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  1. i heard with telaconnttic powers you could do anything so that ?
  2. supporting kentucky post zombie apco to! didnt you make a riddle on this?????
  3. id say that looks to be the problem but I'm no expert and i cant help you im sure someone will answer tomorrow thou good luck!
  4. perhaps the problem is your settings. your settings could be blocking connections from outside sources. i don't quite remember how to fix this but you could probley YouTube this for minecraft and it would hold true to pz. but your probley going to have to provide more infomation than the amount you gave, because there could be any number of things wrong.
  5. Introduction: If you have ever looked at some of the suggestions you've surely seen a few of the recurring ones I think we should look at the following ones Safe zones Defensible areas Clearing areas Now I'm not going to waste your time with a pointless argument, Is no place safe? No if you live in Canda on an island in the Hudson bay or in fort knox which has enough rations and tanks to survive for years. but how realistic is it to live on an island in the Hudson bay and its doubtfull their letting you into fortknox So the chances of you finding a place your safe is unlikely. But its not unlikely that you find a place in small town that's been fortified that there are no zombies inside now if your thinking "EVO YOU'RE AND IDIOT THIS WOULD RUIN GAME NO SAFE PLACE IN ZOMBIES TIMES" I'm not saying its safe you still need food and Zombies are going to pile up OUTSIDE of the area so are you safe maybe for now but in about 6 hours you're going to need food and the thousand zombies outside arnt going any were. The point I bring is that your not safe at all but you in accessible to zombies if you've killed the entire town and you've barricaded the entire outside of the town. NO MORE ZOMBIES SHOULD SPAWN "INSIDE " the town I know what your thinking "Woah woah woah Evo zombies are going to come from neighboring towns the noise would attract them" OH yes you're a 100% right that's why zombies pile up outside the barriers and eventually their going to block your way out. But this would be unfair if this was easy to do it COULD ruin the game if not done correctly. So how is it done right I think like this I think that One town in every 300 square miles should have a barricaded city or part of a city And a outpost every 100 square miles. And one should take extreme caution approaching one becuase not all are welcoming to people especially military ones which shoot you on site. Also whos to say they are still safe when you find them? by the time you make it there a new group could have taken over or Maybe zombies got in and your going to have to take them out before your group takes residence And not all are going to have buses and concrete walls maybe instead its just wood barricades or a metal fence that will eventuality give in. The possibility are limit less and if you think that this would ruin the game by taking the realism out of it you're wrong this would add realism and you still need food for all the guards; pills for all the sick; ammo for all the guns; wood for all the furnaces. So the idea is that you have a place to call home for a while till food becomes a problem or a rival group come. so lets call it what it is a temporary outpost idk tell me what you think
  6. Can you specify where the folder or the iteams inside the folder go?
  7. Hmm Thanks to the all powefull firefox It tells me its over 50mb you say 15kb the website says 15kb so this concerns me. Edit: after downloading this seemed to be just a bug.
  8. Brillant I always wanted to make a dream home then see how it worked with a thousend zombies .
  9. controling them would be sweet if A:Surviors were implemeted B: You were playing mutiplayer.
  10. Even if they couldnt break them if a huge horde of zombies is chaseing you hope to have alot of bullets or you're going to end up with a broken leg
  11. No you can build them and there found on like gasstations and what not.
  12. Idk about you guys but climbing anything would be a great feature. Just think you've just angered a horde of zombies and your trapped with no place to go but up, they cant follow you there. But not just carpentry ladders natraul ladders on apartment or maybe even moveable wood ladders that you can use to climb building of course this would attract a lot of attention but every thing comes at a price...
  13. Thanks guys very helpful!
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