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  1. Hello, I see that Korean translation hasn't been updated for a while so I am willing to contribute on what I can. My Github name is AlexLYH.
  2. Alex_Lee

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Thank you for the update! Hydrocraft features huge amount of stuff that improves the gameplay overall. Perhaps in the future, I hope devs adds features like this mod.
  3. Multiplayer does indeed use same panel as singleplayer but it won't work since the game refreshes lua while joining a server. Server should add the mod so you can actually use it.
  4. Really nice mod, I hope PZ can feature this kind of melee/weapon balancing in future updates.
  5. Alex_Lee

    Hydrocraft Mod

    -snip- unimportant suggestion
  6. Are the translations updated for v31 yet? I just tried it out and main menu had missing translations along with some items like canned corn and keys.
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