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  1. I can only use things that are fresh in recipes. If they are less then fresh they can't be used in roasts, salads etc.
  2. Yeah, looks like it's the same for me. But the strange thing is that people I play with in multiplayer can use ingredients with not enough hunger value left for me to use, so they can for example make a roast with cabbages that I can't use. In this example he used a cabbage that I previously used and now had a remaining hunger value of -12. He could add it to the roast but not me. I have cooking skill 5 and he 3, so it can't be the cooking skill.
  3. I have the same issue. The strange thing is that some people I play with in multiplayer are able to add food I can't.
  4. I've given the same roast or pie, that I couldn't add some ingredients to, to a friend in MP and he could add them, so looks more like it's local on my computer or something else. I've also tried with two different characters and they both had the same problem.
  5. This is a strange issue as it only seems to affect some people, not everyone. Is it something local or does it depend on what skills and profession you have?
  6. I'm having the same issue. Especially with foraged food like mushrooms, cherries and wild onions for example. Also with fish caught with fishing rods. And rodent meat. Canned food and regular meat seems to be fine and working. I haven't tried self-farmed vegetables yet. I'm playing multiplayer with mods. Edit: A person I'm playing with can add ingredients to the same roast I can't add to. He put it in his inventory and can then add. But I could first add stuff to a roast, later when I tried I, for a different roast, I couldn't add the same ingredient, self-farmed potatoes and radishes in this case.
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