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  1. Well, I did the factory reset like you said. And it seemed to work just fine, but now it is crashing on me again. I will do the reset again and see if that works. While it did crash again on me, I realized that for some reason, I have to do the file varication on the game. And that, plus doing the factory reset, seems do to the trick. But, I am not sure why a file keeps going missing.
  2. The factory reset that I found is in settings under the system tab, that I found is in the AMD Radeon Software. Is that the one that you want me to try?
  3. So, I got the latest update for my video card, and disabled the Steam overly for Project Zomboid. The closest thing to Restore Factory Defaults I could find was Factory Reset in settings under the system tab. Is that the same thing?
  4. Here are all the hs_err_pid files that I found. All hs_err_pid Files.zip Here also, is the console.txt from when I just now used the quit to desktop option.
  5. I am pretty sure that this is from the last time it crashed. I think this is the right folder. logs.zip
  6. Recently, my game has been crashing as the game is first loading, and then also, during a load of a save game. I am aware that the game is not finished, and other then my new monitor, the OPTIX G241, and the most recent updated to the game, I don't know why this is happening. The years I have played this game, I have never had this much trouble playing this game.
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