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  1. Why hello! Here to help me once more, you amazing person. Well unfortunately .setLookAngleRadians was no where to be found. Instead, I just asked my friend to join me so he could blend in with the zombies and film me
  2. I did manage to find this, but I am not exactly sure what I must tweak to allow myself to look behind me
  3. I am trying to make a short clip where a guy is chased by a massive horde, and I wish to get a nice view of the horde chasing him without having to turn around. So.... 1. Is there a file I can tweak to expand this cone of vision to 360 view? If not, 2. Is there a file I can tweak to expand the range for "keen hearing" trait? Thank you in advance.
  4. I actually decided to go with that autohotkey scream because that alone works like a charm! I will however use that clock idea if I ever make a sequel where I attract larger zombie horde
  5. If everything else fails this is definetely something I'll try so thanks! Right now I'm working on making alarm clocks that are really loud Now I managed to change the volume by editing SoundRadius, but unfortunately alarm clocks only ring for 30minutes(ingame) at best. Is there anyway I could increase the alarm ringing duration?
  6. Oof that sucks. How about make chopper stick around forever? Is that possible? EDIT: ooooor I could make the wristwatch alarm really loud, where will I be able to find files for that?
  7. Whoa, didn't expect anyone to recognize me here. Hi! Yes what I want is the "extreme" version of that feature. I want to dial that up to the point that EVERY ZOMBIE IN THE MAP can hear and start chasing me so I basically have no where to hide. It's a little challenge I want to try (and make a video out of). Is there some sort of an in-game file I can meddle with?
  8. Unfortunately I know very little about modding, but I would like to know how to amplify footstep noise ridiculously high so all the zombies in the world can hear and chase player ALL THE TIME. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
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