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  1. I do not think so, the map is still completely up to date I am pretty sure. I think there just has not been changes to the map in a bit.
  2. scabs and cuts growing bigger over time, eventually bones and guts and muscle tissue showing, and hair getting patchier, etc would be nice touches.
  3. I do like what is done with the new sounds and as they are I would call them quality. If anything I think they could be made even more "over the top" with a bit more variety (there are some really great sounds I have heard that in order to replicate actually require breathing in while making the sound, and tensing the throat muscles a certain way, to make sort of a deep screechy/growly sound that can be quite hair raising if done correctly, it is one of the sound affects i am best at actually :D) and personally I find the most skin crawling zombie lore are those that the zombies have almost vaguely human sounding sound, but off in just the right way. Sort of the "uncanny valley" but instead of faces it is sounds. A personal favorite of mine is the almost human screams some lore has used. Edit: for best affects the almost human sounds I have heard usually are used sparingly, like when they make an almost human scream when killed it can actually be quite skin crawling. Or I recall in dying light occasionally a zombie would half "snap out" of it and shout something before going full attack mode again which gave a sort of creepy feel to the zombies, like there was somebody still in there maybe.
  4. Perhaps only a skill that can be unlocked when one levels farming up enough, hugh intensity gardening can grow a ton of food in a small space. However it does not produce the same amount of seeds as used and with so many plants close together can come with pets and disease risks. A worthy gamble for somebody that is skilled enough to manage and has plenty of seeds though. It has an added bonus of being able to continually harvested from from a whole season if planted properly. Additionally even to places as cold as Canada is is possible to farm foods straight through the winter with a few simple tricks. Hoop tunnels and cold frames are the primary methods but there are litterally whole books on strategies for this. Again this would be something that I think should require leveled up farming, for balancing purposes. Here is the book I am reading on the topic.
  5. When you get hungry (or if you just like to snack, like me when I am gardening) weeds are not off the table. Long before the first seeds are planted there is the early spring weed veggie harvest that continues through most of the year into late fall (and even through winter if you do not mind digging up roots in the frozen earth). In fact there is quite a large variety of common garden weeds that are not only safe to eat, they are delicious and packed with nutrients. Some, like the most common species of north american wood sorrel (a delicious lemony flavor, one of my favorite garden weeds) or bitter dock, you can not eat too much at once due to the oxalic acid risking kidney stones, though you can eat more bitter dock if it is boiled and rinsed a few times to remove most of the oxalic acid, but others like purslane or dandelions you can eat as much as you want straight from the garden as long as they are clean. Perhaps after a certain skill level, or if one has read the foraging magazine, then they can find these plants randomly while checking the garden status. The specific plants depend on your area and there are litterally hundreds to pick from, but here are some of the common ones: Additionally many plant seeds are edible, many common garden plant seeds are perfectly safe to eat (though if you bought them from the store please do not eat them! The seeds are often coated in poison to keep mice out). There have been cases during starvation periods that seeds became the primary food source. On top of this many flowers and sometimes even the stems, roots, and other "waste" from the garden that is usually thrown in the composter or ignored is actually edible, though some things require cooking to prep. Squash flowers are a great example, some people will pollinate the female flower and then eat the male flowers afterwords, for a bonus snack since the male flowers will grow no fruit anyway. Then come microgreens. If you have plenty of extra seeds, microgreens are an easy and fast food source that takes but days to get ready, but produce no seeds in return. Some common garden pests like certain species of beetles are also edible if one can get over the ultimately purely learned stigma, they should be cooked first though (the same as with any meat, though bug meat is actually safer than most other meats, due to how distantly related they are making most diseases non-communicable to us, and significantly easier and cheaper to farm than other meats). Some of the most hated pests can be a valuable source or protein even, and since one already has to pick them off their plants, it can pay to have a bucket. Though at least in real life one should quarantine anything they plant to eat for 24 hours to ensure it has not been exposed to anything toxic. If it dies or starts acting strangely within 24 hours it should be discarded, and the remainder placed in the freezer to kill as humanely as possible. Some bugs like isopods and cockroaches are also technically edible, but should be avoided as they tend to be immune to toxins that would kill a human and there is no way to know if they have been eating those toxins or not unless they are raised in a controlled environment. Much like wild berries, one should also never eat a bug they do not know by heart very well and just like foraging, one should be wary of any heavy metals or sprays that have been used on or around them. When in doubt, throw it out.
  6. All of those things are a result of poor planning and are preventable. Sure they kill you unexpectedly the first time, but next time you think ahead and are ready for it. Lightning strike is just random death or injury no matter how much you plan or prepare ahead. It takes the gameplay out of the players hands, and that is not fun it is frustrating.
  7. The problem is that this takes control from the players hand and makes RNG the decider of the player's fate, which rather than adding to the challenge mostly just adds to the frustration. I think most of the monotony of late game will be solved once we get a proper NPC system.
  8. Not mutants, just the settings we already have in sandbox, but instead of decay making them go from stronger traits to weaker traits, it would make them go from weaker traits to stronger traits. So for example if you picked weak sense of smell with time they would get bloodhound, etc.
  9. Instead of zombies getting weaker with time I would like a sandbox setting for them to get stronger. Ideally being able to pick and choose how each trait changes with rotting, but I would be happy just for them just getting more and more buffs with time. I find by late game it starts feeling routine and easy to the point that the only hazard is my own carelessness, but early game it is a bit much to max out zombie stats when one does not even have weapons/etc yet. This would be a way to have the best of both worlds.
  10. I fixed it, it was Post -processing being turned off that caused the problem. Thanks all for the help
  11. No mods, but thank you for the tip. I have gone through 2 characters with this problem now, so it seem persistent. I will try that though. Thank you! I will try that out.
  12. So on multiplayer since I can not sleep I always pick cat eyes, but it is still super dark when I pick cat eyes, to where I can not really see what I am doing. I looked at two of my other friends screens that were playing with me and they did not have this problem even though they are next to me on the same server. I have my brightness turned up on my screen and can not find any in game setting that affect this. It appears that the cat eyes trait is simply not functioning on my character for some reason.
  13. Sorry for the delay. You make some good points. What I mean is as population grows, diseases spread more readily and even if those diseases do not kill the deer they do make them inedible, and an untrained person might now know the difference and there would be no DNR to warn anybody or try to contain the spread (and hunting activities can make them spread faster in some cases, from what I have heard). Hunters will also be allowed to use illegal methods to hunt, and any would be survivors would not know how to preserve meat and would waste an awful lot. Additionally one plays as the average Joe in Project Zomboid, meaning they would be chasing all the same dear everybody else is chasing, and not really have better odds than them so what does get caught probably would not be by your character unless they got lucky. I suppose the fact that most people are already dead would help, but at first the radios do mention rioting in the streets/etc and at times of civil unrest in the past poaching and street animal coming up missing is not highly uncommon. I imagine zombies chasing deer around would stress them out, increase odds of disease, and drive them away from populated areas even more. In the long run the deer population would definitely go way up, to the point of environmental damage, but I think in the immediate start of the doomsday the population would go down until they could start reproducing more.
  14. There would not be hunters, but there would be more hungry people around depending on those deer, and potentially diseases spreading unchecked without the DNR around anymore. At first population would likely drop significantly and it could take time for them to repopulate.
  15. I like the idea of hunting, but the longest lasting survivalist is usually the one that traps the best, as even a skilled hunter will always find it difficult. There are many illegal methods of hunting and trapping that the player could theoretically use that would greatly increase their odds, and considering it is the zombie doomsday I do not think they will have to worry about the legal fines for using these methods.
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