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  1. On default settings with no extra traits and without binge eating (which makes you live longer as it heals you faster than infection saps life) it takes 24 in game hours approximately (if you start with full health). I did do the drunk thing once to try it, when you attempt to walk it kind of makes you walk the wrong directions basically. I like the idea of that, and then maybe reduce player visibility, maybe even tint the colors slightly and add a few sounds and affects that are fitting.
  2. So about the cutting off limbs in the walking dead: 


    The whole apocalypse started by an infection so when you die and when you get bitten the infection goes to you and spreads up to your brain. ( If you have watched the episode "TS-19" then you have been explained this already) they immendietly cut off the limb to stop the infection spreading. I understand that loss of blood is a big death situation but this is the only way to stop the infection spreading . They put pressure on the amputated limb and patch it up with a lot of bandages which obviously stops the blood a little. I think it's a little risky but In most occasions where they do this the victim/ patient is an important aspect of the group like

    Hershel: he is a doctor.

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      In the american civil war they did quite a bit of amputations to stop infections and to prevent bleed outs. With a rope one could easily tie off their arm to cut off the circulation quite quickly after getting bitten even if still in combat as long as they could gain a short distance from the zombies. This is after all not too different from what they do in the military when you get shot (though the goal is to reduce bleeding rather than stop infection so they do not cut off the circulation completely just apply a tourniquet)

  3. By this I mean more than just suddenly your survivor falls over and turns, but maybe as time goes they start to slowly hallucinate and hear things, etc (See also how the radio talks about confusion being a symptom in game) as they are more overcome by the infection. I recently watched a zombie short that though it could have used improvements was kind of interesting in that it did just that, the video was about the struggle to keep one's head on their shoulders after being bitten. I have seen other zombie movies do similar as well and it does seem to be an interesting concept. I would like to hear what others think of it as it could pertain to this game. Video is not particularly graphic but may not be for the squeamish!
  4. I fail to see how cutting off a limb is curing anything. Plus cutting off a limb is no small feat and has a low survival rate unless done by one with plenty of medical experience (and post zombie doomsday probably still would have much lower survival rates with improper equipment and sterilization), so I really do not see how this is a huge game changer, nor how it kills the spirit of the game/lore by any means.
  5. Aw Well I am happy as long as it comes out eventually.
  6. Yes, if I had any sort of map making skills I probably would work on it, but i hear they are eventually coming out with a creative mode in which I may get a chance to try to make it.
  7. Looking at it on google maps it really does look like that whole island (long island it is called right?) would be an awesome zombie map. There is the bigger inner city and farther down it gets more thinly populated to where there is even some patches of forest, but the whole island is densely populated enough I would think it would stay challenging. Plus there are so many popential base points, including those little side islands and especially the prison on the smaller island would be an awesome spot to try and set up. Plus since it is a big island there are no hard and fast end of the map spots (unless the parts of new york city off the island are also added in).
  8. plenty of bites are cut off in the show, but it is irrellivent I was responding to a different poster. I am not sure why you are getting so worked up over this, it is the dev's descision ultimately. I feel it would be an imporvment to gameplay and adds a level of realism, you disagree. How much do you know about virology? Also how do you know the zombie infection is even a virus? I have done some research (not a significant amount) on how diseases spread and I am strongly doubtful that one would be infected from virus exposure if they removed the limb within a reasonable amount of time. As stated it takes way more than a single virus cell to infect a person. I already stated my counter points to the rest of what you have said.
  9. True it is not that game, but this is very common among many zombie lore (plural), and the devs are already adding zombies with missing limbs in the next update (who chopped those limbs off? It takes effort to chop limbs off, not something that happens by a miss swing of a survivor). A takes a lot more than a couple of viruses/bateria to infect a person, if all it took was that to get infected and it took hold that quickly it would take much less than a bite to turn. The simplest way to describe how an infection to takes hold the disease needs to hijack a cell and turn it into a factory for replicating itself, then that cell is exhausted and parishes (or is killed by the immune system) and the immune system fights really hard to make sure this happens, none the less a single cell being hijacked is still technically enough to be infected with any disease as long as it can hijack more cells quickly enough, but the odds of being infected from cutting off a limb within a few minutes for any disease that is not so potent that it just touching your skin infects you are likely safe to assume extremely quite slim and zombies appear to not infect no matter how much blood soaks on the survivors skin (human skin is like a sponge and will absorb such contaminants when soaking over time) additionally it takes a full day for infection to kill a player on default settings (not a full minute as blood circulation takes) so I think it is also safe to assume that this zombie disease is not some kind of super bug from space or anything like that, but rather a mostly regular, but deadly disease, like rabies, or that fungi that hijacks ants' brains. This would not prevent the survivor from dying, just like everything in this game it is just prolonging the inevitable (it is not like those limbs grow back after all). This is all assuming one even survives the amputation of course, which is probably hit and miss at best unless one has higher medical skills in which case they may have a decent chance (see also civil war amputations) Handmade prosectics. Peg legs etc, or with the engineer trait perhaps slightly more advanced, or modifying those taken off dead people who had prostetics on/from hospitals. Merle from walking dead anybody? But for the record you would eventually have to cut off the deceased limb, or you will eventually get very sick and die from exposure to rotting flesh.
  10. It seems they have already planned to be able to cut off limbs to avoid infection if I recall correctly, this is essentailly the same thing, the cut off body part goes completely numb with in minutes and begins to die. It is really likely much less painful that just chopping off ones arm entirely. Not really. What if you get bitten other than on the arm or leg, or what if cutting off circulation gets you killed? (A very real possibility) and even if you survive the circulation cut off you can get other nasty fungal infections when the attached body part begins to decay. Plus once that leg/arm is gone you are now at a very sever handicap and it will be much harder to wrap a bite tight enough with just one arm and much harder to escape zombies with just one leg. The additional point is most people would likely simply not think of it in time. The odds of surviving long with a handicap as sever as a missing arm are leg are slim assuming you get bitten there (can not cut off circulation on your neck/torso/etc). The limb with circulation cut off becomes numb and unmovable within minutes if it was done properly. This would be an over all less painful method as the traditional amputation as the cut off circulation means the arm/leg is completely numb. However once you take that wrapping off (and you will have to eventually) and assuming us survive having your circulation cut off (can cause heart failure) this is where the real fun begins, improper ampution of the deceased limb means some dead/rotting cells can still be attached, this is a very bad news for a survivor, especially one without access to a hospital as a whole swath of horrifing infections can be caught this way. Over all it would really be at least as dangerous if not more so than just choppings ones limb off with an axe, which I believe is already planned. I mean that would kind of break immersion IMO human blood takes longer than that to just go through the body than that alone. Most zombie games I have played describe it as creeping up the veins like venom almost. Plus chopping off limbs is common in zombie lore to survive and this is essentially the same thing.
  11. I understand many want to be able to cut off limbs entirely but I think it would make sense to just completely cut off circulation. I remember watching a documentary about a type of snake that causes people to rot from the inside out, the only way to stop it is to wrap above the bite so tighly that the limb/finger/etc dies. Of course it still has to come off as the eventual decay will cause problems, but this seems like something more people would do than immediately chop off their limb. Thoughts?
  12. Wells are not really highly complex things to make. The main thing one has to worry about is if the water is contaminated or not and whether or not there si actually water close enough to the surface where they are currently digging. At least the oldest fashion wells are basically just a hole in the ground with a rock wall holding it open. Hand pump wells are a little more compliceted but if you know how they work are still quite simplistic in nature. The hardest thing about them is the huge amount of work digging a decent hole is.
  13. I think it would be interesting to have some kind of prison escape game, where one spawns in all orange in the prison with very few things to work with (penciles for shanks, etc) and the goal is to escape the prison. It is something I thought was an interesting thought experminet for if zombies were real, and now there is a prison in game. To make it interesting it may require the addition of walls and barricades in different places, possible loot respawning and intentional placement of zombies, as well as possibly some new features to make it make more sense (hacksaw for cutting bars? Or lock picking maybe?)
  14. From what I know about wells they usually fill up pretty quickly if you build them in the correct location, but I am not expert either. I know if I stuck a well in the ground at my house it would fill up within a few minutes as there is plenty of water in our soil. Actually quite ironically if I dug a shallow well it would fill up but if I dug a deep well I would likely hit a sand pocket and it would drain itself, so it is all about location. I think in general though being able to build things in stages is an interesting idea. Maybe more things could have this mechanic.
  15. I assume it would work kind of like how books can be half read in game and do not have to be read all in one sitting anymore.