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  1. Project Zomboid Map Project

    it is those clearings the make to run power lines through so the trees do not grow into the power lines. I think anyway.
  2. I had not thought of that, though it depends on the hemophibc person. I know some of them are only afraid of their own blood (I know one personally actually) but are completely numb to anybody else's. Bloody clothing would also be an issue if stains would be.
  3. Re-balancing of zombie threats

    Or it could also be that they only team up so well in harder or harcore mode, but on easier modes they do not. Or that they start to get agitated more easily the older the world is. So the first week or two they would be standard, but after a month or two they would be much more challenging.
  4. Re-balancing of zombie threats

    And I realize I also forgot to mention that in survivalists in real life one thing that is a constant struggle is the longer you are camped in one site the farther and farther away all the animals move away from your site and the longer you have to walk to go hunting (humans smells, small noises, light from the fire (which can actually be seen from a surprisingly far distance, miles away even in the right conditions), etc all push them to evacuate the area). I think it makes as much sense for the same to be true of zombies but in reverse.
  5. Re-balancing of zombie threats

    I think it is reasonable that when a zombie sees a survivor it might make a noise, and that noise that might attract the attention of any zombies next to him, meaning we can not single out zombies from a horde one at a time. I also think zombies being attracted from farther and farther away would be alot like the 7 days to die dynamic, but without the stale re-spawn (I always find killing a bunch of zombies so much more satisfying when there is no re-spawn). I do not think they need to be smart, I think they just need to have numbers that mean something. No matter how big a horde is it means nothing if I can single them out one by one without any others noticing it just is a measurement of how long I have to grind, and zombies being led away so easily makes keeping a zombie free base really easy actually. But if zombies stuck together rather than being drawn out one by one and if they are drawn to areas more as players spend more time in them then it would be much harder to just ignore the zombies as they would just eventually make their way back to your base and can not be grind killed away one at a time so easily (and maybe it is not from their intelligence, maybe they are attracted to the smell of the player, or the smell of the corpses, human smell is actually fairly good humans just do not use it to its full potential, tests have shown that if one person walks over a paper coated room another blindfolded person can track where that person has been with just their smell). As long as the radius for how far zombies could be drawn from had no limit this would mean that it would get more challenging later and later into game, as the larger the radius the more zombies it would draw, especially living too close to the mall or prison. I also agree that a zombie would bash its own brains out before most structures, but a wall of zombies could realistically break down almost any structure, as can be demonstrated by watching videos of mobs and riots where crowds manage to rip down even solid metal bar gates and concrete walls with so many people pushing on them at once (sometimes aided with tools, but not always, sometimes it is just raw human meat weight down the structure). I also think it would make the game better if one zombie simply could not do damage to a well built wall, as then we could just ignore the regular cleanups which can be cumbersome, but would still have to worry about zombies building up over time and then breaking in as hordes rather than as 1 zombie just being annoying.
  6. Re-balancing of zombie threats

    Currently I do not consider the zombies a threat as they are so easy to avoid even on hardcore mode. I have yet to build an actual base as I really have little reason to keep them out with how easy they are to deal with. There are two main reasons for this: It is easier to attract as much attention as possible and just lead them away than to kill them and when I want to kill them it is as simple as attracting one zombie away from a group at a time until there are no more zombies left. This does not make the game bad. I still enjoy the game but it makes it rather grinding and leaves me unchallenged. Two things I think could solve this: make it so when one zombie's attention is on a human it gets the whole hordes attention and make it so the longer a player is in an area the more zombies it attracts and from further distances. This is just the first solution I could think of so maybe there are better ideas out there, but I think it would help force the player to fort up and consider whether or not they really want an encounter with the undead.
  7. Gardening hose

    Growing crops I feel can be rather cumbersome at times, especially when each individual plant has to be watered regularly. Realistically there are many irrigation options can set up, but I think the simplest and most realistic of all is just a garden hose. Most houses have one already, and you can link them together to extend their distance, and even put a sprinkler system on the end. I think having the hose in range should allow the player to water all crops withing a certain radius of the character (it should highlight all squares that will be watered for ease of use) and attaching the sprinkler should just require turning the hose on and off every now and then after picking its location. They should only function if the water is still on or in the case of a country home the power is on to power the electric well. Perhaps there could also be an option to attach a garden hose to a rain barrel, however to get a desirable pressure the barrel will need to be raised off from the ground enough.
  8. Clocks in cars

    I do not think I have ever been in a car that had no clock, even cars as old as myself, so I think most cars probably have working clocks in them so I think when the player does not have a watch they should still be able to see the time when in a vehicle that is running.
  9. burn zombies should make more noise

    It was not the best example but there are not many easy to find examples. I was thinking of it more like how they moan aggressively when they lung at you or how they make noise when struck, perhaps it would cause them to react to it. Mostly I just think it seems odd that they simply do not respond to fire in any way shape or form when set on fire, at least when first set on fire. At the very least it would seem more immersive and fitting if it agitated them in a similar way to when they get really close to a player and lunge. This is a much better example. I do not think they should act much differently, but notice how much noise they make when set on fire.
  10. burn zombies should make more noise

    Yes but them at least responding to stimuli makes sense, even if they do not feel pain. It adds to the feel of the zombies. Best shown with examples. Compare this: The sounds of them burning makes it more dramatic even for a small amount burning with sounds versus thousands without response. It does not need to be as extreme as in the example but some sort of response would add to the feel.
  11. In many zombie games zombies flip out when you set them on fire and make plenty of noise. It adds to the whole feel of the zombies just as much as their moans. PZ they just seem to make regular pain noises at intervals but nothing really special, but throwing a Molotov cocktail into a crowd of zombies is just more satisfying when they all scream in their zombie screams! >:D Not saying they should neccisarily stop attacking, just maybe make some more noises and perhaps different animations such as flailing or reacting somehow.
  12. Mycology mod

    I have not seen it. If it was implimented in a realisitic way it would be a great deal of work to make a fungi that eats living zombies and then spread it in a crop duster. One would have to find mycrostops, canning supplies, using proper steralization proccesses, etc just to make the fungi at first (and one would likely have to try a number of different species before finnding one capable of being "trained" for this diet), then there is the matter of developing a a way to spread mycelia plugs in an evenly disperesed manner over the zombies (basically mushroom bombing as a gorilla gardener would call it) in a way that they stick to the skin or pentrate it in a way to make sure the fungi has time to grow mycelia through the flesh and then is the matter of modifying a crop duster to spray it and getting it to take off and making enough spray to actually crop dust a significant area (requiring welding skills at the very least). So by the time one could realistically do all of these things in a zombie doomsday means they have already survived long enough to have a lasting stronghold and have mastered surviving the zombie doomsday, and then they would still need to survive the time for the spray to take affect and it would only affect zombies hit by the spray, so there would be many fewer zeds, but there would still be those in buildings and such. I can agree that it might be a little over powered, but I do not think it would be any more over powered than fire already is, or much different than just stockpiling a ton of guns and going on a shooting spree as far as the amount of player skill and effort would be.
  13. Mycology mod

    I have recently started studying mycology (fungi, like mushrooms and stuff) and I really think it could be a valuable skill in a zombie doomsday. Mycology is a critically understudied field with many species of fungi lacking a scientific name let alone any studies on what they can be used for, but there are many things fungi can be used for, from making mycomaterials (leather, paper, contruction bricks, cloathing) to food to medicine, and even making lighting with glowing mushrooms, all the way to soil remediation and fertalization including planting specific plants in combination with various fungi in order to boost the growth of both. In fact many fungi can be "trained" to eat certain things and can be used to break down many chemicals previously thought to be impossible to break down by natural methods and I have even seen somebody train fungi to eat cigarret butts and asphalt (of course it needed more than just asphalt to get enough nutrients to grow, but it ate its way right through the asphalt absorbing the minerals from it). Anyway I could go on all day about mycology so back to the mod. I think it would be an interesting possibility to have perhaps mycology books or a mycologist proffession that could collect various fungi to use for such things. Maybe being able to develop a spray that can be applied to zombie corpses to make them rot away quicker or maybe even being able to "train" fungi to eat living zombies once applied to them causing them to die withing several days/weeks (maybe even crop dusting the spray over cities when vehicles come out). This is of course all too much for the "average joe" as it takes some specialized knowledge to work with fungi (it is a science after all), especially back in the days this game takes place, where mycology was even less understood and might also be a bit over powered depending on implementation, but I thought as a mod it could be interesting. Thoughts?
  14. Adrenaline junkie and depression

    I watched a documentary a while back about adrenaline junkies and it seems many of them really do have essentially an addiction to thrill and may only feel normal after they get their adrenaline fix. So perhaps when one one picks the adrenaline junky trait they could be more prone to depression if they do not experience enough panic or get depression quicker from boredom. Edit 1: perhaps on the flip side they could also get some depression reduction from extreme panic from getting their fix.
  15. More winter foraging finds

    I have been learning to forage myself and I have noted in project zomboid one can never find any foods in winter, there are however a number of foods one can find in real life in the winter even in vary cold places. Some examples include tree bark; something known as cambium that grows in between the bark and the wood of the tree can make a jerky or chip like snack (some trees have poison cambium and others have medicinal qualities like pain killing), bearberry; also known as kinnicknik is a rather tasteless berry but edible, wintergreen; a common large red berry that is a ground cover, any plant that has edible tubers (root parts) like some fern species some species of mushrooms grow edible in the winter, pinecones also have small amounts of edible seeds. Persimmons are a great fruit for winter (sort of like apples, or peaches, they grow on a tree.) as are prickly pear cacti which most likely do grow in parts of the area the map takes place. There are many more examples. The main thing that will get a skilled forager in winter is protein deficiency. Some plants give a small amount of protein and some mushrooms are packed with protein (if you can find them), but ultimately insects and animals are the easiest source or protein that one can find in the wild and neither of those are going to be naturally available in high quantities in winter unless one builds an insect farm. I think for balance reasons though they should be much less common in winter, or at the very least require that the player have their foraging stats higher up.