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  1. Got a new community going in-game and on the discord now, really nice to see! Made some small adjustments to the first server: - Loot respawn was introduced and re-balanced to support the increased player capacity. - Players can now trash unwanted items - Adjusted the zombie corpse time
  2. Hi all, We opened up a new dedicated server (Intel Xeon, SSDs, 64gb ram) to support our Project Zomboid setup. Currently one server but more will follow shortly, modded, PVP etc [SG] Survival Gamers | PVE | Dedicated Server EU | Vanilla IP: Vanilla (no mods) 50 slots 2xp Starting Kit Safe house protection Player Factions Fast Read Loot Respawn Server Two: PVE Modded - more details soon Server Three: PVP - more details soon Looking to build up a community around this, come help build the community: https://discord.gg/axBwzy2kp5
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