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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Where did you spawn? Spawns are missing from more than a few places right now
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    I know the heart's in the right place, the concept just doesn't work logically for these specific vehicles. The reason why these vehicles shouldn't have a swappable trunk is the same reason why the pickup truck doesn't.
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    @RobertJohnson I appreciate the kind words but that is not what I am trying to say. I can survive with the current system, but the whole trunk replacement system is just extremely inconsistent and doesn't make logical sense. I'd be willing to say "I'm fine with this" to just having trunk swaps be between compatible vehicles, but the implication that you are going to take the trunk compartment from a sedan and use it in a station wagon is the equivalent of removing space from the station wagon and stuffing in a container for basically no reason, while removing the rest of the space from the wagon. I'm with you on not making it overly complex but the level of detail here is highly inconsistent, trunk customization should only be for applicable vehicles, not cars that don't use separate compartments at all. Vehicles where the trunk should be a set space and not removable/swappable: Van, Stepvan, Pickup (and pickup with the shell), Station wagon). Everything else, yeah, okay, but not those vehicles, as it is illogical, counterproductive and removes individuality from those specific vehicles. The logic issue is that these vehicles do not have separate compartments for storage, therefore can't be removed and can't be replaced. This isn't even that it's weird to car guys, it just doesn't make sense overall.
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    I didn't want to ask for too much depth, but I feel the same way as EG in terms of engines not being as detailed as they should be and with everything else. If you want help with the details for this system, I can send what I know via PM again.
  5. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    The map on this version still is not fixed/updated. There is a tree in front of the door of one of the houses by the country club, among other things. The obvious issue where railings go behind walls still persists.
  6. Random building

    It's a work camp for a farm or something. Not uncommon.
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    There shouldn't be a trunk item for those specific vehicles. The amount of space within the rear of the vehicles doesn't change. It also means that found step vans have a capacity of 70, which is the same as other heavy duty vehicles, when in reality there is much more space back there. For example, a station wagon shouldn't have an item tied to the trunk at all, the hatch is still going to open the same way and there is nothing there. Having it be an item means that it somehow has the same capacity as a standard sedan despite having over double the rear space. For those specific vehicles (station wagons, vans, step vans), it is unrealistic to have a trunk compartment item for them as those ones don't have one - just the rear end of the vehicle and the interior. There's no realistic logic being followed for it to work like that for those vehicles. A few people have already suggested this in response to the trunk changes, because a station wagon using the same trunk as it's sedan counterpart is more of an oversight than it is customization. It's actually taking the individuality away from the vehicles as without it the step van is just a slow van with no advantages storage wise, same goes for the regular van and station wagon. If you want to do this in a logical way that makes sense and give these vehicles the individuality the need, have each of these vehicles (Van, Stepvan, Station Wagon) work in the same way the pickup truck does. Have them use a static trunk that reflects their size. For example, the station wagon would have a significantly higher amount of space than the standard trunks. Edit: The pickup van also falls victim to this unrealistic flaw as well. There's no actual trunk there to customize that would alter containment size.
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Pickup truck is pretty useless for moving stuff since it's always falling out of it all of the time. I drive 2 pickup trucks, as long as the tailgate is there I can put a container in the box and not have to worry about it flying out. Should only happen to damaged tailgates. The step van, regular van and station wagon shouldn't use trunk compartments as they don't in real life. All that space behind the seats is air, they also both sport doors/hatches to prevent things from falling out. There is no "compartment" you can install in these things as there is nothing back there getting in the way... just empty space.
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Made another new game. 1. No cars spawn in Rosewood. 2. The two modern sedans are absolutely nowhere to be found in parking lots. 3. Can't enter in compact car's driver seat.
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Can confirm that removing tires removes the air pressure from them. Also, I think mechanical XP should be given for installing and removing parts (under the assumption that this will take a lot longer in implementation). Taking apart a car and rebuilding it is a great way to learn how it works, on top of reading books. Also, XP boost books for mechanical knowledge. There is a ton of great literature for learning about this kind of thing.
  11. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Just started a new game and ran through Muldraugh Something may have gone wrong with the spawn changes RJ, the only car that spawned (in driveways and parking lots) was the standard sedan and nothing else.
  12. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    New feedback and bugs @RobertJohnson 1. The station wagon (and a multitude of other vehicles) should not use trunk parts, like the pickup truck it should just be set, as it uses a hatch/tailgate and doesn't have a trunk compartment, literally just the rest of the vehicle past the seats. The same should go for all "hatch/door" style vehicles that don't actually use trunk compartments, including the Van and Delivery Truck. Worth considering giving the station wagon substantially more trunk space than the regular sedan given that the point of a station wagon's extra body and mass is for that extra space. 2. Standard/Heavy Duty brakes should be interchangeable due to the fact that the main difference here is that one of them is stronger to handle higher weight and exerts higher braking power. By no means are these sport/performance brakes, they are meant to handle a higher vehicle weight. These rotors and calipers aren't really mutually exclusive in terms of installation. More powerful brakes, especially on heavier vehicles such as the station wagon, aren't uncommon. 3. Tried out a new vehicle. Fully charged battery, max quality engine. Refused to start in 3 attempts, and also died within 10 seconds of driving. 2. Police car texture is bugged? 3. Mccoy Logging trucks still use the old textures (see window tint) 4. I set car spawning to low, and every single parking spot is full. 5. Loot in cars doesn't work. I looked in every trunk I could access, as well as every glove box. Items do not spawn in cars. 6. Really weird bug installing brakes on the station wagon. It wouldn't accept my 100% condition found vintage-sport brakes, it would only accept the 87% brakes I removed from it. 7. "Engine Door" should be renamed "Hood"
  13. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    If that was the case, it wouldn't matter as that is why alternators exist. The car would not start in the first place otherwise.
  14. Any good Riverside safehouses?

    Eh, not really. Compared to other buildings, the spots that actually have the windows aren't exposed at all due to the iron fence perimeter. The actual front face of the complex not protected by a perimeter only has 5 windows and 4 doors, all of which are easy enough to barricade. It could be difficult for one person, not going to argue with it there, but I highly doubt it would be overrun due to the fence perimeter and treeline. If one were to build walls, it is actually quite easy to extend the already existing perimeter to the impassable lakes, and from there, the tennis courts, and finally closing off the other two fences. It's a heck of a secure spot for not a lot of effort. The 2nd floor alone makes for a solid spot if you can knock out the staircase. Other than that, not much weak spots. There's a way out regardless of which way you go in so it's easy to escape from in danger. Comparing this to a location with less space to run, I'd feel a lot more secure where I know the 18 holes aren't infestations so I pretty much always have a spot to fall back on. It's a high maintenance place, but it's easy to fix the holes in the perimeter and doesn't have a lot of weak spots otherwise. And as for advantages... plenty of build space, comes with bedrooms, kitchens, and a parking lot for the fleet. I play with a group on multiplayer and this base is perfect. Given the population around the place, it's more than reasonable to skip on a single player point of view.