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  1. This happened before aswell. I don't exactly remember which version, but at least since the start of b41. Hard to give any specifics on this because it does happen somewhat randomly but loading in larger groups of zombies while driving seems to make especially the passenger susceptible. Crashes on foot or driving your own car are much less frequent in my experience.
  2. I'll add: to circumvent this issue you can also simply mkdir Zomboid/mods That should also solve the issue, the folder goes unused anyway.
  3. I believe that for the Crawler/Shambler/Sprinter distribution and a chance of high zombie Cognition you need a mod called Random Zombies. Vanilla only has global settings for all zombies if I recall correctly, no option for chance/distribution.
  4. Unsure if that is the cause either way you can set "Blood Decals" to "NONE" in Zomboid display settings under Rendering and Performance. Perhaps increasing the memory value (-Xmx) in your ProjectZomboid64.json might also help if you haven't done that yet. Shooting a bit in the dark here though, someone is probably able to help you better if you give an error log instead of hearsay and if it's related to the mods you should probably ask them (although I have no such issues with those mods).
  5. For future reference, if you wish to do this with screen use "screen -S pzserver -X stuff "Save^M"" and Quit^M respectively. I'll admit it's slightly janky as there is no sanity check but right now you were telling screen to quit, not pzomboid. Stuff lets you pass commands as if you were typing in the terminal. (the ^M is emulating an enter)
  6. Hey everyone, We're playing Project Zomboid 41 with 4-5 people on a dedicated server. For almost 2 weeks it has gone rather smooth, up until the last 2 days. Now we've been experiencing disconnects when in larger towns. 3 of us have disconnected various times both on foot and driving. It has happened quite a few times in a row (and is quite hard when fighting off a horde of zombies or driving over the highway near Muldraugh). The following client-side error causes the disconnect: Exception thrown java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "zombie.iso.IsoGridSquare.getX()" because "this.square" is null at IsoObject.getX line:3026.. Is anyone familiar with what could cause this error? Could it be related to the server running out of resources when dealing with all the entities in a larger town? Thank you in advance,
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