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  1. It's an issue caused by a change done to the way body textures are processed. parts of the texture that have partial transparency cut holes straight through the entire body. For the longest time, there has been a small brush stroke of semi-transparent colour on the front skirt part of the female body texture (as well as most female zombie textures), which is now showing up as a hole. It can be fixed by editing it out of the textures in question.
  2. The fact that there's zombies in there is really down to 2 factors: 1) there are currently no other form of npcs in the game, so the only other option is deserted (which would remove any kind of risk from searching it beyond the basic risk involved with any house) 2) the idea behind zombies in a safehouse is the typical tragic stories. Someone got bid and hid it. Someone was bit and the others thought they could cure them. They holed up but then the second wave of the airborne variant got them. Just a few examples.
  3. Barricading against zombies is best done outside realistically speaking. If you barricade from the inside, the zombies would just need to drive the nails out of the wall, which is quite trivial compared to actually breaking the plank, which they would have to do from the outside. That being said, at least one door should remain unbarricaded / should be barricaded from the inside for the above reasons. Against people, planks are no obstacle from either side
  4. Tearing down walls doesn't actually merge rooms from a technical perspective, you can most easily tell this by looking at the shading between the rooms. because of that the claustrophobic panic will trigger exactly as before in either part of the room
  5. Yeah lets leave those ideas to the realms of modding, shall we? Project Zomboid is *not* trying to be the most realistic game possible. PZ is a story generator, following the doomed experience of your player character. Realism factors in at a lot of places, but TIS has, on numerous occasions, opted to go for more game-y systems over realistic behaviour because the truth is: Realism isn't fun. It's possible to enjoy realism, but it's not fun if you take it to those frankly ridiculous extremes. As for the idea of a "reproductive system": There's so many reasons why this is a bad idea that listing them all is impossible, but here are a few anyways: Ratings: A lot of countries restrict the sale of games with sexual content. Either they get banned entirely (Australia is a common example for this) or their purchase restricted to platforms with age verification. Having the content be hidden behind a toggled setting is not good enough to satisfy those rating boards. Player behaviour: Players are assholes. You have to always keep that in mind when designing games with multiplayer. Every feature you add needs to be thought out in particular regard to how easily it is exploited to ruin other player's fun. I don't think I need to elaborate too much on how a "reproduction" system can be used to abuse players. It's pointless: On the time scale the game runs on, seeing any possible child being born is already unlikely. Few players survive 9 months, and even fewer actually play that long before rerolling out of boredom. Let alone the decade+ it would take for that child being anything more than an annoying burden. Violence & Children: This one plays a bit into the ratings issue as well. Having children in this game also automatically implies the possibility of violence against children, and death of children. This is something that a LOT of people are not comfortable with, and that most ratings boards do not look kindly on. (Ever wonder why if there are kids in a violent game, they're almost always immortal?) There's some other points I won't elaborate on, it doesn't take much thought to come up with more reasons why this isn't a good idea.
  6. This is an impossible ask. Mods are made by individual modders, there is little to no organisation amongst them and even less desire to make any of these kinds of changes. The Steam workshop is also notoriously feature poor, so even if such a desire would exist it would not be possible from a technical point of view while using the workshop.
  7. They're asking about being able to pan the camera when inside a vehicle I am pretty sure.
  8. WhiskeyTangoFoxX

    Holy Cow

    From the post itself, these things can be balanced for singleplayer, which also means they can be balanced for small groups. PZ is a super configurable game so I doubt that they're going to suddenly stop there.
  9. Main reason it's being removed (temporarily at least iirc) is that it's bugged and doesn't actually do anything in MP.
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