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  1. New york city map

    I can agree that it is unlikely but not impossible as you seem say. There are other huge projects in Minecraft that were made entirely by volunteer work as well, such as the replica of the city (I can not remember which city) and a few other huge things I have seen. Plus when the creative mode comes out if that is still planned it will be much easier, especially if it has useful tools for making short cuts so each piece does not need to be place individually (such as pre-designed buildings, or building generators).
  2. New york city map

    I have seen people doing bigger projects in other games. Somebody made a 1;1 scale replica of an entire small country in Minecraft. They use it for education purposes in schools now.
  3. Project Zomboid Map Project

    it usually gets updated after a little while when new maps segments are added.
  4. Snoring trait

    If they are going to start implementing various psychological conditions though, I believe it is important they do it realistically to how the conditions are. After all the game is about realism, and spreading myths about these things is generally a culture no-no anyway.
  5. Snoring trait

    Draws nearby zombies to you while you sleep. Possibly varying severity of snoring even.
  6. TV/radio buildings

    yeah it probably is not something to add until late game. Even with active satellites I am not sure how much skill it takes to use those, but local broadcasting is very do-able with a bit of know how. Satellites can in theory function for thousands of years without maintenance but there is an amount of luck required for that to happen.
  7. TV/radio buildings

    Even after the zombie doomsday they could still function with power and one with sufficient skill could even make a broadcasting antennae. After the the collapse of everything only local channels would work and only with TVs that have antenna or build in receivers. Contrary to popular belief this is something that still works to modern day (I own a pair of antenna). It would be interesting to be able to secure these buildings or loot them and set up shop elsewhere even. When NPCs are added maybe even have them able to recognize you if they had seen you on the television or heard your voice on the radio.
  8. Game Mode: Tower defence

    It could be interesting, have a points system for each zombie killed that you spend to make towers and add NPCs (that do not move or think) on top with various weapons or stand on the ground. The zombies gradually work there way across an area before coming up the stairs killing off the towers (and you). Perhaps even have it multiple stories high to make it more interesting.

    *story spoilers*
  10. three seasons crop roation

    I recently bought a book "the year round vegetable gardener" which explains how to have fresh crops all year round from you home garden. Reading up on it is seems simple enough that any experienced gardener could easily do it even mid zombies doomsday, or at least they could do it just as easily as regular single season gardening. The hardest part mid zombie doomsday would be collecting the many different types of seeds required to have a constant supply of fresh fruits and veggies for each growing season (warm, cool, and cold are the three it identifies in the book). The rest is just tarps, plastics, and metal wires like you can find in most anywhere. The author who wrote the book does it in Nova Scotia, Canada where the winter is much harsher than in Kentucky so I see no reason it would not work anywhere in the USA with minor adaptations.
  11. Noise

    I think at least some sort of mumble speech would be interesting, sort of like how a TV or Radio sounds when it is in the other room where you can not quite make out what is being said and then just regular subtitles.
  12. Psychopath triat

    That is interesting that you can block out pain and not the only case of I have heard of such but I am not sure if that is actually linked to sociopathy and I am not educated enough on the subject yet to make a statement either way. It is true that it may be a challenge to balance out. If they can find a way to do so it would be interesting. Perhaps it can be like the short fuse trait that was removed I assume until NPCs are added into the game, as psychopaths can have social struggles with some personality types from my understanding (depending on the specific psychopath's personality as well of course). If there was a way to make it so the boredom could not just be ignored that could potentially be a fix I suppose.
  13. Psychopath triat

    That I am aware of one can only become a sociopath at a young age and if they have a specific genetic mutation. It causes the growth of their amygdula (part of the brain) to become stunted so their sense of empathy and ability to feel emotions is lessened. When one is an adult that part of their brain is already developed, however I can say from first hand experience sever trauma can cause long term emotional numbness which provides a strong advantage for some time but is very challenging to overcome and can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts if the situation does not improve after some time. Psychopaths are capable of feeling a wide array of emotions just at a much weaker strength than most, however they are fully incapable of feeling some feelings, this includes guilt, depression, emotional love/bonding, panic, mournfulness, low self esteem and I think a few others I can not remember off the top of my head. That I am aware of they feel physical pain normally but I never asked, however they do not experience emotional trauma so the pain would somewhat less challenging in that aspect, Most of the struggles I imagine a psychopath would face are some struggles in social situations and the bordem can actually be very dangerous in a long term survival situation, as they get increasingly bored their lack of fear will cause them to take higher and higher risks in order to stave off bordem and their lack of fear can also cause them to underestimate just how dangerous a threat is, which can be fatal. Pyshcopaths would likely have a big advantage in some ways, but they certainly would not be without their own struggles. It would likely need to be an expensive trait.
  14. Psychopath triat

    To me this sounds much more like sociopathy than psychopathy. A person is born a psychopath, they can not become one, where as a sociopath is generally caused by extreme trauma in early childhood. The two are similar but have some major differences (I am not educated enough on the subject to tell you exactly what the difference are. I can however link you to the profiles of a few psychopaths on a different site I have spoken with if you wish to do your own digging. They are open about it on this site so I am not giving away their secrets or anything. A number of them have clinical diagnosis.). A psychopath is also completely incapable of emotional love, no matter how well they know a person or how loyal they are to them or how much they respect them (from my understanding for a psychopath respect is essentially 'the law of the land' instead of empathy like many neurotypicals, but they can experience their own version of love which from my limited understanding is basically a form of strong respect [but I am not educated enough to say if that is accurate or not]). From what I have heard from the psychopaths I have interacted with if something is against their moral code they will not even consider it, simply because it would defeat the entire purpose of their moral code, but what their moral code is and what they are willing to do and sacrifice is of course dependent heavily on the individual person. They are not capable of moral dilemmas that I am aware of. There would certainly be some challenges unique to psychopaths in a zombie doomsday, but over all it could be a strong advantage depending on their own personality and moral beliefs. Part of the problem with your response is it is virtually impossible to be certain of psychopathy without a brain scan so without having it clinically diagnosed it is hard to be sure that this is an accurate account of sociopathy, however it does seem to be a useful account of how you feel about things and does not sound like an inaccurate description based on my limited knowledge. I very much appreciate that you took the time to respond and share with us.
  15. Hoard "roar"

    Similar to that hoard call in L4D2 when enough zombies are alerted to a survivor they all make their sounds at the same time creating what could be a chilling roar of commotion and perhaps even alert more zombies. This might be more fitting as a sandbox setting (perhaps going along with a previous suggestion with zombie communication settings which I will link) I am sure most if no all of us are famriliar with Left 4 Dead but in case some are not, here is what I am talking about.