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    What does leveling First Aid affect?

    As far as I know, healing times, infection, and also how much information you get about each injury (severity, healing). I couldn't tell you the exact differences between the levels, but it's good to have somebody with the skill in MP. It's pretty difficult to gain XP otherwise.
  2. Kim Jong Un

    More details

    I don't think there is a real to change the base map, since they are mostly clean for a reason. There are already event houses that rely on RNG and are supposed to represent some kind of situation happening, like an overrun home base, a suicide, or homes that have already been fully looted with one window smashed in. I wouldn't mind expanding on that, maybe increase the odds for starting later into the apocalypse with the erosion mechanic. There is actually more than you would think, what with shelves being populated by books and even themed loot lists based on the profession. Apart from that, the chances of encountering special homes that have the remnants of the former residents (suicides, dead bodies, obvious loot) there is also cooked food still on the stove. This is something likely to improve naturally with the inclusion of NPCs.
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    Water supply base

    The water barrel has to be above and offset by one tile in any direction to supply gravity-fed water to the sink.
  4. We fixed this problem on my server by simply replacing the portion of the multiplayer save file name dependent on the dynamic IP with the new IP and rebooting the server.
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    Drink to the Memory

    This looks great! One issue, though. My only note is that the pickup truck is now far too small in comparison to the other vehicles. It definitely needs a little bit of an upscale. It also should ride a little higher than that in terms of ride height, but size is the more obvious concern. Example: For reference, in the collision with the compact hatchback, it is clear that both vehicles are the same size, even though realistically the pickup would be much bigger. Source: My father restored one of these (1981 1500) and I know all too well just how much harder it is to park one of these compared to my 2005 pursuit based on size alone.
  6. Kim Jong Un

    Aim priority.

    I must say, Survivalist has successfully implemented a system for this by allowing up/down mouse movement to select which one when aiming, and it didn't take an overly complicated system to do it. Project Zomboid, with some effort, could emulate the same thing. Since PZ does use multiple levels, this could easily be switched over to the mouse wheel. Hand/leg injuries are intended to do as you described, but the variety of injuries are pretty limited at the moment. I think getting them to do more is already on the to-do list.
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    More character's appearence options.

    There's some interesting topics here, but a lot of this sounds extremely specific and unnecessary. Let me get into each point. 1. Height affects gameplay This sounds like a weird one to scrutinize and have it solely affect action times. This would probably mean re-working the skeletons and animations as well as clothing etc. Other games that feature animation rigs of different heights for player characters that don't have a mechanical difference usually just have the animations play out differently. No need to go deep into this. Often the height-related differences are just compensated in the animation difference. Getting into mechanics based around height just seems so unnecessary. 2. Getting Old I really don't mind this, but there isn't much gameplay for the world developing as you grow so I wouldn't put too much eggs in that basket. That portion really depends on where the developers want the game's meta to go to. Players will always find a way to survive for the long-run no matter how much people falsely believe the game fails if it doesn't kill you in a couple hours, so it's definitely worth the conversation. For character creation, however, I really wouldn't mind putting "Old and tired" on the trait list and have that have it's effects. Something like youthful exuberance would help as the counter merit. 3. Gender-based gameplay differences. No, to everything you said here, and for obvious reasons. This has been shot down before, and there's a lot of reasons why this is worth nipping in the bud. For starters- Sure, you can argue gender averages as your sole reason for thinking this is viable, but the fact of the matter is that you are building individual characters, not the statistically average male or female. There are females that are stronger than males, taller, shorter, more or less testosterone due to genetics, males that have higher pain tolerance, epigenetics etc on the individual scale which, mind what you think, is the entire point of character creation. "On average" this may not be the case, but since this is a video game and people are going to try and make the character they want to play, there is zero reason to throw a wrench at this. As said in the response above regarding idea 3, this forces roles onto people based on what sex they choose to play as, a unanimously bad idea for a game with character creation since there is absolutely nothing wrong with the current system. The only other worthwhile thing there is to say about suggestion 3: There are already weak/strong pros and cons to choose from, if somebody wants to build a weak girl or guy, they can already choose to do so. The idea that there is a video game that punishes you for choosing a girl/guy in character creation would certainly throw Indiestone under the bus. If the backlash is not due to controversy over ethics, it will be because of the fact that players are incentivised to choose their sex because of gameplay reasons and have less overall less agency over playing the character they want to play for personal/roleplay reasons. No real point to this whatsoever. I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole. 4. Face customization Some options here would be pretty good, even if it isn't being seen 100% of the time. Scars would be pretty cool. 5. Part Two Nationality/language While in theory this could present some interesting gameplay, I really don't see this going farther than a mod or a cool scenario for roleplaying or a storyline NPC. Reminds me of a RP server story that my friend was telling me about where they had to take away character language blocks since people just chose language barriers for their character for the sole purpose of having private "team chats" in MP.
  8. Kim Jong Un

    Heatmap Migration

    AFAIK this was already implemented with the updates on zed migration, and I think there is a 'heat map' of sorts already being used. The whole "base in the woods getting mobbed eventually" is already a thing that happens. Edit: And yeah, you can already alter the properties around that in the settings. How long between periods where zombies populate nearby vacant chunks, how far zeds will travel when migrating on their own, how large zed groups can get by simply being attracted to each other's noises, etc.
  9. Kim Jong Un

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    I haven't seen much hunter clothes (camo/orange vests, hats, etc). Will we expect some?
  10. Kim Jong Un


    Wow, looks awesome! I'm excited for the new clothes, they all look varied and awesome. @nasKoMy only comment about the clothing video is to make sure that the amount of regular-clothed people is proportionate to the type of business. I noticed that most of the zed in the giga mart were employees and the civillian zed came in from outside, even though often the patrons outnumber the workers during work hours. Also, It would be nice to see the different zed types have a small chance of appearing in random locations! Like having police officers/firefighters be found in places outside of stations and what not with the chaos of the apocalypse.
  11. Kim Jong Un

    Project Zomboid's biggest problem

    Well, almost all of that is dependent on your own difficulty settings, and there are plenty of people out there who think survival mode is far too unforgiving and challenging as-is, so I think the idea that there is "no challenge whatsoever involved" is probably on you for what your settings are and is fairly easy to debunk within the general playerbase. There are a couple points here that aren't true, being that you can keep cars in good shape, but doing so involves not using them as tanks and actually maintaining them - which can be challenging if you don't just write off maintenance and let them go to waste because it's too hard. And giving up when you get hurt because "first aid is nonexistent since you'll probably die from your injuries anyway" - what? That's not a discussion of game balance, that's nihilism, since you can fix your broken legs and patch up your scratches you get from crawling through glass - scratches only have a 25% infection chance give or take what traits you have. You said yourself that there is a lot of stuff there, so your entire point makes no sense to me. So yeah, if you just scrap characters and cars on the regular, all these systems to maintain them don't exist. Feeding your child is a non-existent mechanic if they are just going to die anyways. Taking a shower is a non-existent mechanic if you are just going to get dirty again anyways. The entire point of that is maintenance, which makes these things a challenge. This is why I think your post is just "don't do the challenging things" and not an actual case for there being no challenge in the game. It's also common game design to make your basics and sources for content infinite. It makes sense for water to be infinite because weather still exists and water is a natural resource. It makes sense for zed drops to be sources of non-natural resources since the player needs to acquire these items somehow. The only thing on that list that I agree with is food, which is something I don't think should be outright adjusted since the depletion of your food supply multiplies depending on whether or not you are playing with other people (and more importantly, if you are savvy enough to master all of the "ultimate methods" which plenty of players simply aren't due to the fact this is still by all standards a very complicated game). Just because you can look at everything objectively doesn't mean that your playstyle is the most satisfying one, and plenty of people alter the various settings the game gives you to change for reasons that are basically your entire post. And you should be able to make a safe base. It's not like you don't work for it. Because you do. I agree with your overall point, but there is plenty of holes in there because your points can just be summarized as "yeah, if you don't do any of the challenging stuff, it's not a challenge." And there definitely does need to be more stuff you can work on in your downtime. It doesn't need to detract from the rest of the gameplay by making basic needs become annoying because normal difficulty isn't enough for some people. There's settings for that, with my points above. Anyways, that's my 2c of the USD. You have yourself a wonderful day!
  12. Kim Jong Un

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Have you implemented medical scrubs clinic/hospital staff?
  13. Kim Jong Un

    Project Zomboid's biggest problem

    This is certainly an interesting argument. Here are my 2 cents: Frankly, a lot of people don't play Project Zomboid for a non-stop fight and would prefer to work towards a long game. Personally, I don't think PZ is a game about dying, or even a game about dying in style because it took longer. PZ is a game about surviving. For me, there has to be something bigger to work towards, even if it means having slightly more to do with your free time. You're right about some people finding this frustrating. But if I'm just dropping everything and running from place to place, how long does that take me before it becomes monotonous for gameplay? Some people like that kind of non-stop last-stand survival, but it's nothing PZ's current development track goes out of it's way to support since they keep adding more stuff to do during the down time. I have the same conversation with my TRPG group about this all the time. Games are a lot more fun when there is something you can work on that isn't just going to get taken away from you. This is why taking away items is a deliberate track of game design that you don't see a lot of developers screw with unless there are ample means to rebuild and improve. I totally see and respect your opinion and I understand why there is a need to keep action, but abandoning the late-game is just not fair for those looking forward to a long-game to run out of replayability or rewards because of that. The inevitable siege can only occur so many times before a player just shuts down the game and doesn't boot it up again out of boredom through repetition, which this thread does a great job at explaining. Content and extended playability are one of PZ's hard draws no matter how hard anyone believes the goal of the game is to die. The whole "this is how you died" thing is definitely ominous and takes player's egos down a notch when starting the game, but apart from that, it doesn't differ much from other games that both do what PZ does by having something to survive and rewards them by giving them options to work towards. As much as it's apples and oranges, Minecraft is a great example here for proof of concept. Keep giving your players reasons to continue what they are doing, and they will enjoy and continue doing it. But they have to want to do it. And I hate to say it, but if it was just the survival mode (and not multiplayer/ group play or sandbox) I would have probably left PZ collecting dust in my library a long time ago. And thank god (or the devs) that that isn't the case.
  14. Kim Jong Un

    Project Zomboid's biggest problem

    I am totally on the same page, and I know that a lot of people here feel the same way. A while ago I made a thread that had the similar sentiments that sparked a small discussion on ways the developers could go about doing this. These things are very well received, so I would imagine they get more focus later on in the drawing board. My arguments around this were more geared to giving players something larger to build by giving the players the means to prolong/create some of the finite things players will lose in the beginning of the game. I too would much like the ability to contribute to the world, and even something as simple as planting a tree or getting the power back on would help give players the agency to feel like they are rebuilding something. Regardless of how bleak you make the survival mode, you will never kill the player's ability to reach the endgame. This is definitely a concern as it's inevitable regardless of difficulty.
  15. Kim Jong Un

    Hunting Weapons Pondering

    Having gone through all of the side links (there is a separate conversation linked through that one where a similar discourse occurred), what's easy to read from that is that using a sling to hit an animal is both inconsistent, inaccurate, and often times the creature did not go down in one hit (because not everyone gets "100mph" for every single shot, that's like saying the top speed of a sports car is where you'll drive it at all the time). "Smacks the squirrel in the butt, it goes flying off SPINNING! it look hillarious, just imagine a squirrel, all limbs spread, spinning like a helicopter blade Shocked. After that it got up and ran back up the tree" Another problem I hadn't considered, but encountered through the other conversation about attempts at sling hunting, is that the slower moving rocks often make sounds as they whistle through the air, and plenty of alert animals (rabbits, etc) can hear the stone coming and move out of the way. The thing is, that slinging forum was the best case scenario for hunting with a sling, since it is so obscure, impractical and requires a specialized knowledge and skill that is rare in the 21st century. Note the OP: So, apart from the reasons I have brought up above, it's pretty damning that the majority of people on the thread both thought they weren't accurate enough, and one thing that the forum responses make clear is that the prey often don't go down in one shot and need to be finished off. The most hopeful responses you could glean from that were hypothetical anyways, which is totally fine, but that leads me to the next thing. RE: "I think the problem is that people don't do a lot of hunting with slings" Uh huh. That's because slings aren't very practical for hunting, especially with better alternatives that aren't guns. And there are better ways for doing it. The only reason why slinging is still around is for primarily recreation, and it's not a common skill. So the problem isn't that people just choose not to use a sling to hunt when it is a practical way to hunt. It's a problem because there are better ways to hunt that don't require such a specific set of skills that can produce better results. For example, spears are both a simpler concept for somebody to learn to use and can catch you more food than a sling would any day of the week. ~~ So, apart from that recreational slinging thread, there's a lot of points to look at here. Before this thread I had never even considered the idea beyond joking about how ridiculous it would be. Big game is off the table. You can kill small game, but it's inconsistent and requires a ton of skill to be remotely reliable. Now, the other issue still is that this is basically a recreation of the throwing knives dilemma, except the problem about having that knowledge that makes the weapon lethal is multiplied. For gameplay, I think it's important for PZ developers to try to think of stuff that people would think to do in the apocalypse, like set up generators, learn to garden, sharpen sticks, and form tools out of stuff you could find in the woods, etc. So, you said yourself that you have no experience on this, and this thread has been one massive hypothetical discussion. So why would this be anyone's go-to for getting food in the apocalypse? Not a lot of people have the knowledge to use a sling in a way that is lethal, and the amount of skill needed to hit small, agile targets make it extremely unreliable. This discussion so far (which I have learned a lot from with the research I've done, so thank you by the way) brings me back to my original point: The sling is a little specific. Now, I'm not saying don't add the sling because it's sub-optimal for the use you have suggested. There are other uses for a sling, and it could be a niche yet entertaining way to kill zombies. Just not accurate enough for small targets, and not fast enough (or accurate enough) for agile big targets. I just don't think the set of knowledge is common enough or practical enough to allow this to become a primary method of hunting in PZ. Thanks for listening! Have a great rest of your day
  16. Kim Jong Un

    Hunting Weapons Pondering

    You're oversimplifying it as if you could hit a deer in the head at 100mph (quite the feat) with a sling just with some practice and a dream. It's not an effective way to kill big game regardless of how good you get at it. Especially if the deer is moving, or any considerable distance away from you (and the getting close to one without it being aware of you with any of it's viable senses - especially smell - is challenge enough). Not to mention the fact that if you stood as close as the man in that video, the winding up of you starting to swing that for momentum will scare it away instantly. And there's a fairly obvious reason hunters don't use poisons to kill the animals that they eat. Regardless of what you hear or read about tradition, that poison will be in the meat. There have been cases where people were charged with killing protected animals because those animals died eating the flesh of other creatures that they poisoned. It's not recommended. As said above, slings are useful for other reasons. Just not hunting deer. Or much else that has evolved and adapted to perceiving and outrunning fast game. The first obstacle is getting close to one. If it isn't socialized to humans (as most surviving deer in this scenario would definitely not be) this often involves masking your own scent and camouflage, and often knowledge that people don't just suddenly pick up. If you are trying to be practical, there are already much better ways to hunt that don't need to be reinvented. Edit: I went on a slinging forum and found this exact question, and they disagree as well. At most, some claim to kill small game, but inconsistently. Keep in mind that they are talking about small game. Sorry. It's a fun idea, but for hunting deer, it just doesn't sound like this is going to work. There are other reasons for slings though.
  17. Kim Jong Un

    Hunting Weapons Pondering

    My bad, as I read your post and thought slingshot. But a sling would probably be less effective for big game (not small game, which it would be effective for). I'm not familiar with them myself, but yeah, I could see killing a rabbit with that. But big game? Sure, you could eventually kill something, but it would require a lot of skill to make that kind of shot and if it doesn't concuss them it certainly wouldn't kill them through their tougher hide. But yeah, you are right about it for small game. If it works, it works.
  18. Kim Jong Un

    Hunting Weapons Pondering

    On the contrary, survivors wouldn't really turn to hunting until their pantries and what not begin to turn dry, and that means learning to both shoot and hunt if they haven't already (good luck tailing deer if you can't tell it's tracks from your neighborhood cats) that's still remembering the fact that the hard majority of citizens (including hunters) have either died or turned into zombies. There is no real scenario where the deer population wouldn't immediately grow until the usual fluctuations of predator/prey populations intervene, regardless of zombie intervention. I'm familiar in the rifle culture of my mountain/farm town I grew up in and I know enough to tell you without google that hunters play an important role in keeping populations stable, and a lot of times that means shooting a doe with an institution's incentive to do so. I'm not sure what you meant about disease control since not having the DNR is pretty nonconsequential for this scenario considering that wildlife have a tendency to thrive even without this kind of intervention. Deer can live without it, and certainly, aren't going to go extinct without it (even though it certainly helps in population management). So, nothing you said would really cause them to drop off as much as it would increase. The deer population would rise significantly at first. If you have a different point I'm not considering, I'm all ears. Keep in mind that deer are timid creatures that are very agile, and melee combat would be a useless endeavor, so I don't believe a zombie force meandering around the woods is going to do much damage. I've found a useful article to back my claims here: Ask around any hunting forum or even your local community (if applicable) if you want more information, they'll probably tell you the same thing to some degree. I can't speak for Kentucky, though a google skim doesn't contradict anything I've said. Hope this helps. Have a good day!
  19. Kim Jong Un

    Hunting Weapons Pondering

    More options are better, but guns and crossbows/bows should be the obvious first choice when it comes to hunting. While both of them are primitive ways of hurting things, sling and javelin are both slow and give just as much opportunity for the prey to run away where a big game rifle or heavy draw crossbow could drop an Elk in a well placed shot to the heart and not give that opportunity. That said, I'm all for adding a Javelin as an ineffective but primitive (homemade) weapon, a sling is a little specific and not exactly a "tried and true" method of killing anything larger than a chipmunk. I'm confident about using firearms in the deep woods where I would presumably go to hunt, since zed don't spawn out there for obvious reasons. With no hunters alive keeping the deer populations in check, hunting bigger game would be very viable. I don't imagine a slow or sprinting zombie doing much damage to deer that are already both agile and timid.
  20. Kim Jong Un

    Sunday driver/Speed demon need changes.

    So, from real life driving efficiency science: Sunday Driver should reduce fuel consumption at the expense of gaining panic from high speed.
  21. Kim Jong Un

    Helicopters. A more reasonable suggestion than you'd think?

    Personally, I don't want to spend actual hours just to walk from one town to the other, so by the standards of most open world games with driving I think you are wrong there. The need for vehicles was already present when the map was just Muldraugh and West Point, let alone the newer map that would take many sittings to fully traverse on foot. However, I don't think the game is ready for Helicopters.
  22. Kim Jong Un

    (Change it back!) Why was Erosion toned down so much?

    Well, to be fair, you can run a car on gasoline that's over 8 years old (know this first hand), it's just sub-optimal. As long as this is a sandbox option gets more fleshed out in the future, I don't see much of an issue with erosion. I would really like to see it get divided between nature's growth and structures crumbling so I can stretch it out for realistic tree growth though.
  23. Kim Jong Un

    Gunshop In the Mall,0.1075728072932535,279.15381232800263,0.1841260917797381,482.3777877027884,0.03689680113342731,694.6240142920153,0.23752789059178608,694.6240142920153 Camping, fishing and survivalist stores are definitely a thing, and also quite common in rural US. Oh, and farm supply stores, which also would have guns.
  24. Kim Jong Un

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    New problem: Foliage layering is screwed up, ruining every decorative shrub placement.
  25. Kim Jong Un

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Gonna have to side with seeing them shake regardless, but I totally see your point. Reason being that even in large buildings and woods you can hear twigs breaking for probably the entire field of view for characters. Silence can easily make the lightest of noises carry farther and sound louder As an example, I thought somebody was keying the windows of the glass doors of my school library while I studied on the opposite side of the building until I realized it was just a tree brushing against it in the wind. The branch has been trimmed now, but this anecdote remains true. I would at least argue for the point that with multiple sound sources, pinpointing this kind of thing and percepting it becomes much harder.