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  1. The only stunlock I'm absolutely against at the moment is the stunlock from getting shot/hit/pushed by a player. Typically, if I'm getting stun locked by zeds, I've fucked up big time. Whether that be taking on too many zeds at once, not backing up when I open a door, locking myself in a room and being swarmed, being swarmed, etc. The only time I can think of a time where I got stunlocked and I felt a lil salty about it is when a zombie basically grabbed my military backpack from behind, bit my neck, and dragged me into a swarm, but ever since If I don't have high nimble I typically drop my bag before I fight so it doesn't happen. That being said, I'd be completely fine with an option to turn it off or limit it in some way. I'd personally never use it, but I have seen quite a few people complaining about it.
  2. A feature like this would be especially good in Louisville. Where the tallest buildings often times hide the entire street in front you, especially when you're driving.
  3. I'd be nice to throw a bag over a fence or climbable wall as well. Player strength would have course be a modifier in that regard.
  4. Hi, I'm a player on the Server 'US EAST 1', and the players (and owner now) are having a pretty big issue with people dying, respawning, and then repeatedly attacking a player or their safehouse with 0 repercussions. Since they've already died, they have nothing to lose, so what these players will do, is they'll set up a safehouse right next to the safehouse they want to attack, and then over the span of hours respawn 10s, if not 100s of times, attempting to grief the base and kill the owner. The defending party in this circumstance can only leave the game in retaliation (We have 'No Trespass' set to safehouse when the owner of the safehouse is offline). So the only way to stop being harassed for hours, upon hours. Is to simply not play the game. We've experimented with solutions to this problem, like making it so it takes multiple IRL hours to turn PvP on, but all this does is create "Green Bandits" that essentially will do the same thing, but with the owner being completely unable to do anything but leave. I'd like to suggest a few new server options. Under PvP, a "DaysSurvivedToPvP'. This option would require the player to survive for a set amount of in-game days in order to flag red for PvP. They would still be able to defend themselves from other players flagged red, but they wouldn't be able to harass players with the intent of killing them anymore. Under Safehouse, 'PvPRequiredToLoot' and 'PvPRequiredToRaid'. The former would make it so that you can enter player safehouses (When uninvited) but you wouldn't be able to pick anything up, or interact with anything in the house. The latter would essentially act as an invisible barrier that wouldn't allow any uninvited players with PvP off to enter, however, when you turn PvP on, you would be able to enter the house freely. With both 'DaysSurvivedToPvP' and 'PvPRequiredToRaid' we could easily prevent griefers from raiding player bases incessantly with 0 risk and effectively forcing the defender of the safehouse to play another game for a few hours, but sadly, these options aren't in the game.
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