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  1. Am I the only one that gets a "refused to connect" error when I try to access this website using chrome?
  2. burn zombies should make more noise

    It was not the best example but there are not many easy to find examples. I was thinking of it more like how they moan aggressively when they lung at you or how they make noise when struck, perhaps it would cause them to react to it. Mostly I just think it seems odd that they simply do not respond to fire in any way shape or form when set on fire, at least when first set on fire. At the very least it would seem more immersive and fitting if it agitated them in a similar way to when they get really close to a player and lunge. This is a much better example. I do not think they should act much differently, but notice how much noise they make when set on fire.
  3. burn zombies should make more noise

    Yes but them at least responding to stimuli makes sense, even if they do not feel pain. It adds to the feel of the zombies. Best shown with examples. Compare this: The sounds of them burning makes it more dramatic even for a small amount burning with sounds versus thousands without response. It does not need to be as extreme as in the example but some sort of response would add to the feel.
  4. In many zombie games zombies flip out when you set them on fire and make plenty of noise. It adds to the whole feel of the zombies just as much as their moans. PZ they just seem to make regular pain noises at intervals but nothing really special, but throwing a Molotov cocktail into a crowd of zombies is just more satisfying when they all scream in their zombie screams! >:D Not saying they should neccisarily stop attacking, just maybe make some more noises and perhaps different animations such as flailing or reacting somehow.
  5. Mycology mod

    I have not seen it. If it was implimented in a realisitic way it would be a great deal of work to make a fungi that eats living zombies and then spread it in a crop duster. One would have to find mycrostops, canning supplies, using proper steralization proccesses, etc just to make the fungi at first (and one would likely have to try a number of different species before finnding one capable of being "trained" for this diet), then there is the matter of developing a a way to spread mycelia plugs in an evenly disperesed manner over the zombies (basically mushroom bombing as a gorilla gardener would call it) in a way that they stick to the skin or pentrate it in a way to make sure the fungi has time to grow mycelia through the flesh and then is the matter of modifying a crop duster to spray it and getting it to take off and making enough spray to actually crop dust a significant area (requiring welding skills at the very least). So by the time one could realistically do all of these things in a zombie doomsday means they have already survived long enough to have a lasting stronghold and have mastered surviving the zombie doomsday, and then they would still need to survive the time for the spray to take affect and it would only affect zombies hit by the spray, so there would be many fewer zeds, but there would still be those in buildings and such. I can agree that it might be a little over powered, but I do not think it would be any more over powered than fire already is, or much different than just stockpiling a ton of guns and going on a shooting spree as far as the amount of player skill and effort would be.
  6. Mycology mod

    I have recently started studying mycology (fungi, like mushrooms and stuff) and I really think it could be a valuable skill in a zombie doomsday. Mycology is a critically understudied field with many species of fungi lacking a scientific name let alone any studies on what they can be used for, but there are many things fungi can be used for, from making mycomaterials (leather, paper, contruction bricks, cloathing) to food to medicine, and even making lighting with glowing mushrooms, all the way to soil remediation and fertalization including planting specific plants in combination with various fungi in order to boost the growth of both. In fact many fungi can be "trained" to eat certain things and can be used to break down many chemicals previously thought to be impossible to break down by natural methods and I have even seen somebody train fungi to eat cigarret butts and asphalt (of course it needed more than just asphalt to get enough nutrients to grow, but it ate its way right through the asphalt absorbing the minerals from it). Anyway I could go on all day about mycology so back to the mod. I think it would be an interesting possibility to have perhaps mycology books or a mycologist proffession that could collect various fungi to use for such things. Maybe being able to develop a spray that can be applied to zombie corpses to make them rot away quicker or maybe even being able to "train" fungi to eat living zombies once applied to them causing them to die withing several days/weeks (maybe even crop dusting the spray over cities when vehicles come out). This is of course all too much for the "average joe" as it takes some specialized knowledge to work with fungi (it is a science after all), especially back in the days this game takes place, where mycology was even less understood and might also be a bit over powered depending on implementation, but I thought as a mod it could be interesting. Thoughts?
  7. Adrenaline junkie and depression

    I watched a documentary a while back about adrenaline junkies and it seems many of them really do have essentially an addiction to thrill and may only feel normal after they get their adrenaline fix. So perhaps when one one picks the adrenaline junky trait they could be more prone to depression if they do not experience enough panic or get depression quicker from boredom. Edit 1: perhaps on the flip side they could also get some depression reduction from extreme panic from getting their fix.
  8. More winter foraging finds

    I have been learning to forage myself and I have noted in project zomboid one can never find any foods in winter, there are however a number of foods one can find in real life in the winter even in vary cold places. Some examples include tree bark; something known as cambium that grows in between the bark and the wood of the tree can make a jerky or chip like snack (some trees have poison cambium and others have medicinal qualities like pain killing), bearberry; also known as kinnicknik is a rather tasteless berry but edible, wintergreen; a common large red berry that is a ground cover, any plant that has edible tubers (root parts) like some fern species some species of mushrooms grow edible in the winter, pinecones also have small amounts of edible seeds. Persimmons are a great fruit for winter (sort of like apples, or peaches, they grow on a tree.) as are prickly pear cacti which most likely do grow in parts of the area the map takes place. There are many more examples. The main thing that will get a skilled forager in winter is protein deficiency. Some plants give a small amount of protein and some mushrooms are packed with protein (if you can find them), but ultimately insects and animals are the easiest source or protein that one can find in the wild and neither of those are going to be naturally available in high quantities in winter unless one builds an insect farm. I think for balance reasons though they should be much less common in winter, or at the very least require that the player have their foraging stats higher up.
  9. Night vision googles

    It would be interesting to see different grades of it as well, like the kid's toy night vision, to hunting night vision, all the way up to military grade.
  10. Human-bite cloathing

    yes but an insect brain/biology and a human brain/biology are very different. I am aware of several existing zombies diseases that infect insects, but for any one of those to infect and turn a human would almost require they be man made. The problem is you would need to somehow stop so much as a single zombie escaping the quarantine zone, and given that people who are infected will be wanting to leave just as badly as people who are not they could carry it with them. Additionally zombies are not going to only follow traditional escape routes like freeways and such, they will be wandering dense forest, floating down rivers, etc, etc. It would be extremely difficult to contain with so many of them wandering around. Most types of explosives are not going to do significant enough brain damage to kill zombies in mass so it would likely maim more zombies than it would kill to try and bomb them, and fire would most likely do very little to actually damage them as most people who get set on fire die of the injuries to the lungs or skin. Zombies being head shot only would mean needing to take aim to shoot each one, which means a machine gun mounted Humvee would mostly just be wasting ammo as head shots with a machine gun are not simply. Once a horde forms it would also come down to simply not having enough ammo to stop them. Think the Korean war where china got involved and they were unable to defeat them for the fact that their were just more of them than they had bullets to shoot at them. They would over run strongholds because despite having the advantage they would run out of bullets to shoot at the enemy combatants. Edit: There is the additional factor of natural disasters/riots/warzones/etc any event like this could allow zombies to spread unchecked for quite some time, so if it is like The Walking Dead it might not become serious until disaster strikes, and then it would be very hard to slow down once the chain reaction started.
  11. Human-bite cloathing

    for zombies to exist at all they would almost have to be made by humans, so I would think that they would be design to be like most zombie lore and attack. It is more like I have enough knowledge to make it look like i know how to survive XD I am currently in the proccess of teaching myself off gridding and survivalist stuff though so give it a few years and i will be alright, as long as I am not caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. I imagine their main method of avoid decomposition would be some kind of viral or bacterial infection that is symobiotic with the zombie disease the prevents other infectious diseases from infecting cells as well. Of course it all depends on the lore, but again I imagine if somebody somehow had the technology and desire to engineer a living zombie they would try to make them as close to the real thing as possible. We could also go with the nanobot theory, where they are self replicating nanobots that take over the bodies, which adds many possibilities. I agree this would work, but only if it spread more slowly. Again we are working under the assumption that it does not take long to turn after being bitten, and infected people are also going to try and escape before they turn, meaning they would crash their vehicles, clog highways and spread it to other cities very quickly most likely. From what pathologist have predicted it would only take zombies 24 hours to completely over run a city, and a full blown military response would take about 48 hours, (and even longer to get the UN involved) by that time in a place like new york city they would need millions of bullets to kill all the infected. A fully automatic weapon would be useless against zombies as they are head shot only so mostly you would just be spraying bullets at flesh and get swarmed without killing very many of them. Not to mention the streets would be clogged with wrecked vehicles everywhere so getting in there would actually be pretty hard (even a tank can not shut roll over anything, it can roll over an awful lot, but not anything, a graveyard for example would actually stop a tank in its tracks, so I imagine walls of cars would as well) especially since head shot only corpses would be trying to eat you the whole time you are trying to get in there. That is why I think help would not be coming, it would happen so fast by the time anybody could get there to save you they would have higher priorities, maybe some people get rescued but most people would probably be SOL. This is also assuming they only started in one city, if they were made intentionally they would likely be released in multiple cities at once making the problem much more complicated and harder to stop. Now a nuke might actually work in stemming the spread if they acted quickly, but somehow I think they would not even consider a nuke until it was too late. From everything I have read the only way modern tech would be able to stop zombies is if it was caught early on or if we were already prepared with plans before it happened. The problem I see is not so much that we can not adapt to it, it is that we can not adapt as quickly as it spreads, but this is only if it infects quickly after a bite, if it does not spread quickly there is a really good chance it would at least be well contained if not stamped out quickly in anything other than a 3rd world country. For example let me use dead island. In dead island at least in the trailers a person that is bitten turns in less than a minute, one zombie is going to be running around biting everybody who gets near it in a heavily populated area, by the time the first police officer arrives (5-10 minutes. Possibly even longer depending on traffic) there could easily be at least 20 of them, more than he has bullets in one clip (and remember head shots are not easy), and they would be biting even more people. Buy the time riot police could be called (I am going to guess another 15-30 minutes at least) they number would have exponentially multiplied easily to 80-100 if not more as they bite everybody, to the point that a riot shield wall could be knocked down as they swarm relatively easily and teargas and flash bangs would not do much to stop them. (not to mention zombies would spread out and infect different areas all at once by transportation if they got into subway trains, onto moving vehicles fleeing, or just going in different directions People fleeing the infection could flee right into another infection zone). Now they would be left with the swat and the military, the military is going to take a while to get there, so by the time they get there it will over run, and the swat teams would simply not have enough fire power to stop them, especially since head shots are not very easy. Dead island has sprinters though, which is going to be different than shamblers. Shamblers I think would have a different infection pattern that might actually be even harder to contain. Imagine this scenario, you are walking down the street and some guy is hold his arm dripping blood. He collapses right by you. What are you going to do? Well somebody is likely going to stop and try and help him, which then the corps rises and immediately bites him, in the struggle at least one other person is likely to try and pull the zombie off him, which would likely get him bitten to. The guy who stopped to help flees out of sight while there is still confusing as to what his happening with the guy who just turned, which could lead to more people being bitten, the guy who fled though will collapse within a few minutes leading to the same scenario, or might even end up in a hospital, where there are many vulnerable patients to potentially infect. This means that rather than rapid horde forming we would have many zombies spread randomly all over the place creating much more confusion making it really hard to contain. Now whether or not it could be stopped is debatable, people are not stupid, they will figure out that people are turning into zombies and will start avoiding the infected but people can still be cornered or caught off gaurd (or try to fight the zombies which would be a bad move most likely), this is the critical point and there would be much confusion as zombies would be spread all over the place randomly, it will either be stopped here or it will not be stopped at all, once the first hordes start forming this will be when it gets almost impossible to stop. Hordes would likely first form in places that have many vulnerable people, like nursing homes and hospitals, where people might not be able to run away.
  12. Human-bite cloathing

    This is true, but gas runs out when the grid goes down, and most cars are going to be left running. Gas also does not last forever in a sitting vehicle, batteries die, etc, not to mention the roads would be clogged. Cars would be a useful tool near the beginning but they would quickly become a rare commodity, also if you do not know how to hotwire most vehicles are useless. Most people do not know how to hotwire and many modern cars become inoperable if you try to hotwire them. If you are hitting zombies at a high enough speed to kill them it will definitely ruin that vehicle and modifying the vehicles for it takes resources and know-how that will not be so readily available anymore. Sure there are loopholes to exploit, like i said we are an adaptable species, but the problem is that zombies would over run places much faster than we could adapt. They are dangerous because they spread very fast. I am not a combat expert but i assume one would have to have some kind of fighting knowledge in order to kill something in one swing, plus since zombies travel in packs if you get that weapon lodged in there you could get bitten before you can pull it back out. Not to mention that being covered in zombie blood could easily be a death sentence. I am not sure how much experience you have with guns, but it is nothing like in the movies. Getting consistent head-shots while being attacked by a horrifying wall of blood and rotten flesh would be extremely difficult to say the least. Plus the loud bang is going to attract every walking corpse for the next couple miles right on top of you. So evacuate everybody in 24 hours? It can not be done. Plus a loud helicopter is going to draw plenty of zombie attention. Most likely nobody will be coming to help you, they will be trying to save themselves. Working with the assumptions from the pathologist study (all bites lead to infection, headshot only, infection takes control of the host within a few minutes) then the reason it would take over is because it happens fast. If it took a week for a bitten person to turn it might not take over at all, if they were not headshot only they could be mowed down with machine guns easily, and if not enough people turn on being bitten it might not spread fast enough. For zombies to take over it would have to be the perfect storm, so they would need to be man made. As covered in a previous post " I also almost forgot. By my predictions the most likely candidate to create zombies would be some sort of fungi plus some sort of parasite combined with a virus or bacterial component. The fungi would bypass the organs to fuel the muscles making them head shot only while the parasites would high jack the nervous system in the brain (see also, the ant zombie fungi in the jungle, and the parasite that hijacks insects) the virus or bacteria would prevent infections from rotting away the zombies as quickly. It could be in theory even dormant inside humans like in the walking dead since there are existing fungi that you could be infected with right now even that wait until their host dies to consume it that could somehow contain the virus and parasite eggs in them or at least make the body vulnerable to them after death (and thus being bitten infects one with the dangerous bacterial/parasitic infections so the fungi can make its move)..." For such a fungi to exists would require genetic modification most likely as the closest such fungi currently only infect insects. So they could in theory live without blood as long as they had a way to bypass that, which the likely candidate seems to be fungi of some kind since their root-like structure is capable of transporting nutrients to muscles and brain. Yes. I am aware that it is because of medical intervention, but since zombies do not feel pain and may only need their nervous system to function (leaving a good chunk of the brain as just extra meat) they could still walk in theory around long enough to bite you from a head shot. It probably would not happen often at all, but it only needs to happen once for you to get caught off guard and bitten. This is assuming they actually need a brain, they might work something more like the zombie-like creature from splinter, in which case good luck killing even one of them. I think humanity has seen some awful stuff (I have watched many documentaries), but the dead coming to life to literally eat the living I think tops it all. I think I rather get the black death before knowing what modern medicine was than turn into a man-eat corpse. I am not expert either, but i have spent quite a bit of time thinking about zombies in the past and I really used to think they would be easy to take out, but the more I think about it the more it seems like they would actually be really hard to stop as fast as it spreads.
  13. Human-bite cloathing

    It would be really hard to say a good way to fight them without seeing the actual zombie, how dexterous/etc it is. Most likely the easiest way to get one would be to find a way to trip it without being near it, then pinning it down carefully and quickly and then taking a few swings where on the back of the head until the skill cracks open like an eggs and reveals the delicious brain goop. It would be a very unsavory process and there would always be a risk for a slip up even with experience, you would never ever want to get comfortable around them and would want to keep constant awareness. They seem slow and stupid, which they very well may be, but that is part of what makes them easy to underestimate. One ankle grab is all it would take and you would be done. I am not sure if you have ever worn a hazmat suit but if it is warm out you better be ready to sweat and get plenty of water and enough sodium. I have seen first hand how just in the heat without gear on one can suddenly go unconscious without warning. You would not want this to happen with the dead walking around. I am actually working on a design for a cooling system for my hazmat gear because it just gets way to hot when I am wearing it and using it in the summer. If I had the time and resources I would be mostly trying to design traps so I would not have to get near them, or constructing a murder-hole so I could safely drop large rocks on them from a distance. Both of these would require time and energy though, which both would be at a perimum in such a scenario. Keep in mind it is not just the zombies you need to worry about, you will have to learn entirely from scratch how to live off the land off the grid. Unless you are ready before hand odds are heavily not in your favor. The biggest danger of zombies is also that they move around in groups and usually are not alone. A zombie doomsday is truly probably the worst doomsday a human could experience. It would be psychologically and physically demanding and unbearable in many many ways. Very few could handle that kind of pressure for very long. No problem. I used to be utterly obsessed with zombies so I have way too much information XD I still find them interesting to think about but I would not call myself obsessed anymore. Most likely they a freshly infected would be at least as strong as their human counterpart, minus the pain issues. It is really hard to say what kind of endurance they would have as no such creature exists but I usually work under the assumption that they would have some method to reduce rot and repair anything necessary to keep moving at least to a degree (the fungus would likely at least grow new pathways on top of big holes over time/etc). Zombies could very possibly have issues with starvation, but given that they have fewer things to keep fed it would take them much longer to starve. They likely could sustain off from flesh they eat even without a functioning digestive tract as the fungus could simply grow into anything they eat to extract nutrients. The biggest natural threat to a zombie would likely be drying out, which unless it is a hot dry area like a desert they likely would stay damp enough for a very long time. One thing is for certain I hope zombies never happen. It would be true nightmare in every way.
  14. Human-bite cloathing

    Zombies will continue to attack even if these parts are damaged. It also takes about 400 pounds of force to sever the spinal cord if I recall correctly, the point being you are decapitating an opponent in one swing like in the movies is entirely a myth. Killing a zombie would be very difficult without skills and knowledge. The temples, the roof of their mouth, and the back of the head may be weaker and easier to jab sharp objects into than through the hard skull, but these are small targets that are easy to miss (and most people do not even know these weaknesses), and there is no guarantee a hit would kill as it has to hit the nervous system directly to disable a zombie (most likely at least, considering even some human survive gunshot wounds to the head in rare cases). Additionally some people have abnormalities, such as some have harder bone in the roof of their mouth, which you could not know before hand by looking at them and it may be too late by the time you find out, some have unusually thick or unusually hard skull bones do to various genetic and lifestyle factors as well. They would definitely be harder to kill than most people think and there is no zombie fighting class, their weaknesses would have to be learned through experience in fighting them, which would have an extremely high mortality rate as it takes very little to get infected, most without combat knowledge would probably die in the first confrontation, or at least become infected. Taking out the legs and arms may lessen their ability to fight but they still pose a serious threat, sure taking out all four would stop them in their tracks, but that is going to be even harder than a head shot. With enough time around zombies one could learn to take advantage of various weaknesses quite efficiently, but more likely than not they would die trying, and no matter how skilled they are a single slip up and it would be game over not to mention they would still be having to fight in bulky protective gear if they did not want to risk the serious risk of getting blood on them. Even if the zombie disease could only spread by bites rotten flesh contains a myriad of extremely dangerous diseases you would not want touching you at all, especially not regularly. There is good reason that we evolved to find corpses repulsive, and I can tell you from experience death is the worst smell on this earth, you never get used to it, it always makes you want to vomit and gag.
  15. Human-bite cloathing

    That is my point, assuming zombies are real like in the movies/games, people wildly underestimate how hard they would be to kill and wildly overestimate their abilities to fight. Cars would be mostly worthless against them as they will stall out after hitting a couple and those zombies are not going to be dead, just break a few bones and be more ticked off. Sure you could hide in a Skyscraper but you can not stay there forever. Part of what makes them so dangerous is that they can wait much longer than you, and most modern doors are not designed to withstand that kind of punishment. The thing that makes them so hard to get rid of is that they are headshot only, and quite simply it is hard work to bash open skulls and it is not easy to shoot headshots consistently. Now granted realistically it will not happen naturally as stated, it is extremely unlikely, it would almost certainly need to be engineered by humans to happen anything like in the movies. With modern day travel most diseases can be across the planet within one incubation period, we are not just vulnerable to zombies, we are vulnerable to many myriads of diseases much less dangerous that could decimate the population and with zombies beyond just being hard to kill there would be more bodies than there are bullets to go around (remember that New York city example? How would the military get millions of bullets on scene in time? They would not). Modern weapons are not designed to destroy brains they are designed to kill with trauma, bombs and fire would not do much to help as they would maim the zombies without killing very many of them. Now you could modify machienery to handle this of course, but the problem is that with the assumptions made in the previous post the grid would be down faster than you could gather up a sizable fleet of machines to stop the spread. Realistically PZ makes zombies easy to kill compared to what real zombies would be like. There is a game called No More Room In Hell that is about as close to realism as I have seen. If you do not turn infinite ammo on and put the settings to the most realistic one quickly comes to realize that it is very hard to fight zombies without getting infected, and in real life there are no second attempts to learn to fight, it is one scratch and done. An additional point is that romero zombies in PZ start as airborne and kill off most that way, the remaining survivors that are immune to the airborne portion are vulnerable to bites.