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  1. I believe in debug mode it will show up automatically if you have break on error on. A stacktrace + file the error originated in should be included there if I remember correctly!
  2. Hey, The install instructions on the wiki are still up to date I believe. You'd need to do everything under "linux". To get SteamCMD on Debian you'll have to follow the instructions here under "Note: If you are using Debian 11 or higher" to add non-free repositories before following the instructions on the wiki.
  3. Hey! I completely forgot about your question about storage! Zomboid will mostly be writing and reading from the same set of files (the save/map information). But yes the saves and actual game files are already split by zomboid. You'll find the gamefiles whereever you installed zomboid with steamcmd and the server/saves in ~/Zomboid. I believe you can change the Zomboid location using the -cachedir= launch option. I quickly checked disk utilization for you. I run on nvme (can't remember the model right now) and loading into a new, fresh, chunk peaked around 2MB/s read and write for less than a second (more limited by the iotop refreshrate I imagine). Worst case scenario I can imagine is all 32 of your players entering a new chunk at the exact same time. Although another bottleneck might hit you at that point. Of course writing becomes less and less important as players explore more, but using this I suppose you can see if the 15% hit from encryption is workable. I can't comment on that. I'll also add: my game files take up about 14.4GB, my current savefiles about 7GB. But the latter heavily depends on your server/backup tendencies. Good pick on proxmox, by the way! Use that on my main server as well!
  4. 1 - I run a 6 core, Zomboid seems to prefer 2-3 cores but will use all 6 under heavy use. Generally higher clockspeed is preferable over more cores on comparable processors for game servers. But more importantly processor architecture matters way more nowadays, gone are the days of the GHz race. Pick the newest if you want performance. There are not many tests carried out for 'optimal' as far as I'm aware. There do be some variables and you'd need a lot of hardware. Such is the life of server hosting. Last I read it was recommended to have 2GB + players * 0.5 in memory. I run nowhere near 32 players, no idea how well it scales. Don't be too worried about RAM frequency, servers often run ECC memory which is a tad slower anyway at standard JEDEC speeds. I think you'd have to run a pretty strange setup to run into massive memory speed bottlenecks. 2 - Linux has less overhead, that is an advantage. I doubt there'd be much difference for actual server performance but on windows you'd need to add a bit more RAM. If you are completely unfamiliar with linux and terminal, probably go for Ubuntu Server and prepare for a lot of googling. Main advantage of Ubuntu over Debian is it's a bit less barebones and not so outdated on the package management side. Not really an issue but nicer if you're new. Regardless go for a well supported distribution/OS. I'm sure there are some small distributions that try and lure people in with promises of bare essentials and highest performance but you will require some help and an answer to a question at some point. That is a lot easier when you can just google "Debian steam.sh spitting out error X". 3 - No idea. The ping/latency problems should be negligible though. 4 - You really don't need third party software. But if you want there are some examples on these forums of discord bots, third party apps and whatnot. Personally I just use a small bash script to check/start/stop/update the server. You really don't need much at all, CRON or Windows Task Scheduler will do the heavy lifting for you. If you are unsure about this I would highly recommend just dipping your toes in the water, host a small server just for yourself and/or some friends, get familiar with the ins and outs of your chosen setup. Afterwards you can always scale it up, make it more complicated/convenient (those two go hand in hand) and invest more money in to it if needed.
  5. Hey! There are various settings you might want to look at! SleepAllowed=true SleepNeeded=false TrashDeleteAll=true Setting these settings like that allows you to sleep (but you don't need to sleep) and allows you to delete items in the garbage bin! I'm not entirely sure where you'd find the settings when you start the server from the Host button, but they'll also be found in Zomboid\Server\<servername>.ini
  6. Hey, did you make sure to update the ProjectZomboid64.json to allow the server to actually use more memory? If you havent you'll need to update the -Xmx flag in Zomboid/ProjectZomboid64.json. The default is indeed 8G.
  7. Customizable Zombies is on hiatus and wont be updated I believe, Random Zombies is an alternative with the same functionality that you might want to take a look at!
  8. We're not trying to normalise anything or put any conspiracy spin on it. It is just the most likely thing that happened and we're trying to help you. Of course you can consider this a stupid feature but let's please not come at each other. A moderator confirmed it in this post (this also includes the oddity with the closing sound you mentioned): Someone else confirmed it with their own research in this post: You can check if these line up with your own experiences!
  9. What GKuba is saying is that your door never closed in the first place. There is no indication of this but you can interrupt the door 'closing' and the game will consider it open. Even if you are able to drive around your door might still be open. Which is effectively what happened to you. It is unfortunate that currently we lack a visual indicator for this.
  10. This happened before aswell. I don't exactly remember which version, but at least since the start of b41. Hard to give any specifics on this because it does happen somewhat randomly but loading in larger groups of zombies while driving seems to make especially the passenger susceptible. Crashes on foot or driving your own car are much less frequent in my experience.
  11. I'll add: to circumvent this issue you can also simply mkdir Zomboid/mods That should also solve the issue, the folder goes unused anyway.
  12. I believe that for the Crawler/Shambler/Sprinter distribution and a chance of high zombie Cognition you need a mod called Random Zombies. Vanilla only has global settings for all zombies if I recall correctly, no option for chance/distribution.
  13. Unsure if that is the cause either way you can set "Blood Decals" to "NONE" in Zomboid display settings under Rendering and Performance. Perhaps increasing the memory value (-Xmx) in your ProjectZomboid64.json might also help if you haven't done that yet. Shooting a bit in the dark here though, someone is probably able to help you better if you give an error log instead of hearsay and if it's related to the mods you should probably ask them (although I have no such issues with those mods).
  14. For future reference, if you wish to do this with screen use "screen -S pzserver -X stuff "Save^M"" and Quit^M respectively. I'll admit it's slightly janky as there is no sanity check but right now you were telling screen to quit, not pzomboid. Stuff lets you pass commands as if you were typing in the terminal. (the ^M is emulating an enter)
  15. Hey everyone, We're playing Project Zomboid 41 with 4-5 people on a dedicated server. For almost 2 weeks it has gone rather smooth, up until the last 2 days. Now we've been experiencing disconnects when in larger towns. 3 of us have disconnected various times both on foot and driving. It has happened quite a few times in a row (and is quite hard when fighting off a horde of zombies or driving over the highway near Muldraugh). The following client-side error causes the disconnect: Exception thrown java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "zombie.iso.IsoGridSquare.getX()" because "this.square" is null at IsoObject.getX line:3026.. Is anyone familiar with what could cause this error? Could it be related to the server running out of resources when dealing with all the entities in a larger town? Thank you in advance,
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