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  1. It appears that carrots and radishes have a 'max water' value, which makes me wonder if the rain is what kills them so fast. As it stands now I rarely have to water my crops - the rain does it for me - but that means it also waters carrots too much. I'm going to try building a shelter of sorts for carrots and see if I can't get them to grow. Radishes, too.
  2. The mods all have that line as far as I can tell. And each mod I've tried causes the failure, all by themselves with no other mods loaded. Mine just says 17 (0014). Not exactly the format I would expect for version numbers based on what I see on the forums. EDIT: Disregard, I guess I was seeing things. None of the mods had that line. What's that all about? Thank you for your help!
  3. Canaris440

    Game Won't Load

    I tried a search but couldn't find anything that satisfied my question: when I enable mods and reload the game, it crashes (I'm assuming) to desktop, how come? It's any mod. I've tried using only the most up-to-date mods, those with mod.info files. A black screen popes up with Game in the title bar, then just before it would load PZ proper, it disappears. Nothing further happens. Is it because I'm using the Steam version and I opted into the beta? How do I know which version of PZ I'm running? For now I've removed all mod directories from the loaded file and at least I can play again but would really like to try some mods. So far I tried: Silent Music, Starter Kit, Too Many Items, and the more recent version of zSpawn. Thanks for any assistance.
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