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  1. There is a way to give yourself admin but im not sure i could explain it perfectly to be honest. One way involves editing a file in Zomboid folder in the C drive with a different program to do it and the other way i know of is when u make a fresh new server it asks u to make a admin name and password the first time u you the server.
  2. Alright so i was testing a theory and i dont know if there is any way for u to incorporate this into a feature in the server manager but i found out a way to get around the un subscribe and re sub to make server work. When a mod gets updated your Manager updates it fine, it just dont get carried over into the games install location which causes the workshop error and only way to fix it was to un sub then sub back to mod. Well there is another way to do it, u can do a validate files check on the game and it will auto download the mods and update them that way. So that made me think that maybe there is a bat script out there that can be used to do that and sure enough there is so if u had a way to include a function to validate the files in PZ install directory of main game then would be no need to do the un sub sub thing using ur manager. So way i tested it was, saw a mod got updated, waited for your program to update it, server restarted and then i got the error, so i validated my files for PZ game and it downloaded the one it needed and then i started server and bam it worked just fine. Would have to include a function to auto close game too as cant validate files while game is running but thought i share that info with u to fix steams issue. So in short > Mod gets updated > server shuts down > shutdown game if running > update mods > run validate file check on Project Zomboid game install directory > start server. That should fix the steam issue. Also this is the thread on reddit i came across talking about the batch file for auto validation check.
  3. Alright so steam is still being lame and not updating mods properly it seems as a mod got updated but it didnt seem to carry over onto the server untill i deleted the acf file i believe and force a recheck of the mods and also just now this happened in pic below. Server never actually shut down for one and there was no update for that actual mod as u can see in picture cause i checked and let the timer count down to see if it restarted anyway and it just stayed there on screen and timer went away on the GUI manager. It def works though as it updated mods earlier in day just fine automatically so ya just letting u know. And also would it be possible to get that updater in the pic below to not be main program window when it appears, i noticed when it runs when im in game it causes my screen to flicker as it tries to i guess be main window then back to game, not a biggy just a distraction. Otherwise still working good so just giving updates, not complaining. EDIT. Doing update mods again showing for 3 updates but nothing has been actually updated in steam yet, not sure why its doing that. EDIT 2: Also when a mod gets the mis match version what fixes that for me is the mod being updated through the GUI and if that mis match error happens when trying to join server doing unsub then sub back to said mod seems to fix it, almost wish there was a way for the mod once updated through your program to just be auto copied to the other location, would cure that real quick lol
  4. Oh thats weird so that one mod adds all those? Interesting, i never would have thought that and kinda weird they get placed there, thanks for letting me know though. That had me thinking somethng was wrong with my install of game or something.
  5. Sounds good, i do have one more question as i have a folder that just magically appears for no reason and it has mods downloaded to it and is created on the C drive, here is a pic below, do u know why it gets created for some mods and not all mods and i dont even know why its being created but its def mods for Project Zomboid i just dont get why this folder is being made, ive seen it before and was deleted on previous installs but nothing is set to go there but somehow mods are showing up there and auto creating that Program Folder, nothing is setup in steam to do that either.
  6. Server is in > Y:\PZserver I think i have everything setup right as mods show installed through your manager but sometimes when a mod updates it dont update the mod. The mod in question is skillrecovery journal 2503622437 I think it may be steam issue still but ya like i said i had to manually drag that mod over to be updated as i saw it get downloaded but the update didnt carry over. So im sure its not programs fault. The PZsmanger program is fine where its at by the way? It can have its own folder right?
  7. I have a odd question if anyone that comes here could answer. If u could explain to me step by step how this is suppose to be installed, reason im asking is i feel like i did it right but i am getting little issues but i just wanna firstly make sure i am 100% installing right so if someone could explain from the start as in pretend u just downloaded the files and then explain how and where to put them. Also if i already have steam installed and a server does that matter ? Cause thats my first question is do i point the server manager to my server folder? Like main things i need to know are below. Where does the GUI of the server manager go, does it go in its own folder or the server folder or what exactly? Do i make a new server folder or use a existing one? Do i point the server manager to my default steam install location or create a new for it? Sorry if its obvious to most i just wanna make sure im doing it right is all. No videos or anything out there to watch someone set it up which would be awesome if someone could if they get time as would help me see what im doing wrong. Thanks in advance for any help anyone. EDIT: Seems i may of fixed issue but regardless info be good to have for future people finding this. EDIT 2: Nope issue is stil there, server runs fine, mods install fine but when a mod is updated it fails on the auto update. Like this is what happened, server was running and i saw in the CMD window a player tried to join but it failed which told me a mod had been updated and he got the mis match error probably so i checked and sure enough a mod had updated, so i restarted the server and then i even saw the mod get updated in the CMD log but for some reason i get a error in bright red about a different version being run on server than i have, so i gotta take the updated file and move it manually to the server folder or which ever one was the issue, i dont remember exactly as i was rushing cause people were trying to rejoin, so is this a steam issue still or something i got configured wrong on my end
  8. Also wanted to confirm with you, when you install a mod like FortRedstone, it doesnt change the server.ini setting properly to say Map=FortRedstone;Muldraugh, KY It just stays the same, not a big deal as i always check that setting anyway from past issues to make sure its always correct but someone new may not know, not sure why it dont change but just letting you know to help out dont want people thinking something wrong with the mod.
  9. Oh ok ya i have it checked i just assumed it didnt check for updates and install them unless the server got restarted. Like if a mod came out at say 1pm but the server wasnt scheduled to restart untill 5 PM the mod wouldnt get installed untill 5pm when server restarted.
  10. Cool I appreciate it alot, also one more question/favor to ask for future update. Possible to add more restart slots instead of just 2 currently? Would like to have option of restarting every hour or 2 hours as alot of mods get updated through out the day and people who join then leave cant get back in untill a restart happens which forces a update so was trying to write a script to do it through a macro but its a hassle so figure i see if it was possible to add that eventually as you already have 2 slots for restarts so was seeing if could add more or just simply a option to restart every hour, again thank u for the work, makes my life easier managing the server.
  11. Would it be possible in future instead of adding 1 mod at a time to be able to copy all the mods from the list in the ini and paste them and have the Manager download them all at once, would be so awesome and help save alot of time instead of copying 1 at a time? Even have it where it separates them same way in ini when copying with the ; maybe? Just a idea.
  12. Alright will do, thanks for the info and will be donating as i hope u keep this program running and updated as i love it, so thank you again for doing this. Donated also, thank you
  13. Ok so long story short ive managed to fix all my own issues after trial and error so i just have one simple question now if someone could answer, i use alot of mods and is there anyway for the server manager to auto detect the already installed/downloaded mods to show up in the Mods selection when i select mods or do i have to add them 1 by 1 regardless?
  14. Alright so im making some progress. When i start my server i am getting this error below in the cmd window LOG : General , 1640450835455> 48,564,211> RCON: error creating socket on port 27015 ERROR: General , 1640450835456> 48,564,211> java.net.BindException: Address already in use: bind ERROR: General , 1640450835456> 48,564,211> at java.base/sun.nio.ch.Net.bind0(Native Method) ERROR: General , 1640450835456> 48,564,211> at java.base/sun.nio.ch.Net.bind(Unknown Source) ERROR: General , 1640450835456> 48,564,211> at java.base/sun.nio.ch.Net.bind(Unknown Source) ERROR: General , 1640450835456> 48,564,211> at java.base/sun.nio.ch.NioSocketImpl.bind(Unknown Source) ERROR: General , 1640450835456> 48,564,212> at java.base/java.net.ServerSocket.bind(Unknown Source) ERROR: General , 1640450835457> 48,564,212> at java.base/java.net.ServerSocket.bind(Unknown Source) ERROR: General , 1640450835457> 48,564,212> at zombie.network.RCONServer.<init>(RCONServer.java:352) ERROR: General , 1640450835457> 48,564,212> at zombie.network.RCONServer.init(RCONServer.java:393) ERROR: General , 1640450835457> 48,564,212> at zombie.network.GameServer.main(GameServer.java:753) I can fix that error by task killing the port running and then when i start the PZsm.exe it will start fine without freezing untill i pick the Steam and PZserver and start the server then when server starts it will hang again and not respond and the error comes back, if i restart my server without using the PZsm.exe after killing the error from port i dont get the error, i have changed the RCON password too but still dont make the error stop, so i kinda narrowed it down now its just a matter of why. EDIT: So i changed the port in Server.ini to 27016 and that seems to of fixed everything but my question is that ok? Is it fine using that port or does the port have to be 27015? And i dont get no more errors when installing mods but the mods folder is blank even after showing mods installed, it dont show nothing in there
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