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  1. better explosion system

    Unfortunately pipe bombs still cause fires.
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 29

    I apologize, the cruise control suggestion wasn't directed at your post and I made it seem like it did. ABS was already a standard for a lot of vehicles by the mid-80s. My thing is, with the cars we have to choose from right now, there is only a few that take design cues from earlier than this period and may not have it. If you are going to differentiate ABS and non ABS on cars, it might be better to wait and see if older cars are going to make a presence. As it stands right now, the heavy majority of cars in PZ would have anti-skid systems to some degree. It might be worth noting for the sake of clarity that it is "anti-lock braking system", not "automatic braking system" as some people tend to infer that this means "modern computer tech" when it does not. The technology for this isn't dependent entirely dependent on modern day electronics in order to exist and vehicles from the 1980s, let alone 90s, have these systems. Europe would have had plenty of experience with ABS by this point in time due to a lot of pioneering of ABS occurring there. Anyways, it's semantics. Relevant point here is that removing ABS from the braking concepts currently being employed in Project Zomboid is pretty choosy at the moment. I must agree that the slowdown of letting off the gas is far too strong to the point of removing "coasting" entirely from the current build.
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 29

    This isn't true at all. Anti-lock brakes, or "anti skid" have been in cars since the 80s and were definitely commonplace by the 90s. I'm sure any quick google search could further corroborate this. One of the first cars I ever rode in was a mid-80s Volvo wagon that had ABS, and good stopping power at that despite being a back-heavy vehicle. --- @RobertJohnson It sounds like what the people here could make some use out of a cruise-control feature, where you can let off the gas and the car will remain at the same speed. This has worked in a few other driving games as a toggle option. I think that allowing the cars to also still use the realistic approach of rolling for a while has some mechanical application as the car isn't going to be as loud when it's coasting by. When I used to be into bikes people would commonly let off the throttle to avoid blasting kids on the sidewalk with sounds. The same effect would apply to cars.
  4. Re-assemble furniture

    You don't need the nails to reassemble it. Either be within the vicinity of the parts or have them in your inventory and go to placement mode, which is part of the "decorate" UI and not the carpentry UI.
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 29

    It's actually interesting to hear that you slide more with less air in your tires, because in real life, the effect is the exact opposite. People take air out of their tires to increase traction at the expense of increased wear especially on the circuit. The "optimal" PSI for tires is a healthy balance of traction and wear without the risk of bursting. If this is actually an effect of having less air that should probably be addressed.
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 29

    Not sure if this is a bug, but every 2 door compact hatchback is green and everything is either black or a slightly tinted shade of a dark other color.
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 29

    The SUV used to spawn in parking lots, it does not anymore. I haven't been able to find any ranger vehicles outside of the firestation parking lot. I also haven't been able to find livery vans/stepvans.
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 29

    The SUV and second modern car don't seem to be spawning at all anymore (not that I can recall the 2nd modern car ever spawning)
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 29

    This is the same with every railing, not just these specific locations. Not sure if this is a related bug, but in this case the roof is actually clipping inside of the building, and this used to not happen at this location (Firestation):
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 29

    Tried the vehicle build for multiplayer: -Terrible desync issues regarding TVs, loot -Glove boxes run on their own container per player -Keys that spawn on the ground were only seen by one player -All of the containers that were tied to the visual component of shelves were empty, 100% of them. Potential de-sync as the other player was able to find loot in the same containers. Gameplay: Trunks absolutely need to be able to opened from inside of the vehicle. A player decided to temporarily keep the keys in the trunk through sorting, and all of a sudden the key was gone forever as the key to open the trunk was within the trunk. Thankfully he was able to hotwire the vehicle. [Edit: This was in the station wagon which makes this just as much hilarious as ridiculous ] Other bugs: Terrible visual issue where railings and posts fall behind walls layer on different tiles. Same applies to falling zombies, once they drop they go behind the wall. (Seen by all players in the server) Many map bugs, including the country club. Trees spawn in front of doors, etc This restaurant doesn't spawn restaurant loot but could have something to do with the desync issue above.,0.185621247106945,491.02132435465785
  11. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    (Ignore, wrong thread)
  12. Rosewood Firestation (Vehicle Build 24)

    The roof tiles clip into the 2nd floor by a whole tile.
  13. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 29

    Oh, speaking of which, there are a few vehicles (the ones with trunk space connected to the seats - hatchbacks, station wagons, vans) that should have the trunk freely accessed from the inside/backseats. A lever to open the trunks from the driver's seat of all vehicles would also be pretty accurate, but I'd be happy with the above as well.
  14. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 29

    Looking good so far! A few issues, including feedback for the traffic jams: 1. The rear of open pickup trucks cannot be looted without the key 2. The 2nd modern sedan (cannot find a picture of it) does not appear in common spawns, only one of them does. 3. Out of the 30-40 or so vehicles in the traffic jam, only 5 were not wrecks, and were severely damaged. Only the front of the jam (where the accident likely occured) should be like this. Rows of cars backed up towards the rear wouldn't be involved as much and in good/better shape. I don't believe this is intentional as the aftermath of a demolition derby isn't this violent.
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 29

    Where did you spawn? Spawns are missing from more than a few places right now