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  1. Title says it all really. Playing on 2020 13" Macbook Pro. Game runs great for the most part so great job with that. Just some minor bugs with VOIP not seeming to work at all on the MAC OS. Also when I attempt to play this game with my wireless xbox 360 bluetooth controller the game does not detect the controller even though my computer does and it works just fine for other games. As a side not I can plug in my ps4 controller via USB and the game does detect that controller but still shows the buttons onscreen for the xbox instead of the playstation (ie, A B X Y instead of triangle circle square X.) There is a mod that fixes the issue with the controller icons, so this seems like a widespread issue. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727439992
  2. Having the same issue on a 2020 macbook pro. Just wanted to add my voice in the hope that this bug will be fixed. It sucks not being able to use the in game voice chat during multiplayer.
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