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  1. The olive car definitely fits the best. The other two are too dirty in some places to the point of being off-putting, and that color is far more likely to be seen on that car model than dark metallic blue
  2. Ah, so it's still around. Player made rooms and changes to rooms are not regarded on the lighting map and this can be immersion breaking if you are trying to make smaller rooms out of larger ones or provide actual hiding places that you can inconveniently see into all the time. On the bright side, you can't see people through walls like you have X ray vision, but the fact that you can see through it and watch people move furniture like you are a decoration savant that doesn't have to be there to know what's going on is still a thing. I hope that since the last three mondoids talked about the devs tackling these long running bugs, maybe this one can be fit into that, since this would definitely improve the building experience.
  3. I like high food and water consumption because it motivates me to cook more and I always level it days quicker than if I didn't have the trait. However I would never count the flaw as "free points" since if I ever removed "conspicuous" or the food intake ones I can always notice the change. Getting hungry quick is a good way to eliminate food from your fridge faster than you'd expect and having high thirst can be absolutely knee-capping if you are traveling long distance and don't have access to clean water. Usually I take conspicuous as well. Having zed coming at you from farther away can lead to some pretty unsafe moments if you stay in a clearing longer than needed, but as a firefighter I can always knock a zed over without skill or weapon as long as I'm not swarmed and panicking.
  4. Fire in general is buggered currently. Pipebombs can burn down entire neighborhoods when them creating fire bends the laws of reality over the line as it is. It will be fixed though. I don't think anyone is trying to justify the wackiness that they have and what can cause it, but you can use campfires safely if you don't have anything above it.
  5. Arguing over suicide being represented in PZ is a little bit moot when there has been a preview of suicide by gunshot and already there are bodies around of people who have drunken themselves to death (with bleach or alcohol) and also obviously self inflicted gunshot wounds. Other than that there is always room for more of these "scenes", hanging could be a good way to get the gravity of the situation across to some people and would be a more common way of 'offing' than bleach drinking.
  6. Yeah, heavy vehicles in general would be nice to use. Personally, I'd like to see a fire truck. Other than that I would not feel safe putting things in the compactor space in a trash truck. Could be an interesting thing though to "accidentally" crush your gear.
  7. Of course, after all that's what it is built to do. I'd be worried more about the exposed cab and fact that a shambler could probably catch up to the door and bang on it at the same speed you would drive it.
  8. Bulldozers are generally transported on the back of transport trucks and should never be driven on civillian roads in part due to what those wide tracks may do to the road. The closest thing I know of is a JD 764 High speed dozer which tops out at 17-18 for transportation (and is also not the same thing). Your average bulldozer won't go over 10 mph (which is generous enough) and the likelihood of the devs including a lightning mcqueen version are low. A bulldozer would be cool though.
  9. Your values are extremely incorrect, at least that definitely was not a bulldozer. It's actually closer to 7.3 mph but 9.1 in reverse for something generic, like a caterpillar D9. The komatsu d37 you pictured is slower, topping out at 4.3 mph and 4.5 in reverse. Anyone could catch up to one running.
  10. Personally, I think it's going to be a bit too slow for that application, but it's a better choice for crushing something than your everyday sedan
  11. The reason why cars work is because every moving part works together. Sometimes what seems simple modifications to people who don't know what they are doing will actually have disastrous consequences if not immediately, down the line. Whether this is excess wear on rather important panels or something extra to get caught on every bump is dependent on the addition. Chains on wheels aren't exactly solutions to the problem of zed going under the car. The problem is still there. The underside is going to be damaged if you end up dragging a zed on a crucial part of the undercarriage. Armored offroading vehicles made for combat in wasteland conditions (APCs as an example) would be an example of a vehicle where the problem would not be the center of issues with running over zed, but are inefficient in other categories and would not be a common vehicle in the apocalypse. By putting fences and steel polls you are cutting down driver viability by well over 50%, which is something a lot of people fail to realize. In real life this is a big problem that leads to a lot of accidents, because unfortunately in the real world you can't drive your car third person. It's also worth mentioning that in the game's year/timeframe reverse cameras were not exactly present in mass production vehicles. Granted, it has been done, but there is good reason you rarely see this portrayed in serious representations of surviving anything. Point being, you just can't do these things with a lot of cars without messing up crucial processes. Watch the video above for how the simplest of mods screwed up the driving experience. The large mickey thompsons just dug into the splash guards and did not improve the offroading capability whatsoever. There are ways to improve your car for efficiency, reliability and safety, welding stuff onto random panels is not one of them. Part of the concern is the fact that you would eventually end up taking off more of the car when these things break off than protecting it, otherwise this isn't really how making a vehicle safer works. As I said, not being "supercar fast" is far from the concern. These supposed upgrades make your average vehicle indefinitely worse, and the ones that aren't all bad still have a lot of give and take. That said, there are upgrades you can give to a vehicle that will ultimately work. These are usually tried and tested and can be found in aftermarket catalogs. However you have to see that not everything comes down to "Is this car bulletproof". Fuel efficiency, storage space, weight, drivability, even the ability to see where you are going, all matter quite a lot and for different reasons in a zombie apocalypse. This is a video game, after all, so game balance is also a concern. Morphing your old Cadillac into a monster truck with spikes coming out of every nook and cranny is rather immersion breaking, and it is acceptable to suggest that cars should never be impenetrable forts.
  12. I already read the Car and Driver article on it. The concept of stunt/prop cars is not new. And like other stunt cars, there were duplicates available for when they did break down and a ton of spare parts. "not pretty" does not equal "moves better" or "tougher". And especially not "practical" or "reliable". In fact, correct me if I'm wrong but a lot of panels are missing on those vehicles. There is no excuse for blatant inefficiency and bad design choices just for the sake of making vehicles edgy if practicality is your goal here. Prop cars for movies run. That doesn't mean they are badass zombie splatters. That doesn't mean they are useful. It is common knowledge that prop cars exist for visual spectacles and don't actually have to do what they are supposedly made to do. Cars doing their own stunts is not uncommon. That doesn't make them practical. Here's the issue with a lot of the "ramming" upgrades - you will either see yourself build it too high that anything you do hit goes underneath the wheels, or too low that you bottom out on anything with a deeper texture than an oatmeal raisin cookie. It just doesn't work for hitting zed. Anything conventional enough to be thought of will either be made for flat surfaces (cow catchers on trains) or simply not made for speed impacts (plows). Unfortunately making any of this work goes far, far beyond "given a welding torch and half a mind". In fact, they actually drive quite horrid, and this is to be expected as everything is designed to work on screen. See: With the right tools for the right job, some modifications can be made in the sense of reality. For example, brush guards on vehicles used in police fleets. They are something you could reasonably obtain and hold a presence in the aftermarket selection. Roll cages? I guess. Anybody skilled enough could form one for each vehicle. Attaching a snow plow that's not made for hitting things at higher speed (and will usually end up with infected getting stuck below the car on a realistic surface you would have the plow raised to in order to actually drive the thing) and hitting people with it? Hell no. Attach the plow well enough and you will just bend your frame instead. As a gear head, let me let you in on something - ingenuity is great, but rat rods drive terrible. Why do you get cut off by H2's all the time? Blind spots. I'd hate to see how the general public drives anything with even worse understeer and slots to see out of. You'll see me driving a stock Buick Roadmaster from the 90s years before you see me get into one of those death traps. If you are talking safety and reliability, a diesel Volvo will do a better job than anything on that movie and take you farther as well. No disrespect to Mad Max. Cool cars. But it's not real life.
  13. Herbs and spices is something I always wanted to see come to Zomboid. I'm totally in favor of this.
  14. This could be interesting. It would be quite the shock to see you spawn without shoes. I like it.
  15. I don't wish everything would break because that's excessively "gamey" and requires too much micromanaging. I've been using the same can-opener since the 90s.