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  1. Crazy ManMan

    Thunder can start fires and electrocute you

    All of those things are a result of poor planning and are preventable. Sure they kill you unexpectedly the first time, but next time you think ahead and are ready for it. Lightning strike is just random death or injury no matter how much you plan or prepare ahead. It takes the gameplay out of the players hands, and that is not fun it is frustrating.
  2. Crazy ManMan

    Thunder can start fires and electrocute you

    The problem is that this takes control from the players hand and makes RNG the decider of the player's fate, which rather than adding to the challenge mostly just adds to the frustration. I think most of the monotony of late game will be solved once we get a proper NPC system.
  3. Crazy ManMan

    Inverse decay setting for zombies

    Not mutants, just the settings we already have in sandbox, but instead of decay making them go from stronger traits to weaker traits, it would make them go from weaker traits to stronger traits. So for example if you picked weak sense of smell with time they would get bloodhound, etc.
  4. Crazy ManMan

    Inverse decay setting for zombies

    Instead of zombies getting weaker with time I would like a sandbox setting for them to get stronger. Ideally being able to pick and choose how each trait changes with rotting, but I would be happy just for them just getting more and more buffs with time. I find by late game it starts feeling routine and easy to the point that the only hazard is my own carelessness, but early game it is a bit much to max out zombie stats when one does not even have weapons/etc yet. This would be a way to have the best of both worlds.
  5. Crazy ManMan

    Car eyes trait is not working

    I fixed it, it was Post -processing being turned off that caused the problem. Thanks all for the help
  6. Crazy ManMan

    Car eyes trait is not working

    No mods, but thank you for the tip. I have gone through 2 characters with this problem now, so it seem persistent. I will try that though. Thank you! I will try that out.
  7. Crazy ManMan

    Car eyes trait is not working

    So on multiplayer since I can not sleep I always pick cat eyes, but it is still super dark when I pick cat eyes, to where I can not really see what I am doing. I looked at two of my other friends screens that were playing with me and they did not have this problem even though they are next to me on the same server. I have my brightness turned up on my screen and can not find any in game setting that affect this. It appears that the cat eyes trait is simply not functioning on my character for some reason.
  8. Crazy ManMan

    What is the ultimate base location?

    This spot is much like that as well,0.2378681553424685,125.74275284526979 However I almost feel a little cheaty doing that. I like to try and test my skills with actually having to face the zombies.
  9. I always like to try and make a huge walled off area to keep the zeds out indefinitely and find the map has a few places that can accommodate this well. My favorite spots are the lumber mill and the race track. The lumber mill is already mostly walled off, and on top of that all the logs make it hard for zombies to navigate and swarm you when they do break itt. The race track is very large and has only one way in and out, making it easy to defend the whole thing, plus once one is established they are close to the mall, and could theoretically wall off the whole peninsula, making the largest base of all. What are your favorite spots for long term fortifications? Lumber mill:,0.2875918177865238,53.50656387687871 Race Track:,0.2672545046541323,25.803705573340434 The railyard is not a bad choice, but I tend not to go there because it is so far from everything else.,0.32501206844432484,25.803705573340434 The prison is a great spot but takes a bit of grinding to secure so I usually do not go there, the gate community in the same town is also a nice spot, but is small. I have also found the fenced in schools and nearby gated community in another town as very defensible locations.,0.09775550323759125,77.04945198270538
  10. Crazy ManMan

    Welp. No More Sprinting Through Hords.

    Zombies should trip on stairs and maybe even crawl up stairs when they trip too much. It seems something so uncoordinated as a zombie would find stairs a challenge.
  11. Crazy ManMan

    Hunting Weapons Pondering

    Sorry for the delay. You make some good points. What I mean is as population grows, diseases spread more readily and even if those diseases do not kill the deer they do make them inedible, and an untrained person might now know the difference and there would be no DNR to warn anybody or try to contain the spread (and hunting activities can make them spread faster in some cases, from what I have heard). Hunters will also be allowed to use illegal methods to hunt, and any would be survivors would not know how to preserve meat and would waste an awful lot. Additionally one plays as the average Joe in Project Zomboid, meaning they would be chasing all the same dear everybody else is chasing, and not really have better odds than them so what does get caught probably would not be by your character unless they got lucky. I suppose the fact that most people are already dead would help, but at first the radios do mention rioting in the streets/etc and at times of civil unrest in the past poaching and street animal coming up missing is not highly uncommon. I imagine zombies chasing deer around would stress them out, increase odds of disease, and drive them away from populated areas even more. In the long run the deer population would definitely go way up, to the point of environmental damage, but I think in the immediate start of the doomsday the population would go down until they could start reproducing more.
  12. Crazy ManMan

    Hunting Weapons Pondering

    There would not be hunters, but there would be more hungry people around depending on those deer, and potentially diseases spreading unchecked without the DNR around anymore. At first population would likely drop significantly and it could take time for them to repopulate.
  13. Crazy ManMan

    Hunting Weapons Pondering

    I like the idea of hunting, but the longest lasting survivalist is usually the one that traps the best, as even a skilled hunter will always find it difficult. There are many illegal methods of hunting and trapping that the player could theoretically use that would greatly increase their odds, and considering it is the zombie doomsday I do not think they will have to worry about the legal fines for using these methods.
  14. Crazy ManMan

    Ice cream truck

    I would absolutely love to take an Ice cream truck on a joy ride through the zombie infested streets. I think it would be simple enough, re-texture tha ambulance a bit and repurpose the siren as the ice cream truck music. I am not sure about everybody else but I would find great entertainment in it as it would be in a way quite humors, loaded down with guns in a nightmare land blaring ice cream truck music to attract a hoard XD, and it does fit with the time era the game takes place in. I scream! you scream! We all scream! For ice cream!
  15. Crazy ManMan

    Far late game knowledge collelection/specialization

    I like this idea, sort of like a combination between magazines and skill books. I wonder if perhaps there could be certain things that inspire your character's thinking. Seeing certain things in game perhaps have a chance of them thinking of such new ideas and skills. Perhaps some of these could be easter eggs.