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  1. Sorry for such a noob question but I've been looking through the forums and cannot find out how to actually do this. So how do I add the building that people have made into the game?
  2. If there is a way to make "hills" and build underneath them I would find it entertaining to attempt to rebuild the shire XD
  3. Zeds, World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide kinda stuck with me :/
  4. Sweet thanks Good job on the mods by the way!
  5. Ok my chinese friend told me on skype basically there's nothing in it about getting english added at all however it will be updated in the future so we cna hope to see new builds. That's basically everything interesting we can get from it. Now we need someone to transform the mod into english...
  6. Waiting for my friend to reply there's some hopeful comments for us if you use a basic translator, "Will be able to get hold of the English enhanced version 3.1 yet?" - Maybe there's an English version coming? "steam version of this yet more" - Upcoming update for steam version? "3.1 petrol bombs and seemingly can not use the same version 15. I tried and like an empty gun. . What harm are not." - They Have petrol bombs! This is amazing
  7. I'll send this to a friend who knows fluent Chinese and see what he can fully make of it.
  8. sambo4747

    Mod Compatibility

    Will mods that are built for work with the newest build (I believe Build 21) jus curious to know this before I begin my new playthrough ~
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