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  1. Crazy ManMan

    Hunting Weapons Pondering

    Sorry for the delay. You make some good points. What I mean is as population grows, diseases spread more readily and even if those diseases do not kill the deer they do make them inedible, and an untrained person might now know the difference and there would be no DNR to warn anybody or try to contain the spread (and hunting activities can make them spread faster in some cases, from what I have heard). Hunters will also be allowed to use illegal methods to hunt, and any would be survivors would not know how to preserve meat and would waste an awful lot. Additionally one plays as the average Joe in Project Zomboid, meaning they would be chasing all the same dear everybody else is chasing, and not really have better odds than them so what does get caught probably would not be by your character unless they got lucky. I suppose the fact that most people are already dead would help, but at first the radios do mention rioting in the streets/etc and at times of civil unrest in the past poaching and street animal coming up missing is not highly uncommon. I imagine zombies chasing deer around would stress them out, increase odds of disease, and drive them away from populated areas even more. In the long run the deer population would definitely go way up, to the point of environmental damage, but I think in the immediate start of the doomsday the population would go down until they could start reproducing more.
  2. Crazy ManMan

    Hunting Weapons Pondering

    There would not be hunters, but there would be more hungry people around depending on those deer, and potentially diseases spreading unchecked without the DNR around anymore. At first population would likely drop significantly and it could take time for them to repopulate.
  3. Crazy ManMan

    Hunting Weapons Pondering

    I like the idea of hunting, but the longest lasting survivalist is usually the one that traps the best, as even a skilled hunter will always find it difficult. There are many illegal methods of hunting and trapping that the player could theoretically use that would greatly increase their odds, and considering it is the zombie doomsday I do not think they will have to worry about the legal fines for using these methods.
  4. Crazy ManMan

    Ice cream truck

    I would absolutely love to take an Ice cream truck on a joy ride through the zombie infested streets. I think it would be simple enough, re-texture tha ambulance a bit and repurpose the siren as the ice cream truck music. I am not sure about everybody else but I would find great entertainment in it as it would be in a way quite humors, loaded down with guns in a nightmare land blaring ice cream truck music to attract a hoard XD, and it does fit with the time era the game takes place in. I scream! you scream! We all scream! For ice cream!
  5. Crazy ManMan

    Far late game knowledge collelection/specialization

    I like this idea, sort of like a combination between magazines and skill books. I wonder if perhaps there could be certain things that inspire your character's thinking. Seeing certain things in game perhaps have a chance of them thinking of such new ideas and skills. Perhaps some of these could be easter eggs.
  6. I have come to learn that with access to enough books (or in modern time just an internet connection and the knowledge on how to fact check information properly) there really is not anything one can not teach themselves alone with enough time and determination. I think it would be interesting if zomboid had an element similar to this. It somewhat does with the skill magazines and books, but really that is only a scratch on the surface compared to what one can teach themselves over time. I would like to see things like libraries with whealths of information, or very rare to find information that can be valuable, things like the ancient techniques for moving large heavy objects single handedly would be something one could find in a book if they spent enough time looking through books (but mid zombie doomsday it could take a very long time to find this information), many quality of life things such as making water filters out of natural materials would save survivors plenty of time on boiling water, or such rare things as bug cook books could make the easiest source or protein much more palatable. There are countless such examples, my point being that if somebody somewhere knows how to do it, and that information has ever been put into a book (or the internet) then one can most likely teach themselves to do it if they are willing to put in the immense work. Then there is the possibility of also sharing such skills around, much like Technological Disobedience (in Cuba, linked below for explanation). If there were enough options this could also give individual servers unique things about them without requiring modding, as the information available and the skills people specialize in would vary. It would also be a slow process, as only the most skilled players would even live long enough to specialize in anything. This might be a bit much for this game, and I am not certain how well this captures the feel the developers are going for, but I suppose a discussion of the possibility could do not harm and might yield something.
  7. Crazy ManMan

    Car winches

    The only way I know to push cars is to smash into them, which does not work well with the burned out cars either. I developers could fix the problems of taking them out of claimed territory without extreme difficulty, but currently there is no simple way I know of to move burned out cars when they block critical areas by random spawn.
  8. Crazy ManMan

    Scrap metal from cars

    I did not realize it was an option already, thank you for the heads up.
  9. Crazy ManMan

    Car winches

    It is a risky way to do it as if the log or line breaks it is going to come at you like a whip from a cyborg. I have seen what happens when one of those breaks, it can do some hospital level damage. It is even worse if one uses chains instead of rope. It is really handy when in a serious pinch though, such as the zombie doomsday. Perhaps it should be something the engineer knows, or something from a skill book or magazine, as I think the average joe we play as probably would not know this trick by default.
  10. Crazy ManMan

    Car winches

    It can be a bit annoying when a wrecked car spawns right in the wrong spot and about the only way to move them is to wreck another car by ramming into it over and over again. There are a few different winching options, and a crafty person can even make a powerful hand winch with nothing but a strong rope or chain and a few large logs (though if the line breaks expect injuries, especially if a chain is used).
  11. Crazy ManMan

    Scrap metal from cars

    Especially the burnout cars it would be nice to be able to collect metal from them with the blow torch perhaps.
  12. Crazy ManMan

    Obey gravity, it's the law!

    yes. I feel the sky forts ruin the spirit of the game.
  13. Crazy ManMan

    Obey gravity, it's the law!

    I think they will shoot for more and more realism as time goes on but it is important to remember this game is still being made. Additionally they need to find a balance between a game that is fun to play and a game that is realistic.
  14. Crazy ManMan

    Obey gravity, it's the law!

    sounds like it could be a minigame, trying to get to the top first while knocking down the other player if they get ahead.
  15. Crazy ManMan

    Project Zomboid Map Project

    it is those clearings the make to run power lines through so the trees do not grow into the power lines. I think anyway.