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  1. I'm guessing so, but this only happens randomly on some of the players with certain network providers, and the even more confusing thing is that when they trying to ping server IP with Steam server browser or Windows CMD there was no high ping or package loss at all. Im trying to keep the server running for several days without restart to see if it;s getting any better
  2. Some of the players in my server complain that the connection became laggy or frequently lost connection or not able to join server at all after I restart server to update the mods. Like 40 ping before restart and 200+ ingame ping after it. When they ping the server IP with Windows CMD, the ping is still only around 40. Any idea why this happening or anyone has same problem as I do?
  3. no worries someone found a way to patch this mod, it's totally functional now
  4. and I found some people with same problem on mod creator's discord channel
  5. Dismantling wrecks seems to be normal. The problem is dismantling vehicles. I as admin can dismantle vehicles with no error, but any other player with level lower than moderator do the same thing the target vehicle wont dissapear. So I think it's a server access level thing. Im trying to contact the author of the mod
  6. I have Vehicle Recycling mod on my server, but when non-admin players trying to disassemble vehilces, the designated vehicle wont dissapear, and they still get the exp and materials, causing a series of problems. Is there any other server owner have same problem as I do? Is this the result of the anti-cheat protection? If so, which anti-cheat protection type should I disable?
  7. https://steamlists.com/project-zomboid-how-to-patch-server-to-prevent-hackers-guide/
  8. I tried simply copy players.db file to the new server folder, but when entering the server the charactors' data are corrupted, along with many other bugs makes the game totally unplayable. Then I tired copy worlddictionary file with players.db, and the charactors were normal but other bugs still exsist. Any way to perfectly migrate players' save to the new server?
  9. Sorry but what does module == "eroge" means? Im totally noob to scripting
  10. Any examples for spawning vehicles?
  11. Im using this script to allow players purchase vehicles with keys. But I got 3 problems: 1. Car key does not spawn correctly 2. Only players with GM or higher access can spawn vehicle, others only get "you dont have the right to use /addvehicle command" in chatbox 3. Spawned cars are not repaired correctly Can anyone tell me where did this script go wrong? Much appreciated!! vehicleTradeRecipe.lua
  12. never mind turns out I set SafeHouseRemovalTime too big
  13. Players in my server reported a problem that their safehouses constantly get disabled. Currently known situations are as followed: 1. when the player who claimed the safehouse goes to the second floor of his or her safehouse. 2. when he became distant to the safehouse 3. When other player entered the safehouse After the safehouse got disabled it cant be reclaim again, always showing "zombies/ players nearby", but there is 100% no other players or zombies. Any idea how to fix it?? Here are my server settings: PlayerSafehouse=true AdminSafehouse=false SafehouseAllowTrepass=true SafehouseAllowFire=false SafehouseAllowLoot=false SafehouseAllowRespawn=true SafehouseDaySurvivedToClaim=0 SafeHouseRemovalTime=1000 Mod list: Grapeseed;Blackwood;Diederiks Tile Palooza;DylansTiles;tkTiles_01;BedfordFalls;FORTREDSTONE;RavenCreek;WestPointExpansion;1521582441;CrashedCarsMod;ReducedWoodWeight25p41;Advanced Alternative Zombie Loot;1904952813;antiserum;antiserum_beta;Arsenal(26)GunFighter;Authentic Z - Current;Authentic Z - Fashion Montage;autotsartrailers;ATA_Bus;ATA_Mustang_x2;ATA_Jeep_x4;BedfordFalls;Better Belts;Betterhandwash;BetterSortCC;betterLockpicking;BricksWantsWeapons;Brita_2;Brita;CraftHelper41;CustomizableZombies;EasyConfigChucked;MinimalDisplayBars;modoptions;MoreBuild;myclothinguimod;ProfessionFrameworkB41Patch;ReadFasterWhenSitting;Swatpack;ScrapArmor;ScrapArmor(new version);ScrapGuns;ScrapGuns(new version);ScrapWeapons;ScrapWeapons(new version);SimpleConvertToBrita;Smoker;snowiswater;Tactical Weapons;TheWorkshop;TheWorkshop(new version);TMC_TrueActions;TrueActionsDancing;tsarslib;VehicleRecycling;TheStar;svgMCerdato;eris_food_expiry;eris_minimap;eris_minimap_bedford_falls_plugin;eris_minimap_blackwood_plugin;eris_minimap_fort_redstone_plugin;eris_minimap_grapeseed_plugin;eris_minimap_raven_creek_plugin;GRTranslationCN;ForagingBuff01;CNRadioS;EerieCountry
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