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  1. Your waffles hold no weight here, and if you remove the holy pancake spawn just to pump your precious waffles you will feel the full wrath of FINRA and the SEC!
  2. Crowbars changed my game up! Garden hoes are great too, but far less durable. I enjoy sneaking and using the hunting knife for easy insta-kills and decent damage (*and trash durability). Still haven't tried axes yet but I have a hand axe and full size one kicking around that I'll try out soon. What are your favorite weapons (general question to all), and favorite clothing/armors?
  3. Is it a build 41 thing, or do I have terrible luck to have only seen one copy of HottieZ in 80 hours? I think the concept is hilarious so if I do find another one I'm going to horde it (too bad we can't find safes in the game to store ultra-valuables) with the hopes that another player will raid my setup and find it well hidden!
  4. I like the current system but I feel it needs to be expanded to accommodate more folks. If you had some kind of expanded, more difficult, plumbing option, you could hypothetically plumb your house without razing the roof, while still preserving the general challenge that comes with accessing water purification/plumbing.
  5. I maxed out the spawn rate for those vehicle events on a few servers and drove all over and never found the sledge one. I've only ever played build 41, but I'm convinced sledge spawns are too low, as I've raided the riverside warehouse more times than I'd care to admit.
  6. I haven't tried expanding a safehouse as you describe, but I believe that if you build an adjacent shed, it will not be counted as your safehouse. The same goes for building a wall around your safehouse. Additionally, individual severs can adjust settings that determine whether players can trespass in your safehouse and loot your safehouse, and burn your safehouse, so which server you play will have a large role in how safe your safehouse is.
  7. I've only ever played 41 and it all feels just right to me. What you describe sounds like cheating practically. That said, if they remove my infinite pancakes in build 42 I'll quit.
  8. Anecdotes should always be viewed with skepticism. My current, and favorite run ever, has seen 3 scratches so far with none turning me, and I have the trait that makes you more likely to turn.
  9. I never buy early access games, and you're smart not to either, but someone else bought this game for me, and after 80 hours, I'd gladly spend $60 on it, even with the 1990's SIMS graphics.
  10. My 2 cents: sledge hammers and bats are rare (never seen either in 80 hours on 41). Cars are unrealistically rare and beat up given what you'd expect in the real world (but well balanced gameplay-wise). Knives should appear more in households from a rational perspective, but perhaps for balance reasons they're made rarer. Generator magazines can make or break my runs, as can gas cans. Generators are also super rare, but I always seem to find one or two somewhere. Because of the meta, I often feel pressured to have an electrician and a burglar/mechanic when I play in groups. Functioning generators and vehicle hotwiring are super useful, and you can easily spend a month, if your luck is poor, searching for a magazine. My solution would be more interesting and effective ways to level mechanics and electric (with level 4 or 5 electric opening generator functionality - magazines and the profession should not be the only ways to access essential mechanics imo) but it's not game-breaking for me by any means. What a fun game Zomboid is!
  11. 80 hours in and I've never seen rope ever. I only saw a sledge after using a mod to make them appear in loot more (too many resets and too many warehouse crawls).
  12. I eagerly await sitting. One of my pals commented that it was funny how many minute things you could do yet you couldn't sit on a couch. All in good time I'm sure!
  13. My friend suggested I try Project Zomboid a few weeks ago, so I picked it up and got hooked. After several playthroughs and deaths, I decided I wanted to try a run where I focus on reading and TV-based carpentry gains and make the ultimate base. So, I started as an ultra fit/strong electrician (because I have bad luck with generator books) and ended up at level 8 carpentry! My end result is below (24 days in). I need to get more food since I've neglected that, but I suspect St. Alphonso will shine his fortune upon me if I use the holy pancake batter just right... Anyway, this base has two sinks, both plumbed, a functioning toilet, a radio with the automated emergency radio broadcast for weather updates, a generator with several gas cans, a propane grill (charcoal is a bastard gas), a modern stove, a sexy industrial sink, and all the other amenities a cozy base could ever need. If they ever allow player-built walls to appear while inside, you'lll discover my exquisite art accoutrements. Now that I've accomplished my goal of building a comforting impregnable base, it's time to stop neglecting weapons, food, clothes, and other miscellaneous resources! Not enough folks post images of their bases, and fewer yet post about their triumphs in Kentucky, so here we are! Maybe this will inspire you to post about your base and your story...
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