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  1. Do we have any guides available in the community to set this up from the POV of someone who never used rcon/command line? Currently i have setup the automatic restart messages in a lua file on my server mod, cause it was easier than all the half complete guides to set this up using rcon. I've looked around for quite a bit, but nothing seems to provide guidance in setting this up from A to Z. Just bits and pieces
  2. When the automatic restart kicks in i get the following on my screen: So i'm assuming that they do that even tho someone said that they probably don't. Are there any plans to add this kind of dailyrestarts in the server settings? This would be so helpful. A lot of ppl struggling with these rcon because theres not a single noob proof guide for it, only bits and pieces. PS: Whenever i use the quit command in-game, my server seems to reboot automatically, so its hard to tell when to actually stop the entire server from the hosts dashboard, is this linked to the quit command or actually an automatic response from the host? Thanks for the reply
  3. Version: 41.71 Multiplayer Dedicated Mods: Server mod (some minor display strings and extra admin panels) Save version: 41.68 Reproduction steps: I wanted to upgrade the slots on my dedicated server so i decided to use the /save command before shutting the server down. When rebooting the server we noticed that changes to the map and containers have not been saved. For example: - A load of buckets that were placed on the floor by a player, these buckets are whitelisted to not despawn ever. - Items that were moved around in containers in the last 20 minutes before the /save Additional info: The server is set to save the map every 30 minutes Host is nitrado and haven't had complaints so far about save issues, since i use the host's automatic restart feature which seems to save the game before restarting When i used the /save command it showed the spiffo popup that the game was being saved, when i stopped the server several minutes later i again got the spiffo popup saying that all played data was saved and shutdown safely.
  4. Having more settings to control the populationmultiplier for certain regions would be a big plus for multiplayer servers. A lot of players tell me the server is either too easy or too hard, it's very difficult to please most players with the current population settings. Would it be possible to add in another .ini file where you can overwrite the default advanced zombie settings for a specific cell or region? For example: Muldraugh = { ZombieConfig.PopulationMultiplier = 1.0 ZombieConfig.RespawnHours = 72.0 ZombieConfig.RespawnMultiplier = 0.1 } Louisville= { ZombieConfig.PopulationMultiplier = 2.0 ZombieConfig.RespawnHours = 72.0 ZombieConfig.RespawnMultiplier = 0.2 } Some people like to play in big groups, while others prefer to play solo, but i feel that currently those can't coexist on a multiplayer server with only 1 setting for the entire map. Increasing the population too high for those big groups ensures new players don't stand a chance, even in the easier zones.
  5. You are in Bug Reports
  6. Apparently when you type in /say it removes boredom heavily, even when noone is near. So basically when talking to yourself. Steps to reproduce: Go indoors, wait for the boredom moodle to appear Say a few words in /say, and enjoy Or just go in debug and set boredom to max
  7. As the title says, we had a collision in-game between 2 vehicles, where one was towing a vehicle and someone else slightly touched it. The server has only a server mod with some additional display strings and an upgraded admin panel, nothing that touches vehicles or their physics. The person that hit the towed vehicle died instantly even tho the settings on the server are all set to none or minimal damage in car crashes.
  8. Make sure to capitalize your name correctly. /setaccesslevel YourName admin If you write /setaccesslevel yourname admin, it gives a message it worked, but it didn't, then you wont see the admin tag as Yana says
  9. Is it possible to add a setting that prevents loot respawn in safehouses? It would be a nice setting for servers that have loot respawn enabled, since its silly people can stay alive from their kitchen respawns and don't really have to go out for food. We can prevent this by setting the ConstructionPreventsLootRespawn to true, but then as soon as 1 player decided to build in a store, the entire store stops respawning items. So something inbetween would be very nice to have.
  10. Experienced thesame, but as soon as you set access level to admin, it works. Not sure if thats intended.
  11. That would also be awesome, just would need to keep in mind not to put the window in front of the character, in case they spawn with zombies in the house
  12. At the moment the only way to get players to read the server rules first is by adding a password on the server and sending them to discord. The downside of doing this is that people just move to servers that don't require a password or rules to be read. It would be very helpful to have the option in the .ini file to require the player to read and accept the rules first before joining. In addition to this setting, there would be another setting where you could format the rules, in thesame manner you can format the welcome message in chat. This could be like a little popup before connecting or even in-game after connecting, having to accept the rules within the first hour of being connected to the server or getting kicked.
  13. Currently as an admin, you can only send in-game warnings to players that are online. It would be very helpful to manage the server if you could also do it while people are offline. So when they login, they can either see in chat or get a popup saying what they have been warned about.
  14. As the title says, it would be awesome if there was a boredom modifier in the sandbox settings. Similar to the reading speed one for multiplayer, 1.0 being normal rate, and being able to bring it down to 0.1 or something. I think this would be a great addition for PVE build oriented servers like the one i am playing on, where a lot of players spend time indoors.
  15. I can't seem to login into my server anymore on my admin character when its full. I was still able to do this in 41.68. Base on this post from Aiteron i assume admins should not be included in this limit? Source: Steam Community :: Gids :: Configure server settings - build 41 MP Copied directly from my dedicated servers .ini file: Anyone else can't login when their server is full (as admin)?
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