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    Geras reacted to Papa Juliet Whiskey in snow should only accumulate on grass/vegetation   
    I live in Canada, and when snow falls, and doesn't get plowed, the only way to tell road from not road is if there is a guardrail or something. That's what snow does.
    If anything, for the sake of realism, he devs should ad the ability to get your car stuck in the snow. Even with studded or winter tires, the average non 4 wheel drive vic doesn't stand a chance of getting out of a driveway.
    And even most 4x4s don't stand a chance, even on a road covered on snow.
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    Geras reacted to Pandorea in Upstairs hotter than downstairs   
    Current implementation of feat inside a building is fairly basic, but there are plans to work on this in the future to make it more realistic. This is not however a priority right now.
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    Geras reacted to Blake81 in Zedsommar   
    Say, any chance we can have this for Gas as well? As of right now, we can store water pretty easily on water fountains and rain barrels, but we still gotta store gas by Gas Cans on shelves (which isn't very weight-efficient), so I'd really like to be able to store Gas on Metal Drums. Can we please have the metal drums for Gas?
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    Geras reacted to nasKo in Zedsommar   
    Hey all, it’s an MP Strike Force update blog this week – so here’s the latest from the test server.
    We now have three coders from General Arcade working on Build 41’s multiplayer – alongside two dedicated QA operatives. Work primarily takes place in GA territory with regular code top-ups from the in-dev 41 codebase, though there’s clearly a lot of communication between our relevant QA and organisational peeps.
    First off then, here’s a quick update from someone who has been playing it more than most – multiplayer QA chap Oleg. Welcome to the blog, Oleg!
    “Multiplayer is quite solid at the moment. There are no critical errors that would lead to a crash, data loss or anything like that. I’ll be honest, right now it’s far more interesting for me to play in MP than on my own!”
    “At this exact moment we’ve got some smaller problems with zombie corpses, synchronization of various animations and many and varied other issues popping up from areas throughout the MP game – so there is certainly still something to work on.”
    “The difference between the game that myself and Mikhail started playing two months ago when we started QA and now is pretty big. In terms of the smoothness and synchronization of the movement of the characters, most of the animations, how pvp feels – all this stuff has changed for the better.”

    “Big thanks to Yuri, Andrei and Aleksandr – and of course to TIS’s Sasha who has been a great go-between answering questions and raising issues between the teams!”
    So that’s the baseline stuff but, as Jennifer Aniston once said in a commercial that half of the people reading this blog are too young to remember, “here comes the science”. Over to Yuri.
    “Our focus this month has been in improving the synchronization of zombies between different players, and also in PvP.”
    “Our QA team has been spotlighting bugs, and right now the majority of them aren’t zombie or player character related – but are in other areas of the game that need polish like throwable weapons/items, vehicles etc.”

    “As such the focus of our next month of work will likely be in turning to these issues and fixing them up to raise the overall playability.”
    So, right now, everything seems to be ticking over and on-track. We should have a clearer overall picture when we put out the next MP blog.
    Some of the individual items fixed recently:
    Zombies didn’t have the ‘alerted’ animation in MP when they heard a sound, leading to various issues and it not looking as good. Character sync accuracy was increased. The remote character makes less extra movements when turn around. Standing characters are now on the same square on all clients due to setJustMoved and isJustMoved functions being added. Further improvements to positioning through prediction points when players turn around, a new PZMath.roundFromEdges function and the threshold for starting and ending remote character movement being reduced. The algorithm for calculating the forecast of the player’s position has also been changed. Many and varied new debug tools Fixed gunshots happening twice at the end of zed bites.
        Many PvP upgrades and improvements starting with the calculation of damage in PVP – meaning that the game uses BodyDamage instead of Health for player hits now. Addition of sync for falling players in PVP. Fixed clothing on zombies sometimes disappearing after being killed. Fixed issues with bomb devices not causing damage to zombies. Calculation of damage from bombs had to be moved from server to client. Fixed an issue in which some zombies were not visible to the other player. Refactored a loooot of complicated things that the blog writer could not hope to understand.
        Zombies could get up if the remote player hit  the zombie first. Remote clients would see the zombie on the ground in different poses after each hit. Desynchronization when one player enters the an area where certain events caused by another player had already happened – for example if a zombie was on the ground, and a new player appeared the zed wouldn’t be lying down.

    We are currently finalising 41.54 for a release to the IWBUMS public beta. The biggest items of note in this are the full Noiseworks sound revamp, the new VHS system and the placeable 3D models. You can read the full current changelist here.
    Foraging needs some more time in the oven at the moment so that is being put back to a later build we’re afraid, while we are currently at 90% of our available 3D items sized, imported, tested and signed off – with the full range of food items most recently mixed in.
    We’d like the full list of these in-game, and some important bug fixes, to go in before we release. So we’ll see where we have gotten to next week. Fingers crossed it’ll be good to go.
    In the meantime here’s a quick vid of a wintry scene to whet your whistle.

    Likewise we gave a key to the Noiseworks build to our good friend (and total PZ noob) Dean Cutty in the run up to 41.54’s release, and this is what emerged.

    RJ would also like it mentioned that this week he’s also put in a nerf to the current 360 degree shooting from cars, will only allow shooting with one-handed guns when the car is in motion and other such weapons/driving polish.
    Also underway currently is the second phase of our work alongside Noiseworks, the amazing sound team redesigning our soundscape. This work will effectively straddle 41.54, which contains many of the new sounds mentioned below, and 41.55. Over to NW’s Michael Klier for some details on this.
    “The next phase of the Zomboid sound overhaul will add new content to many other areas of the game – with our emphasis on the stuff heard most often by players while they play. There’s additional foley for player actions like climbing fences, tripping over obstacles, carrying heavy bags, cooking, smoking, UI sounds for map interactions… the list goes on.”

    “We will also be adding new zombie voice sets, and the zombie voices in the context of hordes will be improved upon.”
    “On top of this we will be adding even more content for melee weapons when it comes to weapon-specific hits/impacts to further build upon the general/generic melee set that was covered in the phase 1. The same will go for the firearms, which will have more specific weapon sounds for each available firearm as well as additional foley for things like shell drops. We are also currently redesigning some of the current firearms, like the shotgun, from internal tester feedback.”
    “Something we want to include and redesign, but which will involve a fair degree more work with the TIS coders, is how sounds are affected by obstacles in the world. We want this to have more realistic behaviour, so sounds get occluded more or less based on the properties of the occluding obstacles.”
    “Inside buildings for example, sounds should be occluded differently depending on there is a concrete wall between a zombie or the player or if there’s a wooden wall. In 41.54 the occlusion is a catch-all – if there’s something in between the player the sound is occluded.”
    “And last not least the ambiance and music systems will further be improved upon.”
    Pat_Bren’s mod blog will return next week spotlighting on the remarkable Daegu map and our amazing Korean community, while in two weeks’ time the dev blog should be covering some of the 41.55 content we’re currently working on including a pretty cool cartographic feature. Till then!

    A changelist of all IWBUMS patches since the 41 beta was released can be found here. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    Geras got a reaction from albertspammy in Help with the battery   
    You need a screwdriver and a fresh battery. Open the hood and right-click on the battery in the car menu. You'll get the option to take the battery out. Right-click the battery spot again, and install the new battery.
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    Geras reacted to MadDan2013 in Mod Spotlight: Filibuster Rhymes’ Used Cars   
    Howdy, pardnerz! This time, we’re taking a look at one of the most subscribed Project Zomboid mods of all time: Filibuster Rhymes’ Used Cars (a version of the mod for Build 40 can be found here.) The mod’s description promises a “handful” of new vehicles, but you’d have to have pretty big hands to fit all 90+ new vehicles! 

    The vehicles all spawn naturally within the base game’s “traffic” and replicate the simple but beautiful graphical style of our existing cars.
    Along with a variety of new sedans, compacts, SUVs, police cars, and pick-up trucks similar to the vehicles we’re used to, the mod adds heavy box trucks and flatbeds, fuel trucks, big yellow school buses, military Humvees, and some more retro cars like rusted pick-ups and a certain famous rear-engined German car from the 1960s. Filibuster even went to the bother of creating fictional lore-friendly names for his vehicles, so they fit even more snugly into our game. 

    Each of the vehicles have unique handling characteristics and add more options for vehicle strategies. Should you pick the reliable old compact, the speedy sports car, or the huge and roomy but tediously slow truck? (You should choose the nippy Pazuzu truck, objectively the best vehicle in the mod).


    We headed on down to Filibuster’s lot and, after agreeing to a sweet deal on a 3-wheeled Chevalier Dart, got him to answer a few questions for us about himself and his mod.

    Hello Filibuster! Who are you in real life?
    I’m pretty much just a slacker with a fat diabetic cat. Nothing too exciting, honestly.
    How did you first discover PZ? Why do you like it?
    I got it way back on Desura. I really like more slow-paced hardcore survival games, stuff where you’ve gotta plan a little bit instead of just going buck wild. I rarely stick with a game for more than a few weeks, but me and my friends played Build 40 multiplayer for like three months straight!
    How did you get into PZ modding? Did you have experience making or modding other games previously?
    The most experience I had with Blender was smashing together two models like a caveman beating on rocks to add some arms to the gun models in System Shock 2. Most of my modding in other games has been simple stuff like changing weapon damage in config files.
    When did you start developing your used car mod? How long have you spent making it? How has it changed and developed over time?
    I sometimes get into creative phases that last a while. I used to just waste time in games like Space Engineers or Interstellar Rift, then get disgusted with myself for wasting so much time. When I started modelling a few cars sometime in 2018, I just kinda went wild, ignored my girlfriend for like two months and threw a buncha models together into a pack. I can’t really tell ya how much time’s gone into it all together, but it was definitely a lotta fun.
    It all started with a boxy, torn looking model that didn’t even light up and snowballed into 70 or 90 something vehicles and trailers. I’ve lost count! Most other stuff has just been keeping up with the game’s new features. I’m really not looking forward to vehicle interiors and animated doors and stuff, oh man…
    Your car mod is one of the most popular PZ mods of all time. Do you have an interest in cars in real life? If so, what’s your dream car?
    Man, I never expected the mod to blow up like it did! It’s crazy to think that something like 90k people are using it. 
    I used to be super into older muscle cars. I had a 1971 Impala for a good few years. It was beat to shit, had a rusted-through leaky vinyl roof filled with Great Stuff™ foam, no working AC, but I loved it (still do) and wanted to add it to the game. I also had an ‘83 El Camino and a ‘68 Bonneville, but I think I’ve gotten to the point where I prefer the ease and comfort of modern stuff. Old stuff is so much easier to work on, though. (Like, the engine compartment of my Impala was an empty aircraft hangar compared to my Corolla!) 
    As for my dream car? I used to really want a 1968 Buick Wildcat or LeSabre convertible. Now I’m thinkin’ I’d like another El Camino.
    Do you have a favourite from your own vehicles in the mod? Have players given feedback on their favourites? Or least favourite?
    Shoot, that’s kinda a hard choice. I guess I’m more drawn to the Suburban and the Blazer when I’m playing. I’m pretty happy about some of the references I’ve put on stuff, like the moving truck or Pazuzu box trucks. A lot of people seem really thrilled over the military stuff and easter egg vehicles I’ve thrown in there.
    How difficult is it for you to model new cars, and keep them consistent with the style of the base game’s graphics? How long does it take you to debug them?
    Making new cars has gotten a LOT easier since I first started. I still have to Google half the stuff I’m trying to do on Blender. I’ve never been super artistic, so the texturing was more of a science than an art to me. I tried to copy the vanilla style as much as possible and it worked out somehow. If the game didn’t go for the low poly style, there’s definitely no way I could match it.
    Scripting and debugging the vehicles was actually more difficult than modelling them when I first started. You’d have to change a few settings for, like, tire locations, start the game, test, close it, change, start, test, repeat. Thankfully, TIS added some tools to debug mode that make it super simple now!
    How have you found the PZ community? How helpful has their feedback been? Is there anyone in the PZ community you would like to give a shout-out/thanks to?
    I’m not really the most social dude, but I’ve had lots of helpful bug reports. Sometimes when I add in a buncha stuff, I miss some really small, stupid little thing that screws something big up. It’s definitely nice when someone catches that.
    And heck yeah, I’ve got some people to thank! Super early on, Soul Filcher helped me out with getting the models to load. Then Fenris Wolf wrote pretty much ALL the code for the old model loading system and made it super-efficient and simple for even someone like me to understand!
    My buddy Blair (Planet Algol) has been helping me with fuel trailers recently. And by helping me out, I mean he literally wrote all the code for it!
    Shout-out too to Hurley who helped test the last version, and MrDanny who’s been really nice and helpful to people in my Discord who are learning to mod.
    And Charger? You get a shout out just for being Charger.
    Finally, an obvious one, but I’d like to thank the devs for everything, ESPECIALLY the debug tools!
    What vehicles or vehicle features would you most like to see added to the base game?
    Repainting vehicles and customising parts would be great. Like, some having carburettors and others having fuel injection, some having a manual and others having automatic transmission. I think it’s probably already in the works, but being able to add like a luggage rack or big f-off bumper would be awesome too
    Other than your own, which mods/maps do you enjoy or find interesting?
    Besides testing, I haven’t actually played much in the last few years! Back in Build 40, ORGM was/is a must. Clearing out Fort Redstone was super memorable, too. The hospital there was packed to the brim with zombarinos. We had to go outside because we kept getting sick from all the bodies! Wild times, man.
    What’s next in your modding plans? What’s the dream?
    Blair and I have a gun mod in the works. It’s mostly modelled and planned out, we’re just waiting for changes to the vanilla game to get a little more stable so he doesn’t have to redo a bunch of code. We’ve had another idea floating around for a long while too, but we’re gonna keep that under wraps for now. It’s not gonna be a roadside picnic, so it might not even pan out. But I gotta admit, my ultimate creative dream is to make my own game!
    Thanks to Filibuster for taking time to answer our questions! You can find his car mod here.
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    Geras reacted to grammarsalad in Bravery as a Stat.   
    I like bravery as a stat. It makes a lot of sense and would be a fun indicator of player progress. 
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    Geras got a reaction from grammarsalad in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    1137. The boarded up survivor homes should have extra loot in every container in the house, not just the kitchen counters.
    I always found it very strange to have just the kitchen stocked up, but rest of the house was like i.e. a book, a comb, and a t-shirt.
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    Geras got a reaction from grammarsalad in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    1139. Washing cars should prioritize using tainted water if available in inventory or bags on the player. Currently if I have a water bottle with clean water in main inventory and buckets with tainted water in backpack, the character uses clean water from the water bottle.
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    Geras got a reaction from grammarsalad in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    1140. It would be cool if houses didn't hold so much heat during winter, so actually having a fire going for the night, or sleeping in warm clothes would have an impact on sleep quality.
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    Geras got a reaction from grammarsalad in Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread   
    1143. More foraging zones.
    I find it strange we can't forage i.e. on farmland, or in green areas in towns. I'd be cool if foraging in these places was possible for stones, branches, earth worms, insects, etc.
    1144. This one isn't probably a small suggestion, but the fitness system should be reworked. Every exercise, however small, should be beneficial for the player, increasing the damage/carry weight and endurance pool by tiny increments. This way we'd know that however small our workouts are, we get some bonus out of it.
    As it is now, there's no point in using the fitness system if you have 6 or more points in strength or endurance - gaining the 7th point would take ingame months to get afaik by mostly exercising and doing little else.
    1145. Removing grass should give us grass to use as kindling or to use in composter.
    1146. Painting picket fences using different paints and colours.

    1147. Cigarettes should spawn in random amounts from 1 to 20 in a pack, not always 20 in a pack.
    1148. Traps with bait should have bait visible in the world to know at a glance which traps have bait, and which don't.
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    Geras got a reaction from Milove in ClutterZed   
    Are flies going to be visible in winter? I always found the flies sound in winter to be out of place.
    I suggest adding an animation of holding one hand to your nose when there's corpses overload. The flies visuals and sound should only be there in seasons other than winter imo.
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    Geras got a reaction from Nebula in ClutterZed   
    High beam, reversing, and braking lights when?
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    Geras reacted to onelove in ClutterZed   
    Hmm... the first animated animal became a fly,
    I thought that the first would be pigeons and other birds.

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    Geras got a reaction from trombonaught in ClutterZed   
    Are flies going to be visible in winter? I always found the flies sound in winter to be out of place.
    I suggest adding an animation of holding one hand to your nose when there's corpses overload. The flies visuals and sound should only be there in seasons other than winter imo.
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    Geras got a reaction from Tails in ClutterZed   
    Are flies going to be visible in winter? I always found the flies sound in winter to be out of place.
    I suggest adding an animation of holding one hand to your nose when there's corpses overload. The flies visuals and sound should only be there in seasons other than winter imo.
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    Geras got a reaction from Tails in ClutterZed   
    High beam, reversing, and braking lights when?
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    Geras got a reaction from gabriel rodrigues brandao in ClutterZed   
    Are flies going to be visible in winter? I always found the flies sound in winter to be out of place.
    I suggest adding an animation of holding one hand to your nose when there's corpses overload. The flies visuals and sound should only be there in seasons other than winter imo.
  19. Pie
    Geras got a reaction from Magondivel in ClutterZed   
    Are flies going to be visible in winter? I always found the flies sound in winter to be out of place.
    I suggest adding an animation of holding one hand to your nose when there's corpses overload. The flies visuals and sound should only be there in seasons other than winter imo.
  20. Spiffo
    Geras got a reaction from Nebula in ClutterZed   
    Are flies going to be visible in winter? I always found the flies sound in winter to be out of place.
    I suggest adding an animation of holding one hand to your nose when there's corpses overload. The flies visuals and sound should only be there in seasons other than winter imo.
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    Geras reacted to Batsphinx in Project Zomboid Map Project   
    It's not dead, I think we'll probably talk to Blindcoder about updating it once MP is present/correct and 41 gets officially released - so we catch any further additions and fixes.
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    Geras reacted to Papa Juliet Whiskey in Blades are overrated in zombie fiction   
    I find my opinion shifting more towards a war hammer. Medieval style of course, a fine example would be this windlass steelcraft hammer. https://www.reliks.com/hammers-maces/war-hammer/
    The hammer head widens from the shaft, and ends in 4 small points. I imagine his might be tough to get stuck in a skull. Itll more likely shove pieces of skull into the brain, but since it tapers in the opposite direction as would, say a blade, and probably wouldn't enter the skull cavity enough to get stuck. I figure it may leave more dents than anything.
    Also, it has 2 small spikes on the side, that are short, and with the rest of the shaft in the way, would probably extract quite easily if it did get lodged; it can only go in so far. The hooked spike on the back, and the one on top might be another matter.
    Sigh, if only I had 200ish bucks to buy er up... that model is seldomly in stock.
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    Geras reacted to BlueFeena in [IWBUMS 41.53] Zombies have infinite memory if a line of sight is maintained (Video proof)   
    I downloaded version 41.53 the other day and noticed that zombies seemed to be very difficult to shake.  I wasn't sure what was causing this at first, but after a little testing, I discovered that zombies have unlimited memory if the player maintains a direct line of sight with the zombie -- even if the player is well outside the zombie's sight range.
    In the above example, I aggro two zombies.  These zombies follow me some distance, then I take off running down the street in a straight line.  This is very important.  After a couple of blocks, I stop and wait.  Despite being well outside the zombie's sight range, they continue to follow.
    After that, I get up, run down the street again and take a break after a few blocks.  This time, I run even further, and the zombies are still following!
    Lastly, I run down the street, climb over several fences, all in a straight line and then take another break.  One of the zombies continues to follow, and shows up a minute or so later.  The second, zombie, after a quick check, apparently got hung up on something, but was still following me despite having traveled well outside of his sight capabilities!
    Now on to the second example:  If the player does in fact break the line of sight, zombies will forget and no longer follow the player, as they should.  Re-entering a line of sight will not aggro said zombies, allowing the player to elude them like normal:
    As far as I can tell, this has nothing to do with stealth, and only to do with line of sight.  In my proper game, I am playing a stealth character with utterly insane stealth stats (almost like stealth points are bugged...) and she is having the same problem.  Zombies continue to follow, no matter what, as long as a direct straight line is maintained -- regardless of how far away the zombies actually are.
    Technical information:
    No mods
    IWBUMS 41.53
    GoG Archival Version (not from GoG Galaxy)
    Windows 7 Pro
    Thanks for reading.
  24. pillow
    Geras reacted to EnigmaGrey in Please bring back weapon durbility indicators on the hotbar.   
    Tl;DR: really didn’t fit the feel we were going for with  the combat changes to build 41.
    There seems to be some confusion about why the star is gone:
    I pointed out that the star wasn’t useful anyone because it was too small on higher resolutions, it being an original sprite from 10 years ago. It was also quite imprecise because it was small and only had a few frames. It didn’t fit the game’s art anymore or really convey that it was for condition (in other games it would be quality or favourite status).
    We all discussed options for how to improve it, make it clear that it was the condition of the weapon  … but then that conversation took a turn. We realized that this took away any pre-planning and lead to people who actually noticed the thing were just riding the star condition in their attempts to kill as many zombies as possible  instead weapon breaks happening more naturally and thrillingly while playing the game. So, it was instead removed.
    So far, very few people have seemed to notice (far less than I expected). I think we’re more comfortable with letting modders add back their own version of the condition star, and will pass adding a new version to the game at this point. 
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    Geras reacted to Hellfire in ADT-like Sign for houses with alarms!   
    So i think that one of the biggest problems with house alarms currently is that you have no way of knowing which house has one and which house doesnt. No one likes having every zombie suddenly start b-lining straight to their location for no other reason than picking the wrong house to loot food from. I think a good solution to this problem would be having signs out front of houses indicting theres an alarm active, like those little ADT signs. Some might find this a little broken or defeats the purpose, but Im not done just yet. They would be toggable in the settings, they could be made to appear very rarely, or simply appear for every alarm-rigged house. 
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