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  1. Masochist

    Mod Not Working

    Ahh ok will try without...I noticed one was different then I switched them all over to commas...will try with nothing. Thank you very much...I am not familiar with Lua and knew it was some incredibly stupid syntax error...now I can move forward with my life lol
  2. Masochist

    Mod Not Working

    I am not sure why my function is not working...I am sure it is some sort of silly stupid issue I am missing...but perhaps someone else can see it. I can't seem to find very good information on functions and stuff. The goal is to have professions that start with XP and items...I have only put in the XP for carpenter for testing but that wont work nor do the items. function giveItemsAndXP() if getPlayer():HasTrait("Axeman") == true then getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("Base.Axe", 1), end if getPlayer():HasTrait("Marksman") == true then getPlayer():getinventory():AddItems("Base.Shotgun", 1); end if getPlayer():HasTrait("Outdoorsman") == true then getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("Base.Matches", 1); getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("camping.CampfireKit", 1); getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("camping.CampingTentKit", 1); getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("camping.FireWoodKit", 1); getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("camping.WaterBottleFull", 2); end if getPlayer():HasTrait("Handy") == true then getPlayer():getXp():AddXP(Perks.Woodwork, 1900); getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("Base.Hammer", 1); getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("Base.NailsBox", 1); getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("Base.ScrewsBox", 1); getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("Base.Saw", 1); getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("Base.Screwdriver", 1); end if getPlayer():HasTrait("NightOwl") == true then getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("Base.Battery", 1); getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("Base.Torch", 1); getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("Base.Pistol", 1); getPlayer():getInventory():AddItems("Base.Bullets9mm", 2); endendEvents.OnGameStart.Add(giveItemsAndXP)
  3. Very nice...I want to make a mod that covers hygene, nutrition, deeper medical system, and other stuff like that as well...the thing killing me right now is the inability to remove perks on the fly to use them as states
  4. getPlayer():getXp():AddXP(Perks.Woodwork, 25000); The above function should do it. Just need to attach it to a trait or some trigger....This is a copy paste I found of it being used...should still be the way to do it
  5. I too have been looking for how to do this. I assumed there would be some sort of delete/remove function. The closest I can think to get is to use a mod that transforms one of the base traits/professions to another one using some sort of "if has x trait replace with y trait" type function. I haven't had a chance to test that yet but not sure what else to say.
  6. I would hardly call it "professional level" and more "naturally adapted through use" If the power was out and every light source you know was gone save for the sun and moon...you would find that your eyes are very effective at seeing in the dark.
  7. I personally wish the game handled traits a little more dynamically... I think players should be able to pick some traits, namely personality or experience based/learned traits and others come from play style. Eat to much? Get fat...but its ok cause you can run it off and keep running and eventually get athletic. Character never does any sort of manual labor like carpentry or carrying heavy stuff? Perhaps even add a workout ability (that passes time like sleeping or simply do it while speeding time up) and you can become stout or strong (or weak if you dont do these things) Strong and Athletic? Now you need more to sustain your high metabolism which means eating more...weak? then you get the benefit of light eater. Perhaps thats too much to ask...but i think having a lot more traits combined with them being dynamic would make the system much richer and interesting...maybe thats moddable...something to look into I guess.
  8. I too am more personally worried about how the car system will be handled...than the system itself...namely: Can I use parts from one car to fix another? Will the parts system be flexible enough that I could theoretically make a working care from a lot of scrap cars? Will the cars have storage space that is based on the vehicle size? How will gas be handeled? (can we syphon gas, will different vehicles have different gas efficiency and tank size?) Can we modify cars? IE. can I craft some sort of large container that goes on top for more storage? Can I craft some sort of armor from metal scraps to deal with NPCs and people shooting at me? Can I take a bus from the school, cover one side in sheet metal and make a moble "wall" with it that I can park somewhere to block access? Will cars have component and parts damage or just a shallow HP system? When cars are put in I definitely want them done "right" as I think they are a very important part of any sort of modern day survival scenario. Mad Max is an example of just how important and modifiable vehicles can be in a post apocolyptic world. Shallow cars will make me sad
  9. i would love to see a medical skill in general that affected bandaging...and a deeper medical system period with more detailed wounds that require cleaning, stictching if bad enough, and also things like splints for broken bones. Common infections and other ailments that could require antibiotics or other medicine would be nice too...the world is missing a lot by not having a fleshed out medical system...and it saddens me to walk past Cortman Medical and know that despite being a very important place...it has no real use yet! That said i assume a better medical system will come in time.
  10. Honestly a soldier would likely be an overpowered class to have...and would most likely include multiple traits or something to even seem accurate...something like a watered down athletic or strong (or both) + some sort of gun trait (such as the policemans marksman trait) + resistance to panic...this is of course assuming you are speaking of someone from an infantry unit. Adding a non infantry soldier class seems silly...all that said I would imagine that some classes will naturally be easier than others. I imagine soldier should be one of the easiest.
  11. Masochist


    I do wish there was a setting for it...as especially on RP servers some people want it....but my friends and I always treat time logged off as time spent sleeping.
  12. I have a feeling it will fill the gap of "late game content" and be hard as hell to get in most likely. Not to mention it is a permadeath game...and while I suppose you could do some savescumming stuff...you will likely meet a horrible end unless you have an NPC/MP army to work with you to take on the fort...
  13. The EXE changes the "SandboxVar.lua" and all players have to have the same settings for a server to have different settings and work.
  14. Yeah from what I can tell...and I am likely TOTALLY wrong...but it seems like every player, upon entering, creates their own version of the world from their own SandboxVar.lua and the server simply sends them map and time updates upon entering the server and when other players do something...though time desync never does get corrected.
  15. I have not seen it posted anywhere before but I have seen many people ask how to alter server settings (such as time per day etc). I don't know if it is just some unique issue me and my friends had or if its just how it works so feedback would be most appreciated. For the server to work proper you need not only the IP but also to have the same "SandboxVar.lua" settings. the lua file in question is located in: Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\lua\shared\Sandbox I came to this conclusion because with my friends I am running a server for we decided to change some settings (mostly to get time to slow down a bit). Unfortunetly when I set the time to pass slower using the PZserversettings.exe it only seemed to work for me as a player. Everyone else was passing time at the default time of 1 hour per day when I had set the settings to 3 hours per day. Through a bit of deductive reasoning I was able to figure out that if people do not have the same SandboxVar settings then time (and presumably other options) will not work the same for each client. With a bit of (limited) testing I was able to confirm that having settings matched we were able to have a server that ran at a much slower time than default without everyone have crazy time desynching issues. Can anyone confirm this effect?
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