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  1. Didnt the gas station have windows?
  2. Was mich seit einiger Zeit stört. Warum hat man Eagle Eyed als Luchsaugen übersetzt? Eigentlich wäre Adleraugen richtig.
  3. @Zorak The combat will probably change more in the future, there are still lots of things that can get improved and If they do Im sure the game will be still hard as hell. But I dont know what exactly was changed in terms of combat the last few days, you can tell me and why this change bothers you? Killing 2 or 3 zeds is not the problem, we arent even supposed to kill all zeds we see. Im personally are more annoyed by too many zed groups where they dont belong and (like I mentioned in the other thread) their ability to see you through walls after they spotted you. @lemmy101 Did this zombie count change affect a already running/loaded game or is a fresh start required?
  4. @Zorak So far everyone loves the new build and I dont see too many people complain about difficulty. The IWBUMS is a work in progress build where player are supposed to give feedback, right? If you are fine how it is, thats your buisness, telling people to adapt etc because you dont see problems is really arrogant. If players see or have issues its their right to write their opinion and the devs have to decide what they do with the given feedback. I love hard games and Im satisfied with the direction Zomboid is going, but there are things which need fine tuning, thats not deniable. Also I doubt you need to worry the game gets easy, If that is what let you panic, as I remember the devs already said this game will be really hard and unforgiving.
  5. Isnt this the case? A Zombie attacked me and ripped out a lot of my jacket, it still showed the protection chance, but the parts werent displayed green anymore in the protection window. So I think this these bodyparts arent proteced anymore then, but i dont know about isolation.
  6. I have some questions 1. do i need a password and when yes, how change it? 2. what these axes down-right, i didnt play zombiod for a while. hope someone can help
  7. Sounds good, maybe i can learn something to survive longer. One wrong decision and 20 zombies hunting you.^^
  8. I tried it again. But i died really fast.^^ I was scared and trapped myself.
  9. Oh i didnt know to get infected so fast. I will be careful next time.^^
  10. I opened the bath and was one hitted by the zombie. I had no chance to attack.^^
  11. Yeah but they instant kill^^ I think a knife isnt the best weapon on this difficulty. xD
  12. How you survive? My record was the second house i break in. Then i opened the bath and...well iwas death.^^
  13. With my last char i was there http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.5375414142939071,0.18134146988922556,103.0279139755945
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