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  1. Hello. I thought it would be fun for a sort of limited multiplayer mode where survivors have lives, which once they are exhausted the game ends and you get the stats on how long the game went for, zombies killed, etc. For example. A co-op server starts. Three people join bringing two lives each. That means the server will allow six deaths before it stops and gives the stats. If a fourth player joins then another two lives (one taken by the spawn) are attributed to the server bringing the deaths up to eight. It doesn't matter who dies, one player can die eight times which will end the game. I also think it would work well with that token mod which allows you to retrieve your exp from your body. I have no modding skills however I think this could be a good way to challenge people without changing the game much. Obviously this would be aimed at small groups of friends rather than large servers. I am interested to hear what people think.
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