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  1. The'moddata'in'inventoryitem' cannot be synchronized to other clients when the client is modified. Now I can only synchronize data through'additemonserver'by recreating an identical item. But this brings many problems, especially the compatibility with other mods. It may be possible to synchronize the ID of'inventoryitem'with the command between the client and the server, but I can't find a way to get'inventoryitem' through the ID on the client. Does anyone know how to solve it? Or new ideas
  2. I am making a mod. The weight of the item needs to be modified. I found that the weight of all weapons of the same type will change after the weight of the weapon is modified. I found that the "getactualweight()" function in "handweapon.java" uses "getscriptitem().Getactualweight()" to obtain weight. Is this a bug or is it deliberately designed like this
  3. I'm making a mod to automatically replenish fuel for the generator, but I can't get the generator list. I try to record the generator coordinates. When I'm far away from the generator, I can't get the generator object through this coordinate. Is there any way?
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