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  1. thinking of it! have you tried nosteam mode? That's what me and my wife play on for online since we can't co-op with one copy on steam. without stream co-op. Also i use most of those mods except 92 AM, Brita, Weapon condition and trait description, and fire arms b41and it works fine.
  2. played online with my wife and haven't had this issue. hmmm i wish i could help but not sure whats causing it on your side. If someone knows if its mod related or hardware or internet settings please post here for information. Thanks for the report Vonobo
  3. update for place holder later.
  4. Just shoot those authors a PM on donating to them. They might accept donations, others may refuse money because their work they share is a act of kindness to others and that makes them feel good to help others. Who knows donating to them might inspire them to keep refining the experience they made.
  5. Update: Zombie settings: Smelling, seeing, walking speed i recommend a random setting. So that not every zombie is the same.
  6. When hosting servers on -nosteam hair and clothing mods work fine When playing single player hair and clothes work fine. when running steam dedicated server - hair and clothing mods do not show up. Any reasons as to why this happens? fixed: Redownloaded subscribed mods by unsub and deleted main mods folder from Steamapps mod section in C;// drive resubbed mods and restarted the game
  7. As a person who is strongly against DRM (internet launching applications to use and play games) I do not like to use Steam for many reasons. However I came to learn that Project Zomboid can be launched without steam and played in multiplayer online just fine by doing the following. Go to Steam library's and right click the game Zomboid and look for Browse Local files and run the projectzomboidx64 or x32.bat file to run the game without steam and play basic host server multiplayer without the steam dedication edits. Note: Dedicated steam servers and basic host servers cannot play together in multiplayer, So if you can't find your friends session/room this might be your answer. GoG experiences: the updates are slower to get, i have issues joining hosts other then my own local area, meaning i can play with my wife just fine on the internet but when it comes to other players and what others reasons i can't join them even without passwords attached to sessions. i tried many combinations in the filters, its just a no go for now.
  8. UPDATE: I refunded GoG and switched to Steam and i have no connection issues there. Something seems to be off with GoG versions of the game for locals vs area maybe? Steam has no issues played 2 game sessions without fail. But whence the game gets progress on GoG i'll head back to that version.
  9. well i'll keep digging on my side to figure it out in the mean time. I do appreciate the time to reply and help. I'll update the post if i find the culprit.
  10. awe that is a bummer, yea they were all public and no passwords. I really enjoy the game but it feels empty without some other characters there. hmm and your certain there isn't anything to recall by memory that might help with settings, or adjusting modem settings anything of that nature? in the mean time i'll try a fresh install. will try to figure it out for other players so we can post a answer here later. UPDATE: reinstalling the game did not work, still failed to join. also this version is GoG if you needed that info.
  11. It just means i could not join a session that had 5 people in it. I still failed to join.
  12. update: The firewall off did not fix the issue. 5/13 people in one group and still failed. i'll repost the log with updated information. logs.zip
  13. here it is, and nope~ my computer has all internal defenses turned off and removed including windows defender, UAC, Anti virus, however i can check firewall and try to turn that off. But most of windows applications are removed in the OS. I'll update this post if i get through with firewall off. (Log file was removed in this part.)
  14. Most of the time on the GoG side of the client every time i try to join a session in multiplayer i can't seem to connect to their rooms i always get "Failed To Join." However i tried different user names , pass words, i filtered password type rooms to be not listen, and whitelist rooms, yet i can't seem to join 90% of the time. I did get to join one room out of the blue but it was empty. Experience that are consistent and work: Hosting and playing in the same house and connection with 2 or more players. No connection issues. Now my question. Is it something on the host side that is preventing me from joining? cause it seems to be most of the rooms.
  15. Update: Melee combat and environmental reaction. *pushing zombies into other zombies causes stumbling,tripping, falling *when zombies are on the ground and a zombie walks on top of the grounded zombie, it causes tripping (chance) and falling (chance) for that zombie *placing small bits of furniture can cause tripping to zombies that cross objects like tables, chairs, and other obstacle placed items *Zombies falling on objects a certain amount of times can break the object and loosen parts. *If hordes of zombies are in (wooden.plasture, and other burnable materials) you can take a match and some gas jugs while sneaking and burn the house down to rid the horde.
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