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  1. Map: Trumbull Valley

    Dead Island, that would be very interesting. Probably too multi-leveled to come out any bit coherent but it's definitely an idea to keep in your back pocket. Compared to making that, Trumball valley is easy.
  2. Map: Trumbull Valley

    A few things would definitely have to be omitted, but the layout could easily stay the same. Anything surrounding multi-level terrain will have to go.
  3. Map: Trumbull Valley

    If I could learn the map tools, I would gladly put some work into this. If you were at the Undead Labs forums before they shut down, I'm Alan Gunderson from the SOD community. Glad to see more SOD fans here
  4. More building options

    I'm in support of all of this except for moving fireplaces. You can't really move a fireplace. Usually stuff like Chimneys are incorporated into the design of the house and aren't exactly feasible to just move.
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Can confirm the new bug of transferring huge stacks in one go. Something's wrong with the constant braking even at speeds well below 55. The edge of the map can be just at the edge of the screen (aka not impeding play) and it still feels like I'm back in a driving instructor's car who's yelling at me for not shoulder-checking. I eagerly await the fix Nice to see that a lot of the desync issues have been patched for MP.
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    In addition, the fire sprite no longer shows
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    All traffic jams appear to have been firebombed as 90-95% are destroyed. Every single traffic accident being like that is relatively illogical unless there is an implication that the military meticulously bombed every single buildup of cars without leaving any behind, so you should consider including a separate type of jam that's simply a buildup of traffic. Additionally, you should consider not having every single car ditched on the side of the road being near - destroyed. Maybe create two different states - crashed VS abandoned, with the standard fluctuation of how much gas is in the tank / none at all. There are just as many reasons for a car to be abandoned and still functional as one that has been in a traffic accident.
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Merci Lang coupe states that it has four doors when it does not. Additionally, the Masterson Horizon claims to have 2 doors when it has 4.
  9. Mod Request: Fireplace Mod

    Unsure if this is helpful, but fireplaces are very much in the base game and can be found in numerous locations. The lodge you posted yourself is a nice place. There is a house near the mall that has one as well:,0.2860559231972876,410.18627024600187 The country club has one:,0.10590146338881054,114.47545997288275 The houses nearby (the majority of these have a fireplace),0.12111099912094894,55.20614389124361 A lot of houses in Riverside have fireplaces:,0.10258262288054172,55.20614389124361 Hope this helps you find your home!
  10. Late game security

    Having "footage to show your mates" isn't exactly what I would have in mind as the purpose for the camera due to how much extra memory that will take, let alone rendering it in any way that isn't a clip-replay system that will most definitely be a step down from the dozens of screen-cap programs you can get for free. If anything, your initial implementation where you can use it to see an area your character currently isn't is probably the best you are going to get, and at that it is still very flaky. At best... CCTV. The game's setting also provides it's own limitations as you don't have an iphone to simply whip out of your pocket whenever you want to videotape something, let alone creating footage of you assaulting a base. The 'go-pro- technology just simply isn't significant enough in 1992 to be a household existence unless you are dedicating a member of your raiding party to carry around a clunky Panasonic camcorder. Conclusion? Probably not going to get your go-pro experience you described above for both lore and gameplay reasons. Unless you are asking the developers for a built-in screen recorder where you can share clips, at which point I would be entirely against this as it is a waste of effort among the plethora of services that already do this. Security cameras, maybe, guaranteed that the area being filmed will render with much less detail. TL;DR Alarms are a solid idea but your expectations for video cameras will not be met
  11. Veterinary Clinic / Animal Hospital

    Not from Kentucky, but this is exactly why I was thinking there is more room for it in the game than one would think when brushing it off. It could easily be justified for placing it in the unused rural area outside of towns for this exact reason.
  12. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Not sure if this has been said already but engine noise can only be heard by the player driving the car in MP.
  13. Kentucky, especially rural Kentucky, has a large culture for horses and a penchant for farms that rely on livestock. With that said, not one of the towns included has any kind of veterinary establishment. With the world that the game is supposed to represent, that is an oversight, and something you should consider addressing with the upcoming map update. While I'm not asking for quadrupeds, it's overall much better for lore and having the world make sense to perhaps change the map to include a clinic of this type in both future towns and at least one or two that already exist. If not for dogs and cats, for horses and other livestock. With the setting choice, this is something that should have popped up at least a couple times already. It also would help solidify this as genuine Kentucky with an equestrian center at some point. Having stables is a start, but just like guns (I'm ecstatic for the new models displayed with animations update by the way), this is a very prevalent culture within Kentucky that deserves a larger representation.
  14. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Currently, changing car parts seems to reset the visual damage on vehicles.
  15. Removing car doors will not allow entry

    Title. Even if a door is removed, the game will still count it as 'locked' and disallow entry.