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  1. Kim Jong Un

    What does leveling First Aid affect?

    Tell that to us junior carpenters who have to deal with broken legs for two-digit hours of play.
  2. Kim Jong Un


    I meant to hyperlink the picture of planters used in the article, but yeah, I can agree with that. Not so much on your roof collapsing on you, but that's where I was going with being unable to have soil/planters on low level carpentry structures or house roofs.
  3. Kim Jong Un

    Inverse decay setting for zombies

    This could be interesting. I wouldn't use it normally, but for a good challenge run, this could be very spicy.
  4. Kim Jong Un


    I've seen more than enough rooftop gardens to know that this both isn't the case for buildings with roof access, and even if urban gardening was an unrealistic concept implemented as-is, this concern is a hardly enough of an issue to use the "realism gets in the way" card here to rationalize throwing on heavy constraints that limit players to something so little. Yes, you can produce a lot of food from a rooftop garden. It is perfectly reasonable to grow crops up there. On the shingled roof of a home? Or the roof above a porch? No. But any building that has roof access? They can support the weight of planters. @PapayaKing makes a really good point here with what you can do with the space. There is no question about it, especially since we are scrutinizing this for the sake of a video game. Would you dump a ton of soil on a roof and expect verdant meadows to grow? Not at all. But planters are perfectly fine, this is a proven concept beyond a reasonable doubt. To scrutinize this too much would just take away from the game, which wouldn't have really been needed if realism was the sole concern anyways. As for rooftops in the game, the buildings that already have roof access would be ideal locations for rooftop gardens to begin with. These structures aren't exactly your average shanty house, what we have now are small office buildings and warehouses that would be ideal choices for this kind of thing. I think that a player structure that is built from a threshold of a certain carpentry skill wouldn't be able to make use of planters, but anything else with roof access (not your neighborhood home) has been designed with bearing weight in mind to begin with. Still, while weight is a valid concern, it is not enough to seriously deter sizeable rooftop gardens from existing. So there is give-and-take here. This is something people already do often without consulting an architect and rarely face any real consequences for it. To shut down the rooftop garden or constrain it to a few pots would be a pointless limitation, as nobody who had a horse in rooftop gardens would ever question it outside of building something obviously inappropriate. For a video game, PZ is probably fine and safe for supporting this. In the realm of base-building for a video game, most that claim to have some stake in realism (State of Decay, for example) offer opportunities for sizeable, profitable rooftop gardens where the opportunity is available. Anyways, that's my take on it! Gameplay and realism both allow for leeway and creativity here.
  5. Kim Jong Un

    What does leveling First Aid affect?

    As far as I know, healing times, infection, and also how much information you get about each injury (severity, healing). I couldn't tell you the exact differences between the levels, but it's good to have somebody with the skill in MP. It's pretty difficult to gain XP otherwise.
  6. Kim Jong Un

    More details

    I don't think there is a real to change the base map, since they are mostly clean for a reason. There are already event houses that rely on RNG and are supposed to represent some kind of situation happening, like an overrun home base, a suicide, or homes that have already been fully looted with one window smashed in. I wouldn't mind expanding on that, maybe increase the odds for starting later into the apocalypse with the erosion mechanic. There is actually more than you would think, what with shelves being populated by books and even themed loot lists based on the profession. Apart from that, the chances of encountering special homes that have the remnants of the former residents (suicides, dead bodies, obvious loot) there is also cooked food still on the stove. This is something likely to improve naturally with the inclusion of NPCs.
  7. Kim Jong Un

    Water supply base

    The water barrel has to be above and offset by one tile in any direction to supply gravity-fed water to the sink.
  8. We fixed this problem on my server by simply replacing the portion of the multiplayer save file name dependent on the dynamic IP with the new IP and rebooting the server.
  9. Kim Jong Un

    Drink to the Memory

    This looks great! One issue, though. My only note is that the pickup truck is now far too small in comparison to the other vehicles. It definitely needs a little bit of an upscale. It also should ride a little higher than that in terms of ride height, but size is the more obvious concern. Example: For reference, in the collision with the compact hatchback, it is clear that both vehicles are the same size, even though realistically the pickup would be much bigger. Source: My father restored one of these (1981 1500) and I know all too well just how much harder it is to park one of these compared to my 2005 pursuit based on size alone.
  10. Kim Jong Un

    Aim priority.

    I must say, Survivalist has successfully implemented a system for this by allowing up/down mouse movement to select which one when aiming, and it didn't take an overly complicated system to do it. Project Zomboid, with some effort, could emulate the same thing. Since PZ does use multiple levels, this could easily be switched over to the mouse wheel. Hand/leg injuries are intended to do as you described, but the variety of injuries are pretty limited at the moment. I think getting them to do more is already on the to-do list.
  11. Kim Jong Un

    More character's appearence options.

    There's some interesting topics here, but a lot of this sounds extremely specific and unnecessary. Let me get into each point. 1. Height affects gameplay This sounds like a weird one to scrutinize and have it solely affect action times. This would probably mean re-working the skeletons and animations as well as clothing etc. Other games that feature animation rigs of different heights for player characters that don't have a mechanical difference usually just have the animations play out differently. No need to go deep into this. Often the height-related differences are just compensated in the animation difference. Getting into mechanics based around height just seems so unnecessary. 2. Getting Old I really don't mind this, but there isn't much gameplay for the world developing as you grow so I wouldn't put too much eggs in that basket. That portion really depends on where the developers want the game's meta to go to. Players will always find a way to survive for the long-run no matter how much people falsely believe the game fails if it doesn't kill you in a couple hours, so it's definitely worth the conversation. For character creation, however, I really wouldn't mind putting "Old and tired" on the trait list and have that have it's effects. Something like youthful exuberance would help as the counter merit. 3. Gender-based gameplay differences. No, to everything you said here, and for obvious reasons. This has been shot down before, and there's a lot of reasons why this is worth nipping in the bud. For starters- Sure, you can argue gender averages as your sole reason for thinking this is viable, but the fact of the matter is that you are building individual characters, not the statistically average male or female. There are females that are stronger than males, taller, shorter, more or less testosterone due to genetics, males that have higher pain tolerance, epigenetics etc on the individual scale which, mind what you think, is the entire point of character creation. "On average" this may not be the case, but since this is a video game and people are going to try and make the character they want to play, there is zero reason to throw a wrench at this. As said in the response above regarding idea 3, this forces roles onto people based on what sex they choose to play as, a unanimously bad idea for a game with character creation since there is absolutely nothing wrong with the current system. The only other worthwhile thing there is to say about suggestion 3: There are already weak/strong pros and cons to choose from, if somebody wants to build a weak girl or guy, they can already choose to do so. The idea that there is a video game that punishes you for choosing a girl/guy in character creation would certainly throw Indiestone under the bus. If the backlash is not due to controversy over ethics, it will be because of the fact that players are incentivised to choose their sex because of gameplay reasons and have less overall less agency over playing the character they want to play for personal/roleplay reasons. No real point to this whatsoever. I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole. 4. Face customization Some options here would be pretty good, even if it isn't being seen 100% of the time. Scars would be pretty cool. 5. Part Two Nationality/language While in theory this could present some interesting gameplay, I really don't see this going farther than a mod or a cool scenario for roleplaying or a storyline NPC. Reminds me of a RP server story that my friend was telling me about where they had to take away character language blocks since people just chose language barriers for their character for the sole purpose of having private "team chats" in MP.
  12. Kim Jong Un

    Heatmap Migration

    AFAIK this was already implemented with the updates on zed migration, and I think there is a 'heat map' of sorts already being used. The whole "base in the woods getting mobbed eventually" is already a thing that happens. Edit: And yeah, you can already alter the properties around that in the settings. How long between periods where zombies populate nearby vacant chunks, how far zeds will travel when migrating on their own, how large zed groups can get by simply being attracted to each other's noises, etc.
  13. Kim Jong Un

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    I haven't seen much hunter clothes (camo/orange vests, hats, etc). Will we expect some?
  14. Kim Jong Un


    Wow, looks awesome! I'm excited for the new clothes, they all look varied and awesome. @nasKoMy only comment about the clothing video is to make sure that the amount of regular-clothed people is proportionate to the type of business. I noticed that most of the zed in the giga mart were employees and the civillian zed came in from outside, even though often the patrons outnumber the workers during work hours. Also, It would be nice to see the different zed types have a small chance of appearing in random locations! Like having police officers/firefighters be found in places outside of stations and what not with the chaos of the apocalypse.
  15. Kim Jong Un

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Have you implemented medical scrubs clinic/hospital staff?