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    Sunday driver/Speed demon need changes.

    So, from real life driving efficiency science: Sunday Driver should reduce fuel consumption at the expense of gaining panic from high speed.
  2. Kim Jong Un

    Helicopters. A more reasonable suggestion than you'd think?

    Personally, I don't want to spend actual hours just to walk from one town to the other, so by the standards of most open world games with driving I think you are wrong there. The need for vehicles was already present when the map was just Muldraugh and West Point, let alone the newer map that would take many sittings to fully traverse on foot. However, I don't think the game is ready for Helicopters.
  3. Kim Jong Un

    (Change it back!) Why was Erosion toned down so much?

    Well, to be fair, you can run a car on gasoline that's over 8 years old (know this first hand), it's just sub-optimal. As long as this is a sandbox option gets more fleshed out in the future, I don't see much of an issue with erosion. I would really like to see it get divided between nature's growth and structures crumbling so I can stretch it out for realistic tree growth though.
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    Gunshop In the Mall,0.1075728072932535,279.15381232800263,0.1841260917797381,482.3777877027884,0.03689680113342731,694.6240142920153,0.23752789059178608,694.6240142920153 Camping, fishing and survivalist stores are definitely a thing, and also quite common in rural US. Oh, and farm supply stores, which also would have guns.
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    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    New problem: Foliage layering is screwed up, ruining every decorative shrub placement.
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    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Gonna have to side with seeing them shake regardless, but I totally see your point. Reason being that even in large buildings and woods you can hear twigs breaking for probably the entire field of view for characters. Silence can easily make the lightest of noises carry farther and sound louder As an example, I thought somebody was keying the windows of the glass doors of my school library while I studied on the opposite side of the building until I realized it was just a tree brushing against it in the wind. The branch has been trimmed now, but this anecdote remains true. I would at least argue for the point that with multiple sound sources, pinpointing this kind of thing and percepting it becomes much harder.
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    Legible Street Names for Advanced Naviation

    It would actually be more work to make textures for every single street. The problem here is that none of the streets have names and a lot of landmarks are also largely unnamed. Not only would the developers have to name each street, they would have to create individual textures for each street sign, which makes this a very tall order. Kaleidozombie's inspection idea is actually a pretty safe compromise for that issue because it doesn't require new textures and allows the developers to adapt this to any new streets they add. It also would make it easier for modders to adapt it to their maps.
  8. I know, it feels like the new map was released a while ago, but there are some notable quirks that easily get in the way of anybody trying to stay here. 1. The roof clips inside of the building on the 2nd floor of the Ranger station, creating a black void in half of the kitchen and some of the seating area up there, creating big problems for anyone trying to build in it.,0.12960163469705666,824.1870128045256 For some reason, I really can't find my screenshot of it, but from the inside upstairs it is very noticeable and there is no workaround to fixing it as the offending tiles can't be removed via sledgehammer. 2. Door frame left over from a previous building design:,0.11650705058952977,1257.9086294416245 3. Furniture clipping issues,0.12302452018288802,873.5476593344616
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    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Hey, just a heads up that somewhere along the build the country club has been broken. Reset the map twice to verify (and by reset, I mean physically deleting the server files and character map files to be extra sure that it is a new issue), missing walls/added walls confirmed from multiple clients. In addition to a large piece of the wall being missing, a new wall has appeared on the same tile of the other end of the balcony. This one is harder to notice, but walls on the second level have been removed that are surrounding the window panes. We used the admin character to make sure this portion of the bugs weren't a perspective issue. Checked other buildings in the area and they appear to be fine. After scouring the country club, other than the stacked tables that have been there from the start these are the only new major issues. -- Driving a car with three or more people is impossible at the moment. We've had incidents with players become stuck in the black voids. Reducing the occupants in vehicles has been the sound solution, but driving still generates its own temporal anomalies with becoming stuck every few seconds because of the supposed increase in world loading time. Driving by yourself is at acceptable levels of interruptions. -- New atmosphere looks great. You can really tell that there is a difference. So far, great feedback all around.
  10. That office desk, in particular, hasn't had any movable interaction. I reported it a while back, but with so many similar furniture to that model it would be pretty easy to fly under the radar. It's that exact model as well as the corner variant of it. All locations where it can be found.
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    Least Appealing Occupations?

    Metalworker is objectively useless to take as a starting occupation. Not only is metalworking neither accessible or efficient to use at the beginning of any level of playthrough, but the things you can make are also easily replaced by carpentry in the lower and higher levels of knowledge. Ideally, metalworking is a skill that you could learn up to the starting level of three after you have already secured yourself enough carpentry knowledge to actually build defenses. It's something that would only benefit anyone who has reached the late stages of the game and it would certainly not help them get there. It is wiser to simply pick anything else and read metalworking books in your spare time. A workaround that could heavily benefit this (among other occupations that buff under-utilized skills) would be to make the buff substantially higher so it gives you something that makes working with welding something easier for that character. For example, buffing the start level to 6 would make metalworker-related tasks successful and make it more appealing to the player to pursue that skill as the quality of things you can build will actually give the players a reasonable cost-reward ratio. Compare this to Level 3 (the current starting level) which does not open your options much for players who have picked this occupation under the expectation of being able to build stronger walls immediately. Conclusion: Massive hit and miss. Little practical use. Barely rewarded for having the skill. Requires late game or low difficulty comfort to utilize fully. There is no incentive to take this as an occupation even if the player values metalworking within their playstyle.
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    Absolutely bang on! I totally agree with this post. I'm excited for the update.
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    Thank you for your feedback on my criticism I'm off to work now, have a great day!
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    I'm answering the call on the post to over-think it, so this is the feedback that I have to offer. I was also consulted on the original implementation of vehicles and maintenance by RJ, so I'll happily provide this again for vehicle upgrades with suggestions and work-arounds. I and others are not part of the development team. While I am grateful for having participated and called upon for a second opinion, I don't know that this is a conclusion that the developers have already reached. This is the design and model we were showed and asked to comment on, and I happen to have worked on a lot of car projects and enjoy enthusing about this (car upgrades !) Sorry if this is annoying to you. I have additional notes should you like to hear them if you are still accepting feedback. I understand that criticism may not be what we all want to hear, but it's what has lead to some of the better changes to the game in the past. Hopefully we can all work together to make a system that can make this the change to cars that the game has been begging for.
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    That doesn't actually fix the core, objective flaw with the design that makes it counter-intuitive. Even if it's not "pressing against it", the wheel turning outward whenever the car needs to maneuver requires space outside of the vehicle. (Often the wheel turns out farther than that) As I described in my lengthy post about the objective issues with these upgrades, it's the reason why you see in older cars with fender covers as a design that they only occur on the rear wheels, which do not turn and do not need that space. This is also why in plenty of attempts to model real apocalypse-ready vehicles, the turning wheel is left uncovered, as it's not something you want to hamper in your vehicle. You also need to consider that with body roll (inevitable, and already implemented anyways, amplified by the fact that these are older vehicles that have softer suspensions) that any coverage to the wheel won't further dig into the wheel when the body twists side to side as the weight on the car shifts with every turn. There are plenty of usable stuff in the concept pictures, but a lot there needs heavy reconsidering or needs to heavily penalize the player. A lot of these things wouldn't easily be considered upgrades that won't heavily penalize you in other places. These designs are influenced by show cars and movie props that may not actually benefit how you expect them in real world application. There are a bunch of cool and useful upgrades that could make this fun for gameplay that could work, just needs a lot of tweaking.
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    Neat idea to add survival-style upgrades, but if you want some consistency with the realism in the game there are changes you immediately need to make to those designs. Yeah, sure, if this was a blanket no-realism game, if you are willing to throw realism out of the window or at the very least heavily penalize the driving ability for the vehicles, those are fine. Let's get the immediate objective issues out of the way first, followed by what I think would work very well. -Cow catchers and other "plow" modifications on cars - good way to make sure you bend your frame as soon as you hit something. None of these are designed to hit anything above a low speed either. Not an efficient survival option. This is often why most real attempts at actual waste land machines aim for ground clearance, not decreasing it. I don't think you guys will be implementing full body-on-chassis rebuilds to make this work, but it should be pointed out. Oh, and let's not forget that you will clip that (and bend your frame) and tear it off on any bump where the ground clearance of the car would already be challenged. Running over a corpse is especially inefficient with that, even worse off than the car would have already been. This would only really affect things positively on heavy, high-torque vehicles (big rigs, where these upgrades can actually be seen used in a real context) and implemented for moving larger objects at lower speed (and not running through zed). -You can't cover the wheel that turns with a flat piece of metal as that prevents your wheels from turning outward. This is why you would only see those half-fender covers on older cars on the rear wheels exclusively. -Window coverings: Yeah, with what you showed for the 'high end' modification, reduce visibility to roughly 10% overall. Too over the top otherwise. You should consider an alternative that is much more sparse, that still has visibility issues overall. -Making the body heavy should make your handling noteably more sluggish and your vehicle slower over all. A variant of that upgrade that uses metal bars could also work well. -Welding a mask onto your car? Never open your hood again. If you are looking to reinforce those by welding sheets onto it, you should consider localizing it to the individual parts and make maintenance take longer for having to navigate that. -Roof rack is fine (but should add weight as a fair trade-off) -Brush guards are fine, but that design could apply more to reduce the loss of speed when driving through smaller trees and zed than negating damage. -With all of the auto parts and aftermarkets in the US, you should really consider upgrades for the interior of the vehicle as well as under the hood. You should acknowledge that performance aftermarket exhausts often do no such thing for reducing noise. Appropriate aftermarket parts (i.e. brush gaurds for trucks) should also be rare finds that look much more professional than shoddy weld-work. -Consider roof lights Other than that, really happy to see this coming in!
  17. As 10 represents the master of their craft, the break chance should be nothing (or at the very least, next to nothing). Just seems like an oversight as everything else has 100% pick up rate at that level of skill.
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    car shild and windoes metal work

    Only as long as it severely reduces visibility from inside the car (and adds weight). I would also like to see traditional destruction derby vehicle changes, such as replacing the windshield with a mesh. It is worse quality than a windshield (reduce heating effectiveness, no wind protection at all and worse aerodynamics) but it can also be easily fixed with metalworking as a skill.
  19. Kim Jong Un

    Cruise Control

    Ultimately I am pleased with the performance of vehicles, however with plenty of long distance driving one would think it is necessary to add a cruise control button. This prevents the constant fluctuations of acceleration to keep the car at pace, and also save the player from having to spend extra time adjusting their speed. You may read this post and think "who cares" but you'll pick up on the annoyance it is to spam W when you have to drive 15 minutes ingame to reach your destination there and back and do this regularly. When convoy driving in multiplayer, maintaining the same speed among other vehicles is an absolute must to prevent collisions and having cruise control will really make this more manageable. As it stands, I would recommend toggling cruise control with the shift key as standard.
  20. Kim Jong Un

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Can we get some more information about what exactly was added to the settings regarding erosion? I don't see it in the patch notes and haven't noticed any added options in our server settings.
  21. Kim Jong Un

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    We have a player in our server that is still stuck in a permanent blackscreen two updates ago. Got him to try various actions and then send me his console.txt Seems to have something to do with being in a vehicle that was driving farther than he could load. console (4).txt
  22. Kim Jong Un

    Simple vehicle accessories

    It's set in 1992, I'm pretty sure. That said, the technology releasing in the same year or the year prior isn't representative of when it gets distributed or what markets it's in. Even for the rich, a GPS navigation system would not have been available everywhere, and more importantly, it would not be accurate by 21st century standards.
  23. Kim Jong Un

    Simple vehicle accessories

    Note quite in the game's timeframe as something that would appear at this point because it's almost a within-the-year advancement. None that were widely available or even on market would have any place to spawn in the game's setting. Here's a history of GPS technology. It's a brand new thing in the game's timeframe (1992), there wouldn't be any reason to throw it in because there is a slim-to-none chance that it might have shown up somewhere. Since so many things in the game are said 'no' to for not being available everywhere for the sake of keeping it consistent in-car GPS systems would fall into that.
  24. Kim Jong Un

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Uhhh... no, and that alone is a contradiction to your own complaint. I'm not trying to be rude but I hope you will understand why after this post. Those things he 'nitpicked' need to be fixed in order for the map you get on the full release to be accurate and arrive as fast as possible. In fact, not doing that would probably slow the process as the developers would have to find those issues themselves. I'm not sure there's any place here at all to question his efforts since he actually did a heck of a job documenting what the map people have been hunting down for a long time. I can't speak for the developers but there is nothing wrong with documenting map bugs. Meanwhile, absolutely everybody is already aware that the map is out of date. Like I said before, this is a testing build. The map already provided covers the map that has actually been released to the public. So... if they did jump the gun and waste time by releasing an unfinished update to the map with plenty of map bugs, the map you would be stuck with for a while would also be 'out of date' in that sense. It would be for a build not actually available to non-testers. It's hardly worth a mention at all especially since, as you said, it has been reported already. I hope this helps! You have a nice day. This really shouldn't be a drawn out discussion as the map release pertaining to actually released content makes this matter cut-and-dry.
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    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    It's true that the new rural areas of the game that were added in the most recent map fix are not yet on the online map, however this is not an officially complete build and as shown before there are still a ton of bugs with the map. If the new map was processed as it stands right now, by the time you got the map @Flukey it would still be chalk full of errors. Please have patience as this takes time. You are in a pre-release build that is widely regarded as unstable for a reason and we probably won't see this updated for some time until it enters the main build of the game.