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  1. The helicopter presents a unique danger that it usually forces you to abandon your base and find a new one. However the fact that it can somehow spot you when you are indoors is somewhat annoying.
  2. RCs generally are not versatile or heavy duty enough to deliver a usable payload. Anything small enough for an RC one might as well just throw it and run. At least I would think.
  3. The fabric could be sterilized with bleach (or a natural hand made cleaner, like vinager, or antibiotic plants like plantain and dead nettle or even just hot boiling water for a few hours if really needed) then broken down and recycled into new fabrics for clothing. It is not a very hard process, just time consuming. I am pretty sure you can already add clothing to fire pits.
  4. It can also be really disorienting when it happens at the right time. A great example is when you try to secure the prison building in the cells when you secure the bottom floor suddenly zombies from the second floor start raining down behind you closing your exit.
  5. I should not be super common, but common enough that you do not totally forget they can spawn up there. For not it would be primarily on the flat roofs as those are the only roofs that can be walked on of course. I think it would be interesting, and not entirely unrealistic, since I can see survivors (or I guess ex-survivors now) trying to climb to the rooftops as a last ditch effort to not be eaten alive, then dying from bites and turning up there.
  6. Yes I definitely like that. A risk for complications could also be interesting (infections, nerve damage, etc) XD as if corpses coming to life was not strange already things are about to get a whole lot weirder XD
  7. Some of the random skills/recipies/traits that could be really interesting in game or only can be gained through magazines normally might also work as a skill you have a random chance of gaining each time you level a skill, maybe with higher chances for higher level ups. This could be for some of the fishing recipies or trapping recipies for example, or for some new recicpies being added. This way it would not be garunteed one would get it and not everybody could just grind to a skill to get it, but odds are in a group of people one person will get the skill/trait/recicpie. It could be interesting for changing the game around some while playing, so the play through is a little less predicatable.
  8. Yes I think it would be an interesting option for unskilled characters to try (and fail) and I definitely would agree there are much more pertinent things to work on currently. I I also agree it should be really hard to adjust to at first, but not as long as it takes in reality, just as broken bones heal in a week in PZ maybe amputated limbs should take a month to recover fully. XD "somebody's gottah suck out the venom!" XD
  9. Making home made torches is not as hard as one might think as well (but risks fires) Even home made flashlights are quite doable to the life hackers out there:
  10. XD the idea of shames-style survivors from family guy walking around does make me smile, but I was thinking more when Louisville is added and we have access to a large hospital or something similar or extremely rare loot find on corpses or in buildings (like more rare than antibiotics) so that the poor prosthetic would be temporary until one can find a proper one months later or if they have the skill, XP, and supplies, at the major hospitals. An engineer could probably figure out how to re-fit a prosthetic pretty easily (even if it is done improperly it can still be used, it will just cause pain). I feel like all peg survivors would not be common since the odds of being bitten on all four limbs and no where else are pretty slim plus they could increase the handicaps even further for additional missing limbs (or make the mortality rate high enough for amputation that it is simply unlikely to survive all four limbs coming off). Personally I kind of like to drag out my survivors death as long as possible at least sometimes, just to see what I can get away with, especially when I am playing to just kill as many zombies as I can, where a blunt knife for an arm might actually be useful. I sometimes go 'no base challenge' where I do not build or barricade anything, sometimes not even moving furniture around, which means mostly killing all hostiles to survivor, but very carefully over months of in-game time. Yes there are definitely many things I would like to see worked on before this if it is added at all. Even as just a mod this could be interesting
  11. Because with a prosthetic one could still do most of those things after taking time to get used to adjust to it. It would be bad at first but after a while one would still be able to do a pretty decent range of things, especially if it is a decent prosthetic and not just a hand made arm claw. There are plenty of people who can do quite a bit more than the average joe with no legs or just one arm, with a proper prosthetic designed for running one can run faster than the average joe for longer because of the spring like action in the prosthetic (this is why those with prosthetic legs are no longer allowed to run in normal marathons). Sorry if I came off a little hostile, re-reading my comment I think it came off as much more hostile than I intended. I agree it could be really challenging to program, and I am not know really anything about programming, but I just feel like it happens often on this forum where an idea is written off just because people think it is hard to program.
  12. IDK if I agree, when they cut out a tumor it is not called a cure for cancer, when the cut off a leg infected by polio it is not typically considered a cure, treatment maybe. I mean looking it up by the technical definition I guess you could say that, but I do not think most consider that curing anything as it is not removing the infection from the cells or body parts, it is just removing the body parts and cells that are infected. You have a good point and I do understand it is quite a bit of work, but I do not understand why this is even something people bring up in a suggestion threads. Is that not the developers decision on whether or not they want to do that work? All that matters ins a suggestion thread is whether or not the suggestion would improve game-play IMO. Plus that I am aware of amputation is already planned, so this is just taking it a step further.
  13. On default settings with no extra traits and without binge eating (which makes you live longer as it heals you faster than infection saps life) it takes 24 in game hours approximately (if you start with full health). I did do the drunk thing once to try it, when you attempt to walk it kind of makes you walk the wrong directions basically. I like the idea of that, and then maybe reduce player visibility, maybe even tint the colors slightly and add a few sounds and affects that are fitting.
  14. By this I mean more than just suddenly your survivor falls over and turns, but maybe as time goes they start to slowly hallucinate and hear things, etc (See also how the radio talks about confusion being a symptom in game) as they are more overcome by the infection. I recently watched a zombie short that though it could have used improvements was kind of interesting in that it did just that, the video was about the struggle to keep one's head on their shoulders after being bitten. I have seen other zombie movies do similar as well and it does seem to be an interesting concept. I would like to hear what others think of it as it could pertain to this game. Video is not particularly graphic but may not be for the squeamish!
  15. I fail to see how cutting off a limb is curing anything. Plus cutting off a limb is no small feat and has a low survival rate unless done by one with plenty of medical experience (and post zombie doomsday probably still would have much lower survival rates with improper equipment and sterilization), so I really do not see how this is a huge game changer, nor how it kills the spirit of the game/lore by any means.