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  1. commode7x

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I just noticed that NPK Fertilizer requires that you build a Gardening Bench, which requires NPK Fertilizer. In other words, NPK Fertilizer isn't craftable. Oh, and in regards to my post above, I meant that the other axes don't have Cut Down Tree in the context menu. When you have one of the HC axes equipped and you have a vanilla axe in your inventory, your character will switch to the vanilla axe when Cut Down Tree is available to choose.
  2. commode7x

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hi, another bug to report. The Makeshift Axe doesn't seem to be able to chop trees. Neither does the Survival Axe. I haven't tested the other axes, but it seems like there's an issue with the attribution for some of the axes.
  3. The easy part was getting the infectionlevel lines into the right place function SICDisinfectWound:perform() self.disinfectant:Use(); self.bodyPart:SetInfected(false); self.bodyPart:SetFakeInfected(false); self.character:getBodyDamage():setInf(false); self.character:getBodyDamage():setInfectionLevel(0); self.character:getStats():setStress(self.character:getStats():getStress() + 0.15); self.character:getStats():setPain(50); ISBaseTimedAction.perform(self); end but I still can't figure out how to get a context option displayed.
  4. It'd be nice to be able to do simple things in the game without having to resort to learning Zomboid 101, Zomboid 102, and the extra Zomboid elective courses. The key to making the spikes is the interaction portion of it. The difficulty lies in making it work with the rest of the game. There's really no plug'n'play style guide for the game due to the relative lack of interest in the game compared to how much content it has.
  5. I really wish I knew how to work the codemagic. I'm a total non-programmer, so bear with my noobishness for a moment. Essentially, I want the player to not have to apply the disinfectant on an open wound, since after bandaging it the first time, you can no longer apply disinfectant. How do I allow the player to drink the diluted bleach? I've tried to get the age-old Cure-Z and see what I could reverse engineer from that, but it's been down for near a year, now. Damnit, why is coding so hard?! It's too bad that this isn't one of those problems you can just throw money at. I've been able to narrow it down to if item:getType() == "DilutedBleach" or string.find(item:getType(),"GrainAlcohol") then if #bodyDamaged > 0 then context:addOption("Disinfect", items, SICmodUIMenu.disinfectWound, player, item); for x,y in ipairs(bodyDamaged) do subMenuDisinfect:addOption(BodyPartType.getDisplayName(y:getType()), items, SICmodUIMenu.disinfectWound, y, item); but I don't know how to get it to actually display "Disinfect" as a context menu option.
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