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  1. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I didn't see it going back to December. Last night I was relaxing in the rec room on the second floor of the Rosewood FD, waiting for the evening episode of Life and Living to come on. At around 1600, I heard the helicopter. Perfect! I had already been inside for about an hour and all the windows had sheets over them. I continued to read and wait for the show. But an hour went by and I could still hear the chopper overhead. Probably not a good thing. At 1750, I heard glass breaking downstairs over the continued sound of the chopper. Yup, time to go! It was a harrowing experience, as I was already tired, and the chopper followed me until 2100, so a full 5 hours of the stupid thing overhead. But after an uncomfortable night's sleep in the chair in the projector room of the drive-in, and dodging a couple hordes on the way back, I made it back to the deserted station. But how is it that the helicopter spotted me? As I said, I had been inside for well over an hour prior to hearing it. The second floor has 4 windows in front, and all of them were covered. I did have the lights on, and I discovered that my exit window was open. But the TV was on low (and not broadcasting anything), and I was sitting reading several squares away from the window.
  2. Ah thanks. I should have thought about a desktop shortcut.
  3. These definitely aren't bugs or issues with the game itself, but I'm wondering if there are ways to turn off two click-through boxes as the game loads. I'm playing on Steam, and I always get an option to either "Play Project Zomboid" or "Alternate Launch (May work when default fails). I've never had an issue with the game crashing, so I'd love to be able to turn that off, but I don't see that as an option anywhere in Steam. The second is the notice that pops up on the main menu, welcoming everyone to the current build and that they strongly suggest playing multiplayer on a whitelisted server or with friends. I pretty much only play solo, but even if I did play multiplayer, I think I've got the message! Is there any way to turn that message off? Again, it's just two things to click through, and not the end of the world if I have to keep doing it. Just one of those "it would be nice" sort of things. Edit: And in finally testing, I just realized that you don't even need to click through the second one. The menu options are available without clicking on the okay there.
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