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  1. I found my own survivor in a horde because of the hammer still on his belt. It was pretty eerie, with tools and whatever that I dropped trying to get away leading up to him.
  2. Not sure if reported already, but rain puddles appear to "flood" through full window walls and ignore roofed patios. This is on medium puddle quality settings.
  3. What's surprising to me is that I have found M36 revolvers on corpses a few dozen times, yet every single police officer/ranger I kill, I only ever find a holster. You have a higher chance finding guns on a civilian than singling out zombies that you would expect to have a firearm. Maybe, with the system being new and developing, this will be balanced a little differently.
  4. Speaking to just this, it's blatantly obvious that those are the triggers for it but falling over isn't guaranteed, hence the talk of RNG. Thankfully, this was spelled out in the earlier anim newsdoid, otherwise it would seem more unfair than it actually is. So, give the players who want more casual movement the option to play with that value, you offer them the ability to fix their own issue. It seems like a fair compromise to me, since you can already adjust other elements that were introduced in B41's movement.
  5. I agree with your post with how walking backwards goes. There should be a better transfer animation to show some haste in turning around into a run. Rather than scrap it, It may help to have a midpoint between raising your weapon and moving in a single direction (strafing?) where you are still moving one direction, aren't focusing on hitting something. Your character could be more vulnerable as they aren't aware of where they aren't looking and are also sending momentum where they are least agile, but can move at the pace of a light jog. This isn't a full defence of build 41, but I imagine the state of movement will be changing a lot before it comes out. Overall, tripping is not a bad idea, and the current implementation isn't unmanageable. It has a few areas it can improve in before release, but right now it is a proper consequence to poor planning and being overconfident. In its first attempt to release, It's bloated and clunky in the worst places. Here's where I see these improvements being made: The thing that players should be able to adjust for themselves: Frequency of falls. As of right now, tripping is as much as RNG as it is tied to your moodlets. The overall "chance to stumble" can be a sandbox setting. Those of us who play in other difficulties looking for that more free-movement experience can reduce, maybe even remove it. The developers have done this with being dragged down and other newer elements of the game, so I say this is both harmless and on the easier side to implement instead of gutting the system entirely. Add a sprint function to getting back up: Trying to scramble upwards from a downward spiral as adrenaline shoots through your veins can be one of the most heart-pounding experiences in build 41. Currently, fallen characters get up in an animation that doesn't really reflect the situation that they are in. Developers can remedy this by letting players holding the sprint button to force their character to "scramble" - do everything in their power to move their ass from the floor to a sprint because their life depends on it, and they will actually die if they don't. Tied to their nimble stat for speed and maybe other environmental factors, trying to scramble away can result in the survivor tripping again in the absolute worst of conditions, while most of the time giving the players some mercy who are trying to simple get away from an impossible scenario. You can still fail - but at least you can show that you are actually trying. That's my 2 cents. The previous movement made the game way too easy to cheese, that is a factual truth. Sprinting through hordes is no longer an option. However, the player maintains control over how they encounter and deal with these situations where escape is a priority.
  6. See "zombie lore", I believe. All values related to zombie migration and group size are there.
  7. As the current geometry is still new, hopefully this change is still possible. The only clothing this would actually apply to (Button-up shirts, T-shirts) are mostly retextures of the same geometry, so I hope the request isn't unrealistic. Sweaters/jackets/vests already go over pants, so we aren't talking about everything.
  8. This is currently implemented. You can adjust the settings for them in the sandbox settings (how close they stand together, how far they travel per travel interval, etc).
  9. Something has struck me as off about the new clothing, and I realized that every shirt is always tucked-in 100% of the time. While there is nothing wrong about this, it is definitely not something that needs to be black or white. Why not let this be a situation where the shirt is tucked/untucked based on whether or not it was put on before or after the pants? Can't have the casual T-shirt and jeans combo if it is tucked in. Then, you just look like a farmer. Other than that, really loving these new details! Also, I can confirm the black patches that @unuroboros is experiencing in the same spot (I live on that farm) https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.3793972189057648,0.20931870218096676,194.8551904338348
  10. Kim Jong Un

    A Good Day

    I was really excited that we might be getting an old Suburban in the game until I saw the Chevy logo and realized this must be a good vehicle mod. Hopefully down the line, yeah?
  11. While the scenarios you describe are accurate, I feel it doesn't fit the current implementation for the setting. I'm needing 4+ layers of clothing just to sit inside of my house in May. In Kentucky. Hopefully the balance gets fixed soon, because the gap between this and reality is actually pretty significant. Nobody is exaggerating anything in my opinion, Winter is almost unplayable. I'm still very confident things will improve - this is am amazing update, after all.
  12. Sorry, but I think you misunderstood my post. I've been in the south before, I haven't been up here for my entire life. Focusing solely on the clothing in Kentucky, people wear tank tops in spring - that's usually fine on most days. A lot of farming is done in the spring, since Kentucky isn't frozen over - almost at any point. Hell, the warm temperatures make spring one of the best times to visit the state. Recognizing how much this was done so winter can seem balanced, having to wear this much clothing just to survive indoors in spring is obscene and comical. Perspective has absolutely nothing to do with it. I don't need to live there to justify my case. I'm confident the staff will rebalance this as this is merely a test run of it after all. It just needs proper playtesting. It also goes without saying that this much weather danger makes Kentucky feel like a Siberian wasteland instead of anything close to southern USA. Even dialed back, if freezing to death is going to be a regular scare - it's fairly tone deaf, and I don't think it is intended. With that said, I'll happily adjust my temp settings in sandbox to make it feel more immersive by my own standards.
  13. Man, this insulation stuff is painfully unrealistic and punishing. For reference, I live in a Canadian mountain town on Lake Superior - I know Northwestern Ontario cold. Today is a warmer day, we we were at -3 for our high, and I was fine wearing 1 down jacket over my shirt - not sweater - and usually replace the former with a hoodie when I leave work for the day. The fact that I have to wear 4 layers of clothing to survive spring in Kentucky is both absolutely hilarious and terrifying. I look forward to your next patch - hopefully this gets heavily rebalanced. Other than that, there is a ton of great detail here. I'm surprised with how much potential this system has.
  14. The unnamed town between Riverside and Rosewood is densely populated with zed for such a small place. Hordes that easily breach two digits are densely packed together as far out as the houses on the edge of town. This is consistent on both custom and standard settings. Even with the suggestion that this is for gameplay purposes, this is beyond excessive and probably needs to be dialled down. https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#0.44709692915098154,0.18508075528803195,34.43781814090985
  15. This is counter-intuitive as heck, and I'll explain why I think that. Yeah, this screams "free points" to me. Even with slow healer, you get a debuff that does not last forever and is easier to treat because you aren't caught off guard (you are literally choosing to start injured). Even the lesser weight flaws are objectively harder to get rid of and overcome, and don't payout nearly as much. There is already a chance in game to spawn injured - this needs a bit more work, but it's there. It's part of the overall plan to increase the randomness of how you spawn when you are starting a new character. A broken leg awarding 10 free points is just overpowered and cheesy. This just means that you start off slow. You either die immediately and spawn again (little repercussion given how quick it is to rebuild your character from a saved build) or you slowly get faster and faster over time and you are at normal speed after some safe gameplay. All you have to do is keep yourself fed and pass the time through sleep or speed up your clock, something that is easy enough at the start of regular gameplay. After that, you have a free 10 points of positives that you have on your character, making you quite a strong build. Don't even get me started on the simple injured status rewarding 4 - you can heal out of this quite quickly in the current system, making this a no-consequence flaw if you spawn somewhere with food. As for the broken leg - this is a very temporary speed debuff that rewards you more points than the permanent flaws do. You'd have to remake the system for this to be more viable, but as it stands, I'm not convinced. 1 or 2 points for either of these is already too much unless the healing system changes anytime soon. That said, I would be alright with more injury flaws that pertain to the severity. Weak bones is a solid option, you could really justify -4 for that.
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