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  1. So it appears that gun sound distance has been nerfed a bit but, does anybody have any details as to the new sound radius' in the game, other than Knox County apparently having light switches that are the same dB as whale songs once the sun goes down?
  2. Mandan, I can understand the sentiment of "be nice". I just never really realized those kinds of courtesies were extended to thieves. Maybe it's just my personal experiences in life but, I despise thieves. I guess I assumed if you could buy a gaming PC, you can afford PZ for $10. I honestly didn't realize "scum" was that offensive lol Appreciate you looking into the ban but, don't go out of your way for it. Boogeyman, no warnings. Just banned. I guess that guy had pirated a lot of games lol
  3. Using and breaking spears will level up maintenance pretty quickly, in my experience.
  4. I guess you're not allowed to say stealing is wrong....
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