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  1. after removing and readding mods 1 by 1 i finally found out that scrap weapons/armor/guns was the one causing it for me, thanks for your reply and hf
  2. This redditor had the same issue, sadly I also removed these mods and the issue still persists :/
  3. Just realised this only happens when we are close to each other, if we are fighting zombies in different areas this doesnt happen
  4. Hey sorry if this has been solved somewhere but I couldnt find a fix. The moment I start hosting, everything is fine. After some time, everytime me or anyone on the server melee hits a zombie, we get a 0.1s stutter, and after a bit more time the game crashes regardless of what we are doing. We use a lot of mods but the weird part is that this server is weeks old, and we only just now have this issue without adding any new mods.
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