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  1. Shh
  2. You should consider allowing the rear of trucks and vans to be used to carry people, albeit adding higher risk of injury.
  3. Not sure if this is a new, but I can't seem to use "r" to go through furniture to place them. Also, not sure if this bug is related to the build (but regardless is a bug in an area that not many people would find it exists), not sure if this was fixed and then broke again (as RJ took note of it a few builds), but the following interior walls can no longer be painted over: The issue is that you cannot paint a solid color over it (as you can with other textured walls, including other wallpaper). You can paint signs but regular painting does not work.
  4. That said, the green and yellow park ranger car still fits and should not be removed.
  5. Can confirm. The same issue exists with the fire department doors. I understand them being found unlocked but with no locks whatsoever is unrealistic. This issue has been around for a while.
  6. The current police car colors fit the setting in my opinion. No townships this small would justify a more "official" looking one.
  7. *spits water out of mouth* YES! This would be an awesome way to add some penalties to the great elixir of wisdom.
  8. Report: Really like the new textures. The wood panels on the station wagons. The fact that you still included a few variants without the wood is impressive (smart!) as well and I'm glad you guys ended up going with this. Found a few old-texture vans. There are still a few issues with the draw order of cars. Hopefully these help. This could also just be a RNG thing but the supermarket parking lot in Rosewood was barren of anything, no cars. I'm glad that you guys are listening to the feedback a lot and not just going into it with tunnel vision. Vehicles are going to great when the kinks get ironed out. I can't wait to use these on my server.
  9. Loud sounds is how attracting zed hordes from a vehicle has been portrayed a lot outside of this medium so I would hope mashing a horn is a viable method here. That said I'm still not seeing the zed "give up" as easy as you imply, perhaps this is tied to the already existing sandbox option for zed sound-follow distance.
  10. What makes them no longer useful for attracting hordes? I can still do it just fine, and all things considered It should never have been "as intended" for how it attracted zed before. This is what a horn should be used for, and for logic sake should require slow speed. The scene in the walking dead where Merle drove a car slowly and blasted music to send a horde in the area of his former comrades comes to mind.
  11. Oh, I remember when I used to ride horses myself. Yah, I've always hoped for horses myself. I don't see it coming anytime soon though, but it's on my list of wants. It fits Kentucky quite well. -- OT, My own little qualm with the vehicle design is the lack of wood panels on the station wagon and the fact that the van's ride height seems way too low (the wheels clip through the fenders sometimes)
  12. I'm pretty sure the cars that you already see ingame take into account the amount people that have left in them already, since there is only a chance of vehicles appearing in the spawn points and they aren't guaranteed every time. There are highway pile-ups and the parking lots are already fairly bare, so having cars in the game in their current spawn implementation is not unrealistic in the slightest. Especially in a country where the average middle class household has two vehicles and almost everybody is dead. There have already been enough natural disasters stateside to speak for itself regarding how many vehicles are left behind in the case of flood, forest fire, tornado etc. You seem to underestimate the setting difference 20 years makes, and I'm fairly confident the developers aren't going to do this because it's not as simple as you make it sound. In 20 years time, new buildings have been made, new roadways have been constructed, new laws and restrictions are introduced, fads have faded and been created. It's just not a simple change whatsoever and it is probably not something they are looking to do at this time. You also have to ask the question, "In this rural town, how many people own electric vehicles?" The answer isn't as generous as you'd think. Bicycles are a good idea and are probably the only true alternative transportation I could see them adding apart from boats and motorcycles.
  13. You would see a hundred solar panels before you even found an ad for an electronic car in the 90s, so that's different. Solar panels have been around much longer than conventional EVs that we know today. We are talking about a difference of 20 years here for the sake of including something that wouldn't be viable for long in a zombie apocalypse anyways. Creating an entirely different setting for a different space in time just doesn't seem worth it for electric cars. This isn't an "option". 20+ years into the future is a different setting entirely.
  14. Unfortunately this is barely a possibility. They would be so out of place. The closest remote possibility would be the general motors EV1 and that didn't come to the public until 96 if my memory serves correct. Oh, not to mention that there was barely any following for the car and it didn't sell, and the rarity of the battery packs made them super inconvenient. In the end all of them got crushed. And I have no idea where you are getting that these cars would last longer. There's no specialized mechanic shops in the setting that would make sense for working on an electric motor, let alone the likelihood (see: impossible) finding the needed parts would make replacing anything near impossible. This also means that driving them isn't free either, charging these uses a lot of power to the point where owning would would hamper a town's power grid if it's already facing power shortages. If the game took place 20 years in the future I'd say you got a great idea here but one of the core problems with this is that the modules in EVs are inherently less repairable so work on them means replacing things as opposed to being able to actually fix issues.
  15. Also if you haven't found anything new after a year, you clearly aren't looking at all. That said I don't think they will do a mobile release.