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  1. When respawning as a new character in an old world, it would be nice to be able to fill out your current map with the contents of your old character's map by finding it in the corpse of your old character.
  2. With combat mode, it takes about two seconds to do a full 360 scan. It might be OK with shamblers, but it's life-or-death with sprinters. On top of that, if you want to look behind you while walking, getting into combat mode not only slows you down, but once you release the key your character also stops for an instant when transitioning back to normal walking. Again, with shamblers you always walk faster than the zombies, so checking your six is not essential, but with sprinters you need to be constantly looking behind you (especially when walking close to a wooded area), so slowing down every time you want to do so gets old fast. Also, I don't see how improving a control that is already there (PAN function) increases complexity. Especially when the worst that could happen if you don't use it is you'd get the game in its current form. Lastly... realism. Not all humans are George Clooney in a Batman suit (good one @Papa Juliet Whiskey)
  3. I re-read the last line and it might be confusing; I edited it to hopefully make my point clearer. I just want the character to turn its head like humans do. When you right-click to one side while walking, your entire body faces that side and you start side-stepping slowly instead of just continuing moving forward normally while looking sideways. It can take almost 3 seconds to make a 360° scan - not terrible when playing with shamblers, deadly when playing with sprinters.
  4. I'm bumping this since it's still an issue in 41.66. Cruise control at any speed still maxes up the RPMs.
  5. Found this car wreck with missing wheel textures. There is another one like it close by that has the same problem.
  6. Thing is, if we were the actual character, we wouldn't be confused about where the sounds are coming from, whereas as it is, we as players are. There is a sensory mismatch between what we are seeing and what we are hearing, and I personally feel that is much more unrealistic than the alternative. I see where you are coming from re hearing sounds you shouldn't, but in order to strike a balance, sound loudness could be calculated in terms of distance from the character, while sound positions could be based on the camera. Notice that the game is already kind of doing that with the zoom function: as you zoom out, sounds sound farther. An alternative method would be to have a cutoff distance from the character: within a certain distance, when you pan, you hear the sounds; outside that distance you simply don't.
  7. I don't mean to brag, but as a rotating-neck-equipped human, I can walk forward while my head is facing sideways. I can further turn my eyes to one side to look almost backward while walking forward. And I can sweep an entire ~300° with my eyes in under 1 second by quickly moving my head and eyes! In PZ, the only way to walk one way while looking the other is to enter combat mode, which slows down the walking pace and makes turning the view cone super-slow. Now, I use the pan function A LOT, to the point that I programmed it to one of my mouse's buttons (using autohotkey). So, first suggestion: 1. Allow PAN to be able to be linked to a mouse button And the second suggestion is, of course... 2. ...to extend the Pan functionality to make it move the view cone (i.e., the character's head + eyes) in the direction where the mouse is pointing without having the entire body face that direction. EDIT: Edited last line to make it less confusing (I want the pan function to move the head independently from the body).
  8. Right now, noises are played relative to the character instead of to what the screen is showing. So if, say, there's a zombie to the LEFT of my character but I pan the screen so that the zombie is CENTERED, I will still hear the zombie's sounds to the LEFT. Or, when checking if the coast is clear, I may pan the screen PAST a zombie that is to the character's LEFT, so that it now shows to the RIGHT of the screen. In this case, I will still hear the zombie on the LEFT side even when it's to the RIGHT of the screen. This is confusing, and even dangerous when fighting in a zombie-heavy area, since it is not an audible representation of what you are actually seeing.
  9. Steps to reproduce: - Place a trailer counter - Place a premium walkie-talkie on it - Try to place a floating counter above the counter (this won't be allowed) However: - Place a trailer counter - Place a floating counter over the counter - Place premium walkie-talkie on the counter (this will be allowed) Tried with furniture facing EAST. Other walkie-talkies/radios/other stuff might also cause the issue - didn't try.
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