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  1. Ok, I think I found the most robust way of getting real-time info, and it's in the actual live server info provided when running the Server itself. I use crontab to autom atically run the server after reboot and I use a line very similar to this @reboot bash /home/pzuser/pzserver/start-server.sh -servername <servername> > /var/log/pz.log 2> /var/log/pz.err THEN all I need to do is access the /var/log/pz.log to get what I need. Using basic logrotate will prevent the file from getting out of control, but the actaul log file will always be pz.log instead of a changing name, which also makes it cleaner in the monitoiring script.
  2. I'm also running into loads of errors like this
  3. Thanks for this info, I didn't know that it was there and has been very enlightening! But I'm finding these logs VERY lacking. I've tried a few different ways of pulling the info from the logs, primarily by grepping ~/Zomboid/Logs/*_user.txt with: "allowed to join" and "allowed to join" (for joining) also with: "removed connection" and "disconnected player" (for leaving) I've also tried grepping: ~/Zomboid/server-console.txt with: "Connected new client" (for joining) and "Disconnected player" (for leaving) HOWEVER, I've run into problems with all of them as they often miss BOTH people joining and people leaving. I've been testing it on myself. I'll join, and play the game for a good 20 minutes or sometimes even more, then quit out (tried both quitting to menu and quitting to desktop). I haven't really tested the deaths as yet as I'm trying to get the joining and leaving working before I move on to other Info Updates. As an example; I've been logging in and out of the server all day. It is now 18:38 and here's a screenshot I just made of the last time the files were touched on the server As you can see the last time the user.txt file was touched (edited) was at 11:55 THIS MORNING! This effectively makes thes log files unusuable for my needs. Is there a way to FORCE the server to update it in real time?
  4. Hi there, I've set up a dedicated Linux Server online. But would like to be able to access it to draw stats from it. to post to my discord. 1: How many people are currntly connected to the server. 2: Did someone die in the last 5 minutes? who? how? 3: How many zombies have been killed in the last x minutes. etc Is there an API that can be accessed? IF so, please let me know how! IF not, Is there a plan to add it? If not, WHY NOT!
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