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  1. Also, Mad Max car modification is extremely unrealistic. Don't get me started - throwing on plows and cow catchers to most civilian vehicles can absolutely cripple your driving.
  2. I think I left mine in my other jacket
  3. My well-kept secret is this house:,0.14449832222328535,835.5240726960245 Tell nobody
  4. When I said "average 90s freight train" I didn't mean "freight trains from the 90s". Trains you would typically see in the 90s... which are faster, heavier, and capable to be much longer than those of the 1930s, so my previous points still stand. Also "rural areas using older models" is a bit of a misnomer of information as freight train routes aren't exactly from one town to the next and back. That is dependent on the freight/transport company and it's fleet. Anyways I think I've said all I can on this subject. I hope trains do get added to PZ but I would hate to see a railroad construction system that both unbalances gameplay/realism and doesn't do the trade justice.
  5. Over the years, trains got faster, longer, as did the required quality materials placed in the right way to keep these massive, heavy beasts actually on the track. There's a lot more to it than a bunch of simple people laying down track. Regardless of what they did in the 30s building a new railroad that is going to support your average 90's freight train isn't something you can casually do regardless of how simple old timey photos make it look. It's not a realistic feature to support having and requires too many new hoops, and interest from the playerbase to justify it. Being a welder and a carpenter doesn't cover the massive manpower and equipment it needs to be feasible, and letting the player find massive, heavy pre-crafted materials from one place on the map isn't going to justify it. I don't think anybody is going to argue that having trains is going to somehow hamper the game. There's a track system in place. Unfortunately the current vehicle system really isn't a good backbone for it, rather having the physics for vehicles (weight and momentum) is a good start. You don't really steer a train, you just control the speed, the game would need to program rails, rail stress, trailers and a plethora of other hoops to go through before it becomes a possibility. So riding a train? Yeah, why not. But it's not going to come soon and as the development stands now we aren't close to it. Building a railroad in a game where the player is by themselves most of the time? It's just not feasible, and that's all there is to it. Wasted effort. Building a railroad is something to be left to creative mode, not a whole line of new gameplay mechanics for this super-specific thing. Building a railway just isn't part of the long-term survival plan, let alone short-term survival plan, which seems to be the game's current focus. This (building a railway) is something I could see as a mod, and that's if trains are added. I don't mean to be that asshole that just rains on parades but building a railroad in this kind of direct-survival game just seems like a fantasy for now. It's a creative mode feature, not something you should be able to do as a single person. The map already has train tracks that will presumably go through the towns and major locations, you could always just use those.
  6. Yeah, building your own railroad just seems beyond possibility for me. Having 10 in 2 skills doesn't make it more realistic, it just makes it gamey. It's better balance to just limit it to what the map offers and then block the tracks from sledgehammer destruction. As cool as it would be to build your own railroad, you have to remember that you are talking about a game that goes as deep as clearing window panes before climbing through is safe. It's best to just save building them for the map-makers, whether creative mode or not. Riding a train would also be cool but there is so much world items that need to be integrated in order for it to actually work.
  7. Here is how I would rewrite this. It features my corrections above. The ship rocked ever so slightly, a calm sea for the final leg of the journey. He leaned back on the chair in his small cabin and let out a short sigh. The journey had been long and, quite frankly, very dull. A knock at the door jerked him out of his relaxed state. He sharply looked toward the door. “What?” he hissed. “Uh, hey Mask,” the door slowly started to creak open . “Can I come in?” Mask let out a heavy sigh. “Is it important?” he growled in his husky voice. “Well, 2 things, really.” The man said, easing himself into the room. “First off, have you heard what's happened on the east coast of Gorlendale?” the man asked with excitement. “No, and I do not care. The Gorlenmen could not interest me less.” The man paused for a moment, as if to gather himself from the unexpected and aggressive response. He had learned to not expect much else from Mask. “Uhhhh…” he cleared his throat. “Well, second thing then. I was wondering if I could know your name. Like, your real name. 'Mask' is more than suitable nickname, don’t get me wrong, but I feel if we are going to be working together at this factory, knowing your real name could be nice.” Mask let out a groan. “No, Jericho, 'Mask' is fine.” He stood from his chair and walked to the door. “Now if you don’t mind, it is late and I wish to continue to be alone.” He rested his hand on Jericho’s shoulder and directed him toward the door. “Bye” he grunted. “Right, see you around, Mask.” Jericho left the room. Mask pushed the door shut behind him and approached the porthole. The sun was starting to set. Tomorrow morning he would be off this boat and free to work alone with the robots and other machines. Perfect. He sat on his bed and began to adjust his mask. The mask itself was a custom design he had created himself. It was a steel, expressionless face. The eyes were made of darkened glass, with optics within to aid with fiddly jobs. The tear ducts also housed small lights to help with dark work. The mouth was the only open part of the mask, showing his lips, however a filter could be attached if dangerous gases entered the air around him. The inner padding was designed to be so incredibly comfortable so the mask would never need to be taken off. With a few adjustments to the mask to enable maximum comfort, he lay his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes. By all means, good on you for reaching out here. It is important to get as much feedback as possible for your writing as some people may not see the same mistakes as others. My papers used to have to go through 3 friends and both GA's before I ever submitted them.
  8. Definitely wall of text syndrome, thankfully once you know what to fix you can get over it pretty quickly. As a prospective English teacher and tutor, Fuji nearly nailed it. Every change in dialogue and difference in focus needs a new paragraph, and duplicate punctuation should never be used. A few more things: Try to keep the number of ellipses (...) down to a consistent three. Using more or less in a sentence is unprofessional, even in informal writing. When using dialogue tags that take place after the dialogue, the first letter is not capitalized unless the dialogue tag begins with a proper noun. Dialogue tags should not occur more than once for the same piece of dialogue. You may also want to review the purpose and usage of commas in order to prevent the accidental redundant comma. Overall a very fruitful piece of writing. Just try your best to keep in mind paragraph, dialogue and comma rules. I look forward to your future work.
  9. That's not how building a railroad, let alone a rail, works. Railway rails are subject to very high stresses and have to be made of very high-quality steel alloy. It took many decades to improve the quality of the materials, including the change from iron to steel. Placing tracks by hand, an ultimate generous maybe assuming the game wants to reach so far to assume there are people out there with that knowledge and also that those same people would include building a new railway as part of their "how to survive" plan. Building your own railway is something I'd never see in this game, a mod possibly. Manufacturing your own parts in any sense of realism should be a definite 'know' unless they decide for some reason to expand into this (and a lot of hurdles to get over first regarding getting the equipment).
  10. Yeah. Suppressors that lose their usability after heavy use and don't make the shots invisible, but just significantly more quiet.
  11. I like additional transportation methods as much as the next guy, but... Building train tracks that are actually going to keep a train on the tracks is an entire other story and probably far out of this game's league. I'd love to be able to use trains but this (crafting train tracks) is not a realistically feasible thing outside of minecraft.
  12. I really hope it isn't forgotten about on that backburner as they seemed really "close" according to the last batch of mondoids about it. Regardless, priorities are priorities, so nothing held against them as what they are doing now is just as important.
  13. No, friend. Things you gotta consider: 20 carry weight, requires knowledge to obtain clearly and not break/lose it. That and there is a finite amount on the map. You can't craft one of these. Compared to a fire pit, which you can casually pick up in kit form and place wherever. Call the other option OP all you want, but you can do so much more with a fire pit (including the main function of the wood stove). So it's acceptable that there is some benefit for having the one that is indefinitely harder to acquire, even if that benefit is just having a heat source indoors. There doesn't need to be some random disadvantage angle that really doesn't need to be there, these are meant to be alternative power-free stoves and should be treated as such. As for a limit for what you can put in, I imagine there is room for balance here but this isn't an antique-stove specific issue. This a recurring thing with all fireplaces.
  14. The racetrack is feasible to fence off, but would be extremely, almost excessively difficult to set up in. You could plug up that perimeter, sure, but unless you have a humongous group of regulars you are going to be spread very thin. On your own (or with a small group, even) it is super easy to miss a zed making it's way through part of that super large home-made fence and then get lost inside that vast space if it hasn't latched on to something else already. -- A while ago I had a good-sized server with a group of close friends, and 3 of us (usually just 2 at a time) decided that the sunstar motel was going to be our forever home. Fenced off the inside, barricaded windows, made plans to expand the perimeter. Naturally we decided upstairs would be the safest space to actually crash and store our gear until we were sure downstairs was safe. Not even two days into that plan and shit's already going wrong. We got a bit fixated reading and learning carpentry that we stopped checking every room that had a window in it. As you could expect, we started to hear the "thumping" coming from motel room doors on the inside of the complex, so we had a "lock down" where we went room to room annihilating anything that moved that wasn't us. Turned out a whole horde had massed a few steps over from the gas-station side of the motel and all the shit we were doing was gradually bringing them over. Buddy got bitten and locked himself in his room, but wanted to use his skills to craft until his death so we fed him through a container until his demise. It didn't help that he died with stir fry in the oven (we had power) and the whole city of Muldraugh (because fire spread mechanics) burnt to a crisp. Anyways, moral of the story, don't spread yourself too thin. Even if you think you are isolated, if you can't keep track of everything eventually something is going to slip through. Ever since then I've always kept the desired structure and space size based on how many sets of human eyes will be watching over the place and how easy it is to do so. On the current server it usually comes to isolated farmhouses with "zed buffers" set up in the nearby treelines in the place of a total perimeter.
  15. Ehhh, OP is not the word I'd use, ever. Believe it or not, you don't need power to start a fire. By the logic that this is OP, campfires are OP, and let's not forget that actually moving the damn thing requires 20 weight and some skill knowledge.