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  1. While the scenarios you describe are accurate, I feel it doesn't fit the current implementation for the setting. I'm needing 4+ layers of clothing just to sit inside of my house in May. In Kentucky. Hopefully the balance gets fixed soon, because the gap between this and reality is actually pretty significant. Nobody is exaggerating anything in my opinion, Winter is almost unplayable. I'm still very confident things will improve - this is am amazing update, after all.
  2. Sorry, but I think you misunderstood my post. I've been in the south before, I haven't been up here for my entire life. Focusing solely on the clothing in Kentucky, people wear tank tops in spring - that's usually fine on most days. A lot of farming is done in the spring, since Kentucky isn't frozen over - almost at any point. Hell, the warm temperatures make spring one of the best times to visit the state. Recognizing how much this was done so winter can seem balanced, having to wear this much clothing just to survive indoors in spring is obscene and comical. Perspective has absolutely nothing to do with it. I don't need to live there to justify my case. I'm confident the staff will rebalance this as this is merely a test run of it after all. It just needs proper playtesting. It also goes without saying that this much weather danger makes Kentucky feel like a Siberian wasteland instead of anything close to southern USA. Even dialed back, if freezing to death is going to be a regular scare - it's fairly tone deaf, and I don't think it is intended. With that said, I'll happily adjust my temp settings in sandbox to make it feel more immersive by my own standards.
  3. Man, this insulation stuff is painfully unrealistic and punishing. For reference, I live in a Canadian mountain town on Lake Superior - I know Northwestern Ontario cold. Today is a warmer day, we we were at -3 for our high, and I was fine wearing 1 down jacket over my shirt - not sweater - and usually replace the former with a hoodie when I leave work for the day. The fact that I have to wear 4 layers of clothing to survive spring in Kentucky is both absolutely hilarious and terrifying. I look forward to your next patch - hopefully this gets heavily rebalanced. Other than that, there is a ton of great detail here. I'm surprised with how much potential this system has.
  4. The unnamed town between Riverside and Rosewood is densely populated with zed for such a small place. Hordes that easily breach two digits are densely packed together as far out as the houses on the edge of town. This is consistent on both custom and standard settings. Even with the suggestion that this is for gameplay purposes, this is beyond excessive and probably needs to be dialled down. https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#0.44709692915098154,0.18508075528803195,34.43781814090985
  5. Maybe boredom should be renamed to stir-crazy to better explain this? This seems acceptable, because players can understand that this is because they haven't left the house in hours and also haven't done anything fun to counteract that. If it is poorly explained, it could come off as if the game is underhandedly punishing you for having a moment of relief.
  6. This is counter-intuitive as heck, and I'll explain why I think that. Yeah, this screams "free points" to me. Even with slow healer, you get a debuff that does not last forever and is easier to treat because you aren't caught off guard (you are literally choosing to start injured). Even the lesser weight flaws are objectively harder to get rid of and overcome, and don't payout nearly as much. There is already a chance in game to spawn injured - this needs a bit more work, but it's there. It's part of the overall plan to increase the randomness of how you spawn when you are starting a new character. A broken leg awarding 10 free points is just overpowered and cheesy. This just means that you start off slow. You either die immediately and spawn again (little repercussion given how quick it is to rebuild your character from a saved build) or you slowly get faster and faster over time and you are at normal speed after some safe gameplay. All you have to do is keep yourself fed and pass the time through sleep or speed up your clock, something that is easy enough at the start of regular gameplay. After that, you have a free 10 points of positives that you have on your character, making you quite a strong build. Don't even get me started on the simple injured status rewarding 4 - you can heal out of this quite quickly in the current system, making this a no-consequence flaw if you spawn somewhere with food. As for the broken leg - this is a very temporary speed debuff that rewards you more points than the permanent flaws do. You'd have to remake the system for this to be more viable, but as it stands, I'm not convinced. 1 or 2 points for either of these is already too much unless the healing system changes anytime soon. That said, I would be alright with more injury flaws that pertain to the severity. Weak bones is a solid option, you could really justify -4 for that.
  7. Isn't having targeted containers one of the more recent additions to the loot system? For the same way that certain containers in a house kitchen can have just silverware/bowls and another would just have canned goods. It doesn't use a whole line of shelves, but aisles aren't usually solely focused on both ends anyways. I noticed it scavenging around this update - using that for the pharm as well would be an immediate compromise between both of our issues, putting this to rest.
  8. Okay, but none of these shelves on the store side have medical supplies, which isn't consistent with any pharmacy I have been to. At least some of the shelves are dedicated to home medicine, such as bandaids, cold and flu, etc.
  9. I don't see this as an actual issue in my opinion, If somebody builds a water base off of the mainland and has to soak themselves to get to it, lose access to the benefits of having land (vehicles, foraging) and are now heavily inconvenienced by their location travel wise. It's a give and take, which is why plenty of survival games entertain this as an actual possibility. It also isn't stated that the players can build out on the water by simply swimming, since they wouldn't have any kind of support unless somebody builds a bridge (opening a way to zombies). Forbidding building on water tiles may not be the answer as people would probably be pissed if they couldn't set up bridges across streams (as many currently do) but not allowing build tiles that aren't connected to solid ground in any way (as mentioned or otherwise) is the answer to this. ~~ If people are worried about folks swimming to the other side of the Ohio river, on the other hand, the simple answer is to cut off the map at the edge of the river, as having an out of bounds area isn't an issue if it doesn't exist. This tactic is used in most games.
  10. This is the exact same issue that many shelves have that are placed as shorter versions of the full shelf. They aren't tied to any part of the map, but any instance of a longer object (pews, shelves) that are shorter than what the furniture system recognizes that they should be.
  11. These are great ideas! I think the idea of pitchfork and hay is great, kind of like how we have rope and logs. Turning compost as a one-time boost for composting speed each batch of fertilizer could be a neat idea as well.
  12. A toolbox container would definitely be a great idea. It could easily work similar to the first aid kits that we find, as to not complicate things.
  13. Thank you for the response, @RingoD123. It may be a more feasible request to have a simple static compass put on the corner ingame map items (perhaps the legend), maybe in the future when there aren't things of higher priority going on. It's a small detail, but it could easily clear up any disagreements when I can't readily send people that image. Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing what you guys pull off in the next build.
  14. There was a lot of talk about this on a thread a little while back. So far, many people want the compass - enough to not just ignore them because experienced players don't need it. It certainly seems to come up enough that we should actually explore this as a possibility rather than immediately dismiss it. The problem with the camera angle of the game being an end-all be-all is that we also have access to maps that are not oriented in the same direction. It is very clear that these maps are intended to lead players towards hidden items and provide some kind of direction for different elements of gameplay (hordes, loot, ex-bases) and therefore, there is merit to establish which way is which if one were to try and direct other players using these maps. The maps aren't difficult to understand, but still - Right now we have "map north" which isn't exactly the same as "top of the screen" North. Also, providing directions for friends and deciding in-game on what the orientation is. That is a very valid point, one that wasn't successfully ruled out in the last discussion. Having been involved in multiple groups, "top of the screen" and "top right of the screen" and "head right" all mean totally different things from server to server. As much as this was repeated on the last thread, no, there is no solid, stated consensus on this. Is teleporting players the easy answer to write it off - no, it isn't, since using commands for stuff like travel is considered taboo for a lot of people, and a lot of players (like the folks on my server and those that I've joined) play without the use of commands exclusively for the sake of having the fun challenge of playing the game as intended. I guess it is also a valid point that it may not be as fruitful to implement a navigation object that becomes obsolete through player experience. I think giving an official in-game decision on what's north and what is actually northwest could benefit everyone though, so there is at least more cohesion there. That's my 2c of the USD. Have a wonderful day!
  15. The 90 degree turns on the highways are truly an annoyance, since there is no warning whatsoever and you don't have nearly enough notice of them coming because of the limited camera zoom while driving. Since the vehicle handling mechanics are designed to support gradual turns (like how real driving works) and decently mimic real handling, the roads where you drive at the highest speeds could at least reflect this - the "offramps" seen in the highway intersections are a gradual curve, so using gradual curves for the larger roads would fix this problem. This is direct proof of smoother curves already being used in the map, but at a smaller scale, that work. Inner city 90 degree turns and most of the country roads having them I can accept, but the idea that freeway traffic all have to slow down to make 90 degree turns after a long high-speed 50+mph straight can be immersion breaking. Yes, this change would be hard work - but as the commenter above has said, this is a necessary evil and a change the game should ideally see before release. Map creators are trying to implement something of the sort in their own maps already - it doesn't look pretty, but at least it works out much nicer than this.
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