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  1. Ok I tested this without mods and was not able to reproduce it so I guess it is a mod that is causing it. Apologies and I guess u can disregard it. Thanks for your time. Will test next time without mods before reporting. Thanks for your time.
  2. When I had it happen to me the tv was on but the tv show had not started yet. It was 5:30am and again at 11:30am and again at 17:30 am and I exited the game out to the menu. The first time it happened it was just a coincidence and it was at 5:30am game time. But when I logged back in the cooking show started playing immediately when I logged back in and gave me cooking XP. Then at 6:00am game time the cooking show came on again and gave me cooking XP. So at 11:30am I quit out to the menu and logged back in and when I logged in immediately the cooking show started playing and gave me cooking XP again. And then at 12:00PM carpentry came on and gave me carpentry XP. The pattern repeated At each show time if I logout to the menu and log back in right before the show times. I am using some mods. I can test without mods as well which I will do right now but this is the pattern.
  3. The temporary fix for this is to turn off the anti-cheat mechanics in the server.ini file at the bottom of the file. That seems to fix this issue.
  4. Yeah I should have been more specific, sorry. When u start a new game if u log out of the game at 5:30am game time and 11:30am game time and 17:30 game time and then log back in the cooking show will come on when u log back in giving U cooking XP. Then the normal TV show will come on at the proper time giving u the cooking, carpentry and foraging/farming etc XP that u normally get. It’s giving you extra Cooking XP. Every time u log out and log back in at those times. Does that make sense?
  5. If u log out from a single player game at 5:30am game time and 11:30am game time and 17:30 pm game time and log back in the cooking show will come on and give you extra cooking XP.
  6. Ok I did a new start with no mods and got XP from TV shows so it’s a mod issue. I also did a start with some mods from scratch and did get XP so it’s a certain mod issue u can go ahead and close this issue. It must be a certain mod that is causing the issue. Thanks.
  7. I did not do this for ALL the mods… it’s a LOT OF MODS LOL! will do that and try again. Thanks I will also test a new fresh save. It’s possibly just that save. If so it’s not the end of the world….no pun intended, yeah it was intended! LoL!
  8. The shows are the 6am cooking show and the 12pm carpentry show.
  9. I opened up the build menu by clicking B and clicked in the filter all check box and the game CTD, crashed to desktop! Hard! Mods are enabled. This is a save from 41.69. After the game reloaded everything in my inventory had been cloned and I had double the items. So it went backwards in time when I reloaded the game and it cloned the items i had in my inventory and put them back into the vehicle that the items were in before the game crashed and I had the items in my inventory as well.
  10. I did a new save in 41.69 and the issue still is occurring no XP from the TV shows.
  11. Yes mods are enabled. I tried disabling certain mods but that didn’t help the issue still occurred. The save is from 41.68.
  12. The issue persists still after relog yes.
  13. This was from a save that was reloaded from version 41.68. Lots of mods loaded from 41.68. The mouse was in the direction that the anamoly is pointing towards. The point of the cone is pointing to where the mouse is.
  14. Watching TV shows is not giving XP in Single Player! Loaded save from 41.68 and watched two shows one at 6am and the other at 12 pm and both did not give XP!
  15. Had the crowbar equipped and was in combat stance and was nimble walking when this visual bug occurred. Dragged mouse to other end of the screen and there is a black line drawn from the character across the screen towards the mouse. See the screen shot.
  16. When you respawn into your safe house after you die there are zombies in your safe house. 9/10 you are dead! Also when you spawn into Multiplayer there are zombies in the start location house that you spawn in so you are pretty much dead as well! Would like that to be fixed as well. Thanks.
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