great work so far and for keeping us updated here on the forums! =)
  2. @Pancakez54, hehe we can if you'd like. I'll probably get schooled but I do have a new Playlist I've setup to upload videos of other players challenging me for my channel, I'd be more than happy to face off in a duel to the death! =P New Episodes posted!
  3. Haha yeah, DayZ is pretty rough solo. I've spent probably close to 300+ hours in that game with friends, I'm just waiting for standalone release before I go back again most likely, thanks for the warning though; I do appreciate it.
  4. Mog's Cast - Press Play! Channel Link Kerbal Space Program inspired me to start recording and sharing my experience with the gaming community as a whole. Squad has done a spectacular job making a wondrous universe to blast off into for all of us who've wanted to explore the stars and land on distant worlds. I have a very limited knowledge of space travel and the physics that come into play when dealing with gravity and atmosphere and the black dead void of space... so it can be a little tricky at times. Come watch me try my hardest to keep my Kerbals alive in their harsh world and beyond. Currently Filming: KSP - Season 3 Career Mode - Newest Episode: 7b XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Newest Episode: 35 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - Newest Episode: 08 Finished Works: Season 2 of United Kerbal Industries (25 Episode season) - Complete Season 1 of United Kerbal Industries (25 Episode season) - Complete Season 1 of Project Zomboid (28 Episode season) - Complete Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs (12 Episode session) - Complete Bioshock Infinite (25 Episode season) - Complete Schedule: 2 Episodes each weekend for current game, Saturday and Sunday Additional sporadic uploads randomly for secondary games, time permitting NEWS: 12/08/2013 Nearly finished with XCOM: Enemy Unknown and working my way through Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. I'm also pushing on through Career mode in the new KSP version. Been thinking of updating Project Zomboid and playing another season or so of those episodes. Also been considering updating Skyrim and playing a 1-Up series (Single life, once you die... you die). Cheers! KSP Season 3 - Career Mode Introduction Asparagus Staging Tutorial Notes: Currently on the Table - Kentucky Route Zero, Mark of the Ninja, Skyrim, Little Inferno, DayZ (possible co-commentary), & FTL - Faster Than Light ~All in-game footage used with permission, either directly given or posted publicly~~ All Music used with permission or from YouTube friendly collections~
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