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  1. I always wondered if zombies have a thing about going for the groin. Now I know. Thanks for your hard work and sharing it with us. It was helpful.
  2. I've only bled out while grinding first aid. Jumping back and forth through a broken glass window until I had 2-3 cuts or lacerations, then walk bare foot over broken glass which gives deep wounds needing stiches. Every once in a blue moon, for some reason the wounds would bleed out really quickly and I had low skills or I would have forgotten to have medical supplies on me. Now, I just walk over broken glass - the points you get for healing scratches isn't worth using up all the disinfectant in the city.
  3. I was thinking the same thing lately and totally agree with you. It would help with immersion. I've been using mannequins in armed forces gear to create command centres at my bases complete with maps, desks, ham radioes, posters, etc. Guards at the gates. Medical office with staff dressed in medical scrubs. Work areas with military working on weapons, civilians dressed in over-alls working on radios, etc. It helps with the immersion. One thing I've been trying to do is use gravel bags/sand bags to create small checkpoints that have signs of having been overrun by hordes. Am planning on leaving guns, helmets, ammo crates, camo clothes scattered around the checkpoint. But either I have a bit of a glitch on my map where I can't create the sandbag walls, or I am doing something wrong. Going into towns that had over-run defences and scattered debris would add to the tension of gameplay.
  4. I think you're right. I tried it out briefly at home - looking over my shoulder vs turning around. I think it's quicker by doing what most people in-game do already - turn from the zombies, run to gain distance from the horde and turn to face them again. Nimble is one of the most essential skills. Doesn't get enough love.
  5. I've bled out a few times. Come very close a few other times. My health just kept dropping so quickly and my low skills weren't quick enough. I don't know if in-game wounds bleed quicker depending where they are on the body. I always grind first aid to level ten and haven't noticed but haven't paid too much attention. The suggestions about severe neck wounds being especially dangerous make good sense.
  6. There is a mod that does make use of concrete - "Repair Roads". One bag of concrete will repair 4 tiles of cracked pavement. It's a nice mod to have when you want to make your base look nice.
  7. I suppose in real-life, you'd have to glance over your shoulder every now and then? You'd lose a bit of speed, letting the zombies close in on you a little bit and your swing would take a little bit longer as you re-orient yourself.
  8. Does grinding electrical skills bypass the need for a generator manual? I've always found a manual. But there is always something that is rare on each map. My current map - I've found 2 salts.
  9. Since it is a game about what an apocalyptic situation could look like, cannibalism would really have to be at least an option for game play. Riddick has a good point about it coming in later in game play, but you'd also have players who want it as part of immediate gameplay. And since it's a game, why not let the person who paid money for the game decide in the set up if they want it from day one, day 600 or never. I'd hate to be the employee who has to research cannibal food recipes for introduction into the game. Make sure that person gets a raise. Does anyone remember The IT Crowd episode on cannibalism? Funny.
  10. There were some really interesting ancient food preservation processes. The whole topic is interesting. Canning is somewhat popular where I am from. Stores still stock a lot of canning material. I know people whose basement is full of all sorts of canned veggies.
  11. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. A canning lid should never be reused in most canning that I know of. It is guaranteed to give an air tight seal only once. IIRC, when it seals you should either hear a 'pop' or see an indentation on the lid. You boil and give them a 'bath' to kill any bugs introduced during the filling of the jar and to ensure an airtight seal. You also boil the jars and equipment before using them. Canning is all about killing bugs and getting a good seal. Boiling water adds in both. Canning is a very meticulous and hygenic process. Pickles don't really last forever, but the high acid content lets it stay edible for a long time.
  12. Agreed. Bravery is a virtue and it is basically the ability to perform morally correct actions despite the presence of fear. You should have fear running into a burning house to save a person, but you don't let fear overwhelm your ability to stand firm in your convictions to act correctly.
  13. Early stages of the game - exciting, demanding, frustrating, rewarding. End stages - once you are competent in survival, you have to make the game what you want it to be. Playing MP, building, hunting zombies, etc. My guess is that most people will gravitate toward MP after numerous hours solo.
  14. I love the extra protection you get from the padding of leather strips. Saved me a ton of times. But is a grind for what you get though but it is a grinder's game. I'd like to see tailoring for things like blankets, pillow cases, etc, that can be used for decorating one's base.
  15. ""I wanted to understand why an objectively horrible game yields such fantastic and pleasing results, even after multiple replays."" I think a part of it is a self-preservation instinct in seeing what a post-apocalyptic world would be like and how do I survive in it. I agree that there is something about this game that grabs one's imagination. I've more hours on this game than all other games put together. I use mods because currently I'm more interested in building now and not survival. I know I am going to die in the game but I want to build bases more than survive at this point. So I use Respawn as it lets me achieve that goal and other mods that are of interest in building. I have a small dedicate server. Which is why I am on this board right now - waiting for the server to reload as I was getting the dreaded notice about items not the same as items on the server. I was playing with a friend who has a lot going on in real-life and isn't available. So I will probably post a notice in a week or two on this website seeing if anyone is interested in joining the server.
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