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  1. 41.65 Multiplayer Dedicated No Reproduction steps: Cannot reproduce it. It just happens very often. Everyone except the leader after some time gets kicked out of the safehouse, causing noone being able to open crates or loot(this should also not be happening as safehouse protection is only turned on after safehouse members are offline). This happened 4 times within an hour yesterday, with everyone in the safehouse being online.
  2. • 41.65 • Multiplayer. • Dedicated • No. • Reproduction steps: 1. Place any container similar to a flight case, gun case or plastic bag on the floor using the place item button. 2. Put in anything you want duped. Items that turn into other items (such as nails which can be opened and boxed up again and ammo with the same) work the best. Weapons or items do also duplicate, but once combined with each other turn into one again. This allows for many players to have copies of one item, as long as it doesnt combine back again. 3. Log out and log in to the server. 4. Take the item out of the container, if its items that can turn into other items, for example ammo, it can be unboxed, then reboxed, which makes it into a brand new item and can be now combined with the original item, doubling the amount of items. 5.Log out and log in again. The items you took out should now respawn back in the container, with the duplicates in your inventory. This can be repeated as much as you want, which can end up with hundreds of rounds of ammo or amounts of useful ites such as nails. Please fix IndieStone.
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