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  1. I have a dedicated server setup for a small group of buddies as I tuned the sandbox settings to suit our gameplay. However, after changing the loot rarity settings, I don't seem to notice any difference in the loot spawns as I can easily find weapons/guns in houses or police stations. After resetting the world and double checking the sandbox settings, I tried it again and to no avail I can find the same amount of loot I did previously. The strange thing is I know the sandbox settings are working as I also changed the zombies spawn/behavior, I tested the zombies first and they're definitely behaving correctly according to the sandbox settings. I want to assume loot distribution is borked slightly as I did see an issue similar to mine back in December 2021 where loot rarity didn't change with sandbox settings, though It could also be me being a bone head. If anyone has suggestions | fixes of any kind please let me know, I'm not running modded at all.
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